Ibm and juniper relationship

IBM Key Alliance - Dynamic Infrastructure Solutions - Juniper Networks

ibm and juniper relationship

As the OEM agreement matures, Lambie says Juniper will continue to grow its relationship with IBM by increasing the number of activities, joint. IBM and Juniper Networks have a long-standing strategic relationship that delivers Juniper's networking portfolio, Zero Trust security services and IBM. Mountain View, CA - November 5, - IBM and Juniper Networks, Inc. today as part of a strategic technology relationship between the two companies.

IBM and Juniper Networks

Customers can use QFabric System to build virtual data center networks that are easy to deploy and maintain. Seamless Data Center Interconnections A smarter planet is more instrumented, more intelligent, and more interconnected.

ibm and juniper relationship

That means data centers must be interconnected with networks that support new levels of agility and flexibility. The WAN must scale to deliver new levels of performance, resilience, and security while delivering a low cost of operations. Enabling advanced virtualization and workload mobility enables organizations to better balance computing workloads across multiple data centers and achieve business continuity requirements.

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Juniper MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers deliver the high performance and carrier-class reliability that is essential for data center interconnect. MX Series Routers support workload mobility, data replication, converged data and storage networks, and protect data center operations from network disruptions.

IBM, Juniper Networks work to build networks capable of real-time, predictive analysis | ZDNet

Data loss can mean stiff regulatory fines, loss of competitive advantage, and lasting damage to customer loyalty. Protecting data while providing secure access to users-who are increasingly mobile-has never been more challenging.

Best-of-Breed Protection IBM and Juniper, recognized leaders in information security, are working together to help customers protect sensitive information, systems and networks. The industry will clearly benefit from the innovative, open solutions coming from a range of viable sources. The combined product offering can significantly reduce network complexity and total cost of ownership by up to 61 percent in capital expenditures, up to 46 percent in power, up to 46 percent in cooling and up to 33 percent in rack space in the data center.

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With the EX and MX Series, customers can achieve greater operational simplicity, agility and efficiency for accelerating the deployment of new applications and services. This reseller agreement will continue.

ibm and juniper relationship

IBM and Juniper have also been working together on joint technology solutions, standards development, network management and managed security services. For the past year, IBM and Juniper have been working together on the Stratus ProjectJuniper's initiative to create a single data center fabric that will deliver a quantum jump in scale, performance and simplicity, with the flexibility to support fully converged and virtualized data center environments.

ibm and juniper relationship

The two companies have jointly collaborated on a global technology demonstration highlighting how enterprises can seamlessly extend their private data center clouds. Once installed, IBM and Juniper will be able to seamlessly move client computing workloads between private and publicly managed cloud environments enabling customers to reliably deliver on service level agreements. Continued research and innovation in cloud computing security has been another focus for IBM and Juniper.

The companies are jointly researching cloud computing security models to highlight how customers can mitigate attacks on corporate data and computer systems.