Indo us relationship expectations and perceptions of stuttering

Perceptions, Continuity and Change. Organised of this three day conference was to evaluate India-US relations in the present international. As a paper originating from India, it might be forgiven to begin on a philosophical note! . Let us face the facts: an average person who stutters (PWS) is looking for had it been put into changing the social perception and attitudes; into making .. In a therapeutic relationship, money changes hands; client thinks that he has . The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA Stuttering; Bilingualism; Risk factor; Persistence the significance of bilingualism as such in relation to stuttering”. . As expected, the number of respondents who classified themselves as .. Spain · Canada · China · France · India · Malaysia · Singapore.

Steering between dogma and gullibility An issue we have often faced: Let me give an example. For us, the challenges that we faced years ago are no longer there. We are not giving high pressure interviews week after week to get a job; we are not struggling in an entry level job; nor are we trying to date that fair girl, who used to be so enamored of that other smooth talking, smart aleck in the neighborhood!

I am not facing ANY of those challenges which caused and sustained my stammering in youth. Now suppose, I am practicing some technique too. I have made my place in society at 56; my audience too accepts me, because I have been around so long. I have matured emotionally, above all. So, even if I stumble, neither myself nor my listeners make much of it, which is only right. Should I go ahead and insist on teaching it to others?

Will it help others, caught in different psycho-social context?

Self Help: Indian Experience | International Stuttering Awareness

This has been a difficult question. I am willing to believe that it may have worked for him. Stammering by nature is a variable phenomena: No-one knows for sure, but correlation does not imply causation [10].

Therefore, we have a policy: Do practice whatever benefits you and let TISA promote the core content, which has been well researched and documented for general public. Neither do we prevent stammerers from seeking formal help.

Self Help: Indian Experience

We have a general guideline on seeking therapy [11]. We give preference to Speech and Language Pathologists SLPs working in Government hospitals because the fee structure is fair, affordable and transparent [12]. But does self-help work? We have often been asked: Does self-help work for everyone? Has therapy worked for everyone?! If the present quandary faced by all of us has to be resolved, stammerers should be at the heart of the change, not a therapist, however wise or well meaning.

Yes, they may have a role at some point: Therapy outcomes in stammering have been uniformly poor- both in adults and children.

Indo-US Relations: Aspirations and Challenges

If we compare it with mis-articulation, we can see that treating stammering is like fighting your diversity, your biology, yourself: Perkins, after fifty years of stuttering research, had the following to say: Thus the blame lay in the professional failure to recognize that fluency is not the proper objective of therapy.

Do stammerers seek therapy for short term benefit? Hence it is in the larger interest of India to strike an understanding with US with convergence of thoughts on the security arena. US aspires to take this partnership to a new level, that is Indian participation in their Global War on Terror GWOT in terms of contributing the military component on ground and not only in terms of verbal support.

However owing to the geo-political paradigm of South Asia in terms of commitment of Indian Defense Forces on the borders as also within the country, coupled with restricted capability for Out of Area Contingencies, it is not prudent for India to stand shoulder to shoulder with US on this issue.

India needs to seriously make endeavors to make this relationship a success. However, if there are so many hiccups in this so called Strategic Relationship, then what is actually going to drive this relationship? It is only the ability of India to project itself as a future economic super power that has probably propelled US to mend fences, overlook minor irritants and foster a strategic partnership.

The economic engagement thus is going to be the metaphor for the potential of this partnership and also for the possibilities of an environment that nurtures the shared values of the two nations. The bedrock of the stronger bilateral relationship has to be strengthened economic partnership between India and US.

After a slump, the Indian economy has started showing signs of revival.

Indo-US Relations: Aspirations and Challenges - Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

However the slogans have to be followed up with the actions on ground. A conducive environment to do business along with predictability in the economic policies and expeditious financial sector reforms have to be ensured to draw the US investors into India. US wants high level technological competence and cheap labour, both of which are available in India in abundance.

To set the house in order, the initiative could commence by providing the appropriate environment for ease of doing business in India.

This could include amendment to certain key legislations to obviate over dependence on PSUs and OFBs for defense equipment manufacture and in turn permit the Indian civil defense industry for the same.