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jag harm and mac relationship advice

Not to mention my relationship with Webb; Sarah MacKenzie, what the hell . Sarah found herself smiling, "You've been spending too much counseling "Mac , are you still interested in exploring a relationship with Harm?. Of course at this point began the flurry of shipper JAG fanfics being posted all over the Net. Season 5 and 6 saw Mac & Harm having their relationship soured . Summary: What would happen if Harm and Mac's relationship were just a Mac patted Harm on the shoulder as she reached over to retrieve his empty plate. .. loss of rank, and he submits to anger management counseling.

The airbag bruises on her face had all but faded away along with the stiffness she had endured after the car she had been driving collided with a tree on the windy country road. Not for the first time, she was thankful just to be alive, especially after seeing the wreckage of the Crown Vic a few days later.

Her close brush with death had caused her to reevaluate some things in her life, most importantly, her relationship with a certain naval aviator turned lawyer, her closest and dearest friend, Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. No, she thought to herself, friend doesn't really cut it anymore. But, then again, neither did the term lovers. At least not yet, she thought. Prior to her assignment in Paraguay, Mac had felt that she and Harm had been moving closer to being something more significant than friends, but the events and aftermath had put a rift between them which had taken nearly a year to overcome.

Not to mention my relationship with Webb; Sarah MacKenzie, what the hell were you thinking? It had taken her a while to realize that Harm had been trying to tell her something while they were still down there. Truth be told, he had been trying to tell her for much longer than that but miscommunication, coupled with bad timing, seemed to conspire to keep them apart. Harm had finally made his feelings known to her at the Admiral's retirement party, but she was still grieving over Webb.

Finding out that Clay had faked his death and used her as part of the ruse only served to complicate matters further.

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Deciding she couldn't live with the lies and deception, Sarah broke off the relationship with Webb. If anything, being with Webb had made her realize what she didn't want.

When Harm tried to comfort her while they sat on the beach, she told him she needed time to figure things out, and assuming she wanted time alone, Harm walked away and gave her space. To this day, Sarah wondered if she should have just gone after him. Following the accident, Mac spent Christmas weekend with Harm which had the positive effect of rekindling the feelings of trust she once had for him.

Other feelings had been rekindled as well, but she had made herself a promise that she was not going to rush into an intimate physical relationship with him until she knew where her heart was at. This was a mistake she had made one too many times in the past and she was hell bent and determined not to do it again. She owed it to both of them.

Sarah walked out of the ladies room and continued down the hall until she reached the office at the end. Mac had been seeing Commander McCool since October, since she had learned about her almost nonexistent chances of conceiving a child. Gently, she tapped on the door. McCool must have noticed the slight bruising on her face, "Mac! What happened to you? I got into an auto accident on Christmas Eve," Mac offered. He's never missed doing it, until this year. Sarah had reached the same conclusion and while it pained her to know he had missed something so dear to him, her heart was warmed by that fact that he was willing to forgo his yearly ritual.

His sacrifice made her feel very special and loved, something she wasn't used to. All these years, I've been waiting for him to tell me he wanted to be part of my life, and now that the moment is here…I'm…" "You're what," Vicky prodded. Mac loathed what she was thinking, something no self respecting Marine would ever admit, but there was no other words to describe what she was feeling. This weekend, I started feeling things.

I felt like I was in love with him. What are you feeling? Our former CO, Admiral Chegwidden, is supposed to be attending with his daughter, Harriet and Bud are going, Sturgis and Varese will be there, General Cresswell and his wife, as well as a few others from the office.

jag harm and mac relationship advice

This isn't the kind of event you would normally take a friend to. Harm and I have been to social events like this before. It's just that…right now I…I'm afraid everyone will see right through me. We both are looking for the truth," Vicky replied. He is, after all, the person you've been waiting for, isn't he? It isn't necessary for either of you to explain anything more than you already have, unless and until you are ready to do so.

If you really want to go to this event with Harm, you should go. Don't worry about what anyone else might think. You and Harm have been on a journey together and, from what I can see, you are about to enter what could be a time which you both will cherish later on.

Enjoy these moments with each other, they only come around once. It's high time for us to do something about it. New Year's Eve, Mac's Apartment, Georgetown Harm stepped off the elevator, still fighting a serious case of butterflies in the stomach which is something he hadn't felt since high school.

With flowers in one hand and a small flat box in the other, he made his way to Mac's apartment. My first real date with Sarah, he thought. I've known this woman for years, why am I so nervous? He waited for his watch to chime the hour before knocking on her door.

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Harm so wanted this evening to be perfect that he timed his arrival to allow him twenty minutes before she expected him. Tonight he was going to arrive precisely on time. Since the New Year's Ball was a military sponsored event, at least one of them was required to be in uniform. Mac knew that Harm would be wearing his mess dress so she had told him yesterday she would be wearing an evening gown for the event.

Harm had seen her in formal attire before but when she opened the door to greet him, he found his breath had been taken away. Mac looked absolutely stunning. Her long black gown sported an intricate pattern and a plunging v shaped neck which stopped just short of her bust line, making for a sexy, yet sophisticated look. Exposed shoulders and an open back completed the outfit.

Mac had her hair arranged in a fancy up dew, and Harm was sure she must have spent most of the afternoon at the hairdresser. It took him a few seconds to find his voice again, "Mac…Sarah…you look positively radiant. He turned to her with the flowers. Her eyes lit up as she exclaimed, "Harm, they're beautiful. Where did you get these? As she looked at them, Mac was shaking her head in disbelief. When Mom found out that you had gone to Russia with me to find Dad, she sent these to me to give to you.

When he stepped back to look at her, his megawatt smile caused her to blush. A few seconds later she returned and Harm took the article and placed it over her shoulders. She grabbed her clutch and they proceeded to leave. Most of the time the on goings at JAG were safe subjects for them, unless they ended up being on opposite sides of an issue which was something Mac knew they would both need to work on should they deepen their relationship.

As they neared their destination the conversation had fallen into another uneasy silence. Mac turned to watch him as he effortlessly weaved towards the exit they needed to take. God he looks so damn good in that uniform, she thought. It was then that she realized the reason for her unease. Being on a real date with him had changed her perspective. Embracing the moment, she reached out and touched his hand. He responded by taking her hand in his strong, yet gentle grip.

Connecting with him in this manner brought a sensation of calm to her senses. His voice was light, but she sensed a tad of concern masked inside. Squeezing his hand in reassurance, she replied, "Definitively a good thing. His comment brought her back to the time they went undercover for a mission in the Sudanese Embassy, another time they had saved each other's six. They were dressed to the nines for the mission, and when it was over they had both agreed that they should get out as a couple more often.

I guess neither of us brought it up again. Rabb pulled into the parking spot and took both her hands before he gently answered. If you and I had got together, we would have both been in trouble. Hell, I was so drunk when it happened that I don't even remember the ceremony. It seemed like it was a lifetime ago and it happened to someone else. You were making time for me and I pushed you away, again.

I was going to tell you everything, about Chris, about John, and that I was still married and I needed help fixing that. That night, everything blew up in my face. Did I ever thank you for standing by me? But you had me going for a while. He could have filed charges against me for striking a fellow officer. After a number of crimes perpetrated throughout Europe are blamed on the U.

Navy, Tracy is assigned to the case and joins forces with Harm to get to the bottom of the seemingly illogical turn of events. Most recently Tamlyn has starred on the young and hip supernatural show Teen Wolf, and on the drama series the Good doctor. Tamlyn is currently working on the film The Living Worst, which should hit the big screen sometime in Andrea Parker as Lt.

Caitlin Pike was on the show JAG on its very first episode. Their relationship seemed to be that of friends who on occasion were intimate with one another, while not developing romantic feelings or entering into a romantic relationship with one another.

In season six the audience cheered as Pike returned to the show, this time in order to file a complaint against one of her fellow officers. Andrea Parker today Andrea Parker is an incredible actress who has worked on many movies and television shows including ER as Linda Farrell and on the television series Pretender as Catherine Parker. Not only is this gorgeous woman a talented actress but she is also trained to be a stunt driver!

It seems that Lt. Gregory Vukovi and Tali have an intimate and shared history together that begins to unfold on camera. Besides being a talented actress, this Haiti-born beauty also happens to be a talented figure skater, skating on a national level while living in She decided to leave the world of figure skating behind for a more lucrative career in Hollywood.

jag harm and mac relationship advice

All the way from Italy Meta has integrated well into the Los Angeles life. Her role as Enobaria in The Hunger Games movies is her most high-profile role to date. Golding has also starred in a few episodes of Criminal Minds, and is currently working on the set of Behind the Movement, which is set to be released sometime in Turner is a submarine worker before transitioning into a lawyer.

Sturgis and Harm go way back before he joins the JAG team and their friendship grows stronger both during and after work hours. Their bromance is truly fun to watch, with Harm often making fun of Sturgis for being a bit too much of a rule follower.

Scott Lawrence today Scott Lawrence graced the screen of JAG for 76 episodes before he moved on to star in other hit television series like dramatic soap opera Desperate Housewives, suspense series American Horror Story, and additional soapy drama Nashville. Scott has also starred on the big screen, featuring in the sci-fi Star Trek film Into The Darkness portraying the role of the U.

Vengeance Officer in Most recently, Scott has starred in the television show thriller series Mr. Mercedes as Pete Dixon. Mac and Clayton had an intense relationship for a while but sadly the two never got their happy ending.

jag harm and mac relationship advice

Clayton had to fake his own death for his job in the CIA, which frustrated Mac to no end. Karri Turner as Lieutenant Harriet Beaumont Sims-Roberts Lieutenant Harriet Beaumont is a southern belle who comes from old money, and a lot of it, which might be why she was made fun of for enlisting in the army. The two served together on the Seahawk and when they finally got to work together on JAG, they were also given the chance to work on their relationship, which quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Karri Turner today Karri Turner is an experienced actress who has been on stage, the big screen and on television shows since A former member of the famed improvisational comedy troupe the Groundlings, Turner has also entertained American troops by going on the U. This dramatic episode is an all-time favorite among fans, with the high ratings to prove it. Daphne Ashbrook today Daphne Ashbrook started her long as an actress at the age of six.

Fact or Fiction, the O. More recently, Daphne has starred in CSI: Patrick Labyorteaux as Bud Roberts Jr. Considered to be one of the best trial lawyers on the team, Bud is liked by nearly everyone at JAG HQ and garners a lot of respect from the others. Many opponents underestimate Bud as he comes across as less intelligent than he actually is; however, this is a smart ploy to lull others into a false sense of security. Tiner is known for tripping over his words more than once, which adds an element of comedy to the show.

More recently, he played the lead role of Caskie Jones in the low-budget movie Cowboy Drifter in Carrington did double duty on tis film, as he had also written the script for it!

Bellisario said he wanted to represent the number of Hispanics in the Marines and Navy. Victor Galindez, nicknamed Gunny, was often vying for the attention of Chegwidden, putting him at odds with Jason Tiner on more than one occasion. He made several more brief appearances up until his departure in Season 9. New Orleans, with the most recent being in Interestingly, Vazquez also played a small role on Shameless like Chuck Carrington.

His latest role is in a movie named Among Thieves, which is currently in its post-production stage. Michael Bellisario also played a pizza delivery boy in Season 3 and a young man in a boat in the pilot episode. Michael Bellisario has two movies in post-production currently; and Elvis. She violated military protocols by trying to seduce Harm near the end of Season 1.

In Season 10 she is named as a potential replacement for Admiral Chegwidden, but this suggestion is shot down rather swiftly. Col Sarah Mackenzie's love and Renee Peterson who saw something in the charming grin of the handsome flyboy.

Thank god it all ended. No Mic and no Renee. Mic realized that he is Mac's second choice, packs his bags and returns to Australia. Renee left Harm too. Who wouldn't, seeing how commitment-phobe Harm is?

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But most of all, I like to thank the writers for redeeming Mac Harm has obviously thought that Mac would wait for him Believe me, at this point of time, even the most die-hard shippers would think twice of whether Harm is the right one for Mac.

I am not a shipper per se, some say a shipper in denial. Viewers are also sick of the dance. I really hope by the time JAG ends the two of them will get together.