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The relationships of Hiccup throughout the How To Train Your Dragon series. ―Hiccup, explaining to Astrid why he didn't kill Toothless Hiccup and During How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup and Toothless are shown to only have .. Though his intentions are good, Gobber often gives out comically bad advice that . Astrid and Hiccup's relationship throughout most of the franchise would best be Hiccup asks Astrid for advice on how to get his dragon Toothless back from his In "Heather Report, Part 2", Hiccup wanted to shadow Astrid on her mission to. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - [Hiccup, Astrid] Stoick Assignment, 2. After that, he became the dragon expert of the island of Berk. .. gettin' married ta anyone would put a damper on yer relationship wid Astrid?" Hiccup attempted to understand the crossfire of advice he was getting.

Unlike the rest of her peers, Astrid never ridicules Hiccup or laughs at him but as he walked past the other teens, she stopped sharpening her axe to stare at him with curiosity. Her vendetta against him seems to be on more personal ground and is fueled by suspicion and jealousy.

Astrid grows particularly annoyed with him when he takes the upper hand during Dragon Trainingsuddenly showing far superior skills than she could ever hope to achieve despite all her hard work and determination. She also seems to be the only one able to see through the facade Hiccup puts up in the wake of his popularity. She confronts him on this at night while he is dealing with Toothless and she leaves more suspicious.

By the time Hiccup takes the final win, Astrid has grown beyond aggravated. Instead of confronting him calmly like she initially did when questioning him about his weirdness, Astrid follows him to the Cove and aggressively tries to press the truth out of him on his improvement.

When she hears something she throws Hiccup to the ground and moves forward to investigate. Once she spots Toothlesshowever, her feud with Hiccup is forgotten and her first instincts are to protect him from the dragon.

Notably, it's not the first time Astrid warns Hiccup as she told him to get down and out of sight when facing danger during their training sessions. This time around, however, she physically attempts to protect him by pulling him to the ground with her. Hiccup is quick to intervene before anything serious happens. He attempts to calm both individuals down and explain himself to Astrid, who is thoroughly astonished by the revelation.

Although it is unknown if she was actually running to the village, Astrid runs away in shock and fear, only to be picked up by Toothless and dropped in a tree.

After finally agreeing with Hiccup to "let him show her" why Toothless is not as dangerous as she believes, having no choice other than fall out of the tree to Romantic flight her death she reluctantly gets on the dragon. Light eyelashes brushed against a cheek. Auburn hair swirled and fell, dusting pale freckled skin. A trilling sound came from the boy's seat. Hiccup found himself waiting. Waiting for everyone to catch up to him and Toothless.

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They stood at the top of the cliff, the kids still dots in the distance. Astrid was next to land. She was in good nature, knowing that Toothless was unfathomably fast. You guys totally smoked us! The twins managed to widdle into third, followed by Snotlout, and then Fishlegs; who knew that he would lose anyway. With their own toothbrush. Afraid he'll beat you? If you want to be fair, I say we cut your legs off and feed them to the dragons.

Astrid carries her axe, and Ruffnut carries her sword and helmet. Everyone poised at the starting line. Despite the mutual handicap, Hiccup fell behind quickly. He pushed hard, trying to use the spring-like release in his leg to his advantage, but it wasn't working. Fishlegs and Meatlug passed by not too long after. Hiccup put on a burst of speed and hurried on. The boy hated running, the pressure of his weight on his tiny limbs just made him sore.

He always felt like gravity favored him and forbade him to go as fast as his aerodynamic body could go. Then of course, he only ever ran for his life, whether it was from dragons or from Snotlout. Even then, if it was not for clever thinking and handy hiding places, he would had been, dare we say, pulverized, in so many senses of the word.

Wind filled his lungs as he pushed harder and harder. The faster he went, the more intense he felt the weight in his leg, the absolute defeat of disability.

His chest ached, his nose burned, and all this because of his cousin's stupid ego. He should have opted out like Fishlegs. He saw the teens ahead of him, and Fishlegs sitting at the finish line. He dared not watch, but stared at the ground as he took the final stretch.

Suddenly, he felt his prosthetic begin to unravel. I thought I had it stable this time! He took the finish line last, swinging his arms to compensate. As he ended, he fell firmly on his butt. Look who's the loser now?! Astrid knelt and held his prosthetic while he tied it back on his leg.

If this had been a fair race, he could have won Stumpy is only good in the air because he has a Nightfury. Astrid backed away from Hiccup in embarrassment. I'm just fortunate that I have Toothless to help me out. The teens looked over to the enlarged boy to see a love fest happening with the gronckle.

Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship

Unlike some scrawny fishbone. Can we call it a day, Hiccup? He knows how to train dragons too. And all my other skills are useless in viking society. But you could deliver some clever quips. So what if I'm not a viking? I have Toothless and you, and my father's finally proud of me. I couldn't ask for more. Astrid's gaze went to something on the hill, behind his house. I'll have to ask my dad about it. He couldn't be thankful enough for such an awesome friend.

After she turned the corner, he opened the door to his house, where Stoick sat by the fire. Then he noticed that dinner had already been made, even though it was his job. I'm sorry…we were on our way back, and Snotlout wanted a race…" "No, there's something else. Stoick was silent a long time before boring his green eyes into his son's.

He said he is willing to sign a peace treaty and create an alliance if we surrender you. His hand lowered as he suddenly lost his appetite. The safety of the entire tribe, suspending on the fragile threads of his existence? The answer was obvious. I'm not going to sacrifice my only son and heir. I know I must look out for my people, but I can see what Alvin is doing.

If I give you over to them, I will have no heir. And the Hooligan tribe will fall without a chief, and then the Outcast tribe can attempt to come in and claim it.

No, I'm not falling for their tricks. I hate to admit this, but, I'm getting old, Hiccup. I need to make sure the chiefdom is secure if something were to happen to me.

Dad, do you know something that I don't? Because I'm pretty sure I haven't impregnated anyone. What I'm saying is, I need to see you married and produce a child. This is Hiccup you're talking about! Most of the girls on this island are bigger than me! How do you expect me to get married!? Most boys get married around this age, but as chief, you need to get married on the eve of your sixteenth birthday.

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I'm giving you 14 days to find a girl and propose. If you can't then I'll arrange a marriage. I don't know any girl who would willingly marry me! I mean, sure I'm fond of her! And she may have kissed me, once…or twice…" He shook his head. She's far too independent! And I bet she'd like a nice strong type to ask!