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John Donne. Great poem, and it reminds me: HOWLS MOVING CASTLE. Howl and Sophie have one of the best relationships I can imagine. Anna Parrish. “More about Howl? Sophie thought desperately. I have to blacken his name! Her mind was such a blank that for a second it actually seemed to her that Howl had. Focus: Anime/Manga Howl's Moving Castle, Since: Founder: H0WL . There are insecurities in any relationship, great love or otherwise. Howl and.

She is later revealed to be the Witch of Waste's Fire Demon. Chronology Edit Fifty years before the story starts, the King predecessor of the King in the book sends the Witch into exile in the Waste. Thus she gains her name: Sixteen years before the story starts, Sophie and Lettie's mother dies while they are two and one years old, respectively.

Their father, Mr Hatter, marries Fanny, who gives birth to Martha. Howl writes a doctoral thesis on charms and spells in Wales; he also plays rugby for his university. Mrs Penstemmon takes him on as her last pupil. Wizard Suliman was her second-to-last pupil. Five years before the main story takes place, Howl catches Calcifer just after he has set up as Wizard Jenkins in Porthaven.

He is twenty-two at the time. Three years before the main story takes place, Mrs Penstemmon retires. Sophie makes a rose outfit for Lettie. Wizard Suliman starts to make flowers grow on the edge of the Waste in an attempt to weaken the Witch. The Witch catches him and he disappears. At some point in the year before the story starts, Howl escapes the Witch of the Waste who sends a curse after him.

Howl's moving castle appears on the hills near Market Chipping. Mr Hatter dies, leaving debts. After the funeral, the three girls leave school and the two youngest become apprentices: Martha to Mrs Fairfax, a witch living in Upper Folding, Lettie at Cesari's, a well-known bakery; 2 weeks later they switch. Sophie becomes Fanny's apprentice in the hat shop. Sophie spends a day in the work shed and one day visiting the clothier and silk merchant before being assigned to trimming hats due to her obvious knack for it.

Thanks to finding spells pointing to the scarecrow and the skull, he comes to Market Chipping in disguise, then goes to Upper Folding and to Howl's castle. Then he is captured by the Witch of the Waste probably as he was checking Wizard Suliman's flowers at the edge of the Waste and decapitated. The Witch makes up a body out of parts of Suliman and Justin—she just needs Howl's head to make it perfect to rule Ingary with her.

Weeks pass by and spring is coming on. In April, the hat shop becomes so busy that Sophie has to work in the shop during the day and trim hats in the evening. On May Day 1st of MaySophie attracts a young man Howl on Market Square, but she dodges his advances and hurries away to see "Lettie" at Cesari's, subsequently discovering that Lettie and Martha have switched places.

The castle shoots fireworks for Michael's 15th birthday. The following week, Sophie has some thinking time as Bessy, the shop assistant, has left to get married. Three days after May Day, Sophie asks Fanny for a wage. But Fanny does not mention a wage again either that evening or at any time later that week. Approximately May 8 Alone in the shop, Sophie has an argument with a customer, who happens to be the Witch of the Waste.

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Sophie, who now looks like a year-old woman, leaves the hat shop and heads for the hills. She talks life into a scarecrow. She frees a dog from a hedge whilst having lunch.

Sophie walks until the sun is quite low, then sits on a stone, exhausted. The sun goes down and soon the night comes down. Sophie enters Howl's moving castle and meets Michael. She wakes up in the middle of the night and meets Calcifer. They strike a bargain that should take Sophie about a month to resolve.

May 9 The next day, while Sophie is cooking breakfast on Calcifer, Howl comes back and meets Sophie as his new cleaning lady. Sophie starts cleaning the main room of the castle. After spending time in the bathroom, Howl goes out on the hills again he goes to Upper Folding to court Lettie. He comes back late at night. May th approximately "In the days that followed, Sophie cleaned her way remorselessly through the castle. Cleaning the bathroom took her days. It rains for 2 more days.

Then, as it drizzles, Sophie attempts to clean Howl's bedroom and the yard but he does not let her do either, so she starts mending clothes.

May th approximately "Howl did not go out that day, nor for the next few days. He prepares a transport spell for the King. May 20 The following morning, Howl spends only an hour in the bathroom. Michael takes the spell to the Palace. Sophie starts mending the grey and scarlet suit. Howl goes for a walk on the hills he is going to see Lettie and ask her about Sophie. Sophie opens the door black knob down Michael's practice spell is replaced by Howl's nephew's homework.

Michael comes back from his errand and tells Sophie about vociferous aunts. Howl comes back and goes into the bathroom.

Howl emerges from the bathroom, furious with Sophie because his hair is now pink and he blames her cleaning as the cause. He covers himself and the room with green slime. It takes an hour to wash the slime off him and another hour to convince him into dry clothes the grey and scarlet suit Sophie has darned. Howl confesses he loves Lettie Hatter he is teasing Sophie. Sophie, who thinks he means Martha, cannot go and warn her sister in the evening because of aches and pains.

May 21 Next morning, Howl goes to the Palace. Michael goes to Cesari's. The scarecrow prevents Sophie from leaving the castle. She asks Calcifer to move the castle faster. Michael comes back for supper, reassured that his Lettie Martha loves him. He talks of moving the castle and asks Sophie to blacken his name to the King. May 22 Next morning, Calcifer has recovered.

Howl chases the scarecrow away. Then he goes to Upper Folding for the last time to ask Lettie more questions about Sophie, soon followed by Sophie and Michael in seven-league boots. Lettie looks like herself Mrs Fairfax is aware of the switch and is trying to find out how Howl knows Sophie and what has happened to her Fanny sent her a letter about Sophie's disappearance.

Sophie and Michael return to the castle. Michael works on his spell while Sophie mends her stockings and cuts up Howl's blue suit. Sophie helps Michael with his spell for the rest of the day. After supper, they try to catch a shooting star in the Marshes. We know the action takes place in May as Michael says it is not a good month to catch shooting stars.

Around this time, Michael thanks to Martha and even Calcifer tell Howl Sophie is under a spell, confirming Lettie's story. May 23 The next day, Howl goes to the Palace.

Sophie starts mending the blue suit. She sells a cayenne spell to the Count of Catterack. Michael comes back towards the end of the afternoon.

Howl comes back with new clothes for Sophie. Michael seeks help about his practice spell. Howl takes Michael and Sophie to his "private bolt hole" Wales to look for a book with the whole Song. As his sister Megan has sold Howl's books and Howl's nephew Neil gave the spell to his teacher, Miss Angorian, they go to the teacher's. Howl invites Miss Angorian for supper.

May 24 The next day, in the afternoon, Sophie, pretending to be Howl's mother, visits Mrs Penstemmon 86 Howl wanted Mrs Penstemmon to lift Sophie's spell and attempts to blacken Howl's name to the King. She meets the Witch of the Waste, who tells her about Wales. May 25 Next morning, Howl goes to Wales early and comes back with a cold in the middle of the morning. Howl goes to bed, disrupting Michael's study. They have bacon sandwiches for lunch, then Michael goes to Market Chipping.

Sophie goes to Howl's bedroom and sees Wales through the window. Michael comes back and tells Howl about the hat shop that is up for sale in Market Chipping Martha told him about it.

He takes the dog for a run that night. May 26 The following day, Howl goes to Market Chipping and takes the hat shop. When he comes back to the castle, he goes to bed and disrupts Michael's study again. He gives the grey and scarlet suit to Sophie to clean ready for Mrs Penstemmon's funeral: Sophie finishes mending the blue suit and Michael enlarges it.

Sophie takes the blue suit to Howl's bedroom: May 27 Next morning, Michael takes the dog for a run. He and Sophie have breakfast. Howl appears in a gigantic blue suit. He gets the 7 pieces of grey and scarlet suit off Sophie. Then he spends 2 hours in the bathroom and comes out all dressed in black for Mrs Penstemmon's funeral.

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He will disguise himself as a red setter. At lunchtime, a magic battle explodes between Howl and the Witch in Porthaven: Howl escapes and they all have lunch. As the witch now knows about the Porthaven entrance, Howl decides to move Calcifer to the hat shop in Market Chipping. The move is accomplished in the evening. Howl goes to bed. May 28 The next morning, Howl goes to Wales early.

After breakfast, he guides Sophie to the shop and the field of flowers. May 29 The next day they open the flower shop. They develop a routine: She makes sure to spend at least an hour with Calcifer. Business builds up towards Midsummer Day.

Howl still wears black as he mourns Mrs Penstemmon. June 18 One of the roots mandrake Sophie has planted sprouts 2 green leaves. June 19 The next day, Midsummer Eve, the mandrake root has produced a flower in the shape of a baby the second of 3 things that need to happen for the Witch's curse to be fulfilled. The scarecrow reappears, in Market Chipping this time. Howl leaves to Market Chipping, not Wales.

The dog turns into a man then changes into a different dog. Miss Angorian enters the castle and touches the guitar. Sophie shouts to her flowers: He lifts the dog-man's spell. For the first half of the book, the door opens on the following four locations: Porthaven, a seaside town where the Castle interior, and therefore Calcifer too, are actually situated.

Kingsbury, the capital and home of the King. Outside this door, the castle is in its huge, lumbering, moving state and for the most part is located on the hills above Market Chipping. This door opens onto Howl's sister Megan's front drive. Clues Calcifer gives Sophie about his bargain with Howl "He's quite heartless, you know" "You caught one yourself, didn't you? The bonnet with the mushroom pleats has "a heart of gold and someone in a high position will recognize it".

Jane Farrier who buys the hat meets and runs off with the Count of Cattarack. The green hat is "as young as a spring leaf". The mayor's wife who buys it looks younger. The cream hat with roses "will have to marry money". Fanny who ends up wearing the hat marries a wealthy man, Mr.

The Witch of the Waste recognizes a number of her other hat spells, like "dimpled charm" and "mysterious allure" On her way to the moving castle, she talks life into the scarecrow lying in the hedge. While darning Howl's grey and scarlet suit, she inadvertantly sews into the seams a charm to make him irresistable to women by saying "built to pull in the girls, aren't you? By the end of the book, she has been chatting to her walking stick so much that it has become an immensely magical item, and obeys her command when she tells it to attack Miss Angorian.

It is tempting to put Sophie's remark, to another hat, that Howl and the Witch of the Waste sound like they're made for each other and somebody should introduce them together with the later revelation that Howl and the Witch have a history together, but several points argue against it.

For one thing, the Witch shows that she can detect the hat magics, so even if the hat did somehow reach her it wouldn't have a chance to work. More concretely, the timing is all wrong: Howl's relationship with the Witch predates his move to the hills above Market Chipping, said move being at least partly an attempt to flee the consequences of his relationship with the Witch, and thus also predates Sophie's remark. The Conditions of the Curse These are contained in the John Donne poem which forms the nucleus of the book's plot and are therefore as follows: Go and catch a falling star - This is fulfilled when Howl catches Calcifer Get with child a mandrake root - Sophie plants a mandrake root leading to it producing a flower reproducing Tell me where the past years are - Howl knows this as part of his magical training Or who cleft the devil's foot - As above?

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Calcifer denies this refers to him "I'm a demon, not a devil! Who cleft it would be Howl, as it's his heart, or his parents. Teach me to hear the mermaid's singing - During Howl's fight with the Witch of the Waste in Porthaven the mermaids come out of the sea and sing Or to keep off envy's stinging - Something Howl has learnt through bitter experience of dealing with Megan and no doubt others And find what wind serves to advance an honest mind - Howl talks honestly to Sophie for nearly the first time while transporting them both by means of a magical wind.

This is the last part of the curse to be fulfilled. Second verse If thou beest born to strange sights, things invisible to see - Howl's natural magical ability allows him to do this e. Ride ten thousand days and nights - Fulfilled when Howl is ten thousand days 27 years, days old on May Day Til age snow white hairs on thee - We never see this being fulfilled since Howl refuses to undye his hair to check!

We can assume it's happened though plenty of people have some white hairs at 27 - I've had some since I was 10 It also could be that the snow white hairs and aging refer to Sophie's curse. Thou when thou returnst will tell me all strange wonders that befell thee - This doesn't happen, it's what the curse is designed to make Howl do: There's an interview somewhere with DWJ in which she says that Howell was already doing the love-em-and-leave-em routine back in Wales, and that the first time he cast the spell that opened a way to Ingary he was looking for somewhere to hide out from three large and angry rugby players whose sister he had recently jilted.