Jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship marketing

RGV to make movie on close relationship between VK Sasikala and J Jayalalithaa

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship marketing

In fact, Jayalalithaa's relationships with MGR and Karunanidhi, which will and Sasikala were shareholders — at a price lower than the market. Incidentally, both Jayalalithaa and Sasikala were jail mates once, and their relations outside prison were seen to be as closely shackled. This is. The relationship between J Jayalalithaa and her companion Sasikala Natarajan has been quite well-documented in the history of Tamil Nadu politics — it has.

During this period, her residence in Poes Garden, Chennai, was raided and the DMK's propaganda channel, Sun TV, streamed live visuals of 30 kg of gold, including bangles, over wrist watches, 10, sarees and hundreds of pairs of footwear, amongst other dizzyingly expensive possessions. It was also during the initial days of the Karunanidhi government that a disproportionate assets case was slapped on Jayalalithaa, Sasikala, Sasikala's sister-in-law Ilavarasi and nephew V N Sudhakaran.

This case would go on for close to two decades, ending in a 'guilty' verdict finally after Jayalalithaa's death inputting Sasikala and the others behind bars for four years.

After the dust settled on the cases and the DMK government went about in earnest wooing industry to Tamil Nadu and focusing on development of the state, the people of Tamil Nadu, inonce again did an about-turn. To Jayalalithaa's aid came a shimmering alliance: So much so that Karunanidhi, who was confident of being re-elected, was bitter when the results were announced.

Sonia Gandhi and M Karunanidhi at a campaign rally during the general election. Just after midnight, a posse of policemen descended to arrest the Opposition leader on a case relating to public money being allegedly siphoned off in the building of flyovers in Chennai.

Visuals showed Karunanidhi falling, being shoved, picked up and pushed again by the police, evoking a wave of sympathy for the elderly man. Following pressure from the Centre, Jayalalithaa had no choice but to backtrack in the face of calls of 'Constitutional breakdown' in the state.

Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa sacks VK Sasikala - The Economic Times

First, the Union ministers were let off, the charges against them dropped. Karunanidhi was then allowed out on bail on 'humanitarian grounds'.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship marketing

Jayalalithaa had had her revenge. But Karunanidhi won the war. Jayalalithaa went on to press her self-destruct button yet again as her tenure continued. Realising her monumental error, she reinstated them all in February Inshe also banned animal sacrifice, once again causing widespread indignation and protests across the state.

A few months later, she repealed the Act. But the damage was done. Bythe DMK had cobbled up a rainbow alliance ahead of the assembly polls. Despite the niggling resentment against Jayalalithaa for her earlier moves, the election was largely without a major issue or talking point. But the genius politician in Karunanidhi struck. Free colour televisions for all those below the poverty line, he promised. Tamil Nadu brought him back to power as Jayalalithaa watched.

Governance took a back seat. Jayalalithaa simply had to sit by and watch as Karunanidhi and his family and party men and women destroyed their own credibility and popularity in the state.

Inan alliance with 'Captain' Vijaykanth, a bright new player in the political arena, was locked in by Jayalalithaa. She swept the state as people vented their anger against the excesses of the DMK in the past five years.

How Sasikala emerged from Jayalalithaa’s shadow

Despite little to no governance between andcash for votes played a huge role in The memories of the DMK's muscling and land grabbing still fresh in their minds, Tamil Nadu voters brought Jayalalithaa back to power, albeit with a slimmer majority.

Here on, age would catch up with the veteran politician. Inhe was hospitalised a number of times. He lost his ability to speak as a tracheostomy tube was put in place.

Jaya had her revenge, but Karunanidhi won the war

But his love for politics, power and the people still remains. Duraimurugan recounts an incident from Novemberwhen he watched his leader undergo speech therapy. The tracheostomy tube was removed, the hole in the throat closed with a finger and speech therapist Ranjith began. February 14, She was a close aide of J. Sasikala is proposed to become the next Chief Minister. Widely considered to be a loner, who cherished her solitude, Jayalalithaa would often confine herself to a room reading one book after another.

In this hour of loneliness, Jayalalithaa would delegate all responsibilities to Sasikala who exploited her trust and began calling shots in the party and the government. Such was their relationship that the two would often wear similar colour sarees.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship marketing

Not much is known about the reclusive Sasikala who has never been interviewed and no one has a whiff of what goes on in her mind. Her secrets, desires, likes and dislikes are as enigmatic as her.

And it is best left to her to answer how she looks at this long journey that has seen her rise, fall and rise again. The couple had six children and Sasi, as she was lovingly called, was the fifth.

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The family moved to Mannargudi in the s and Sasi soon acquired a name for herself in this discreet town for her good looks. During this time R Natarajan, a DMK sympathiser, who worked as a PRO with the district administration, developed a strong liking for her and approached her parents with a marriage proposal. The two finally tied the knot and the event was graced by none other than DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi himself.

While the district collector of Cuddalore, Chandralekha, handpicked by MGR, took most of the credit, it was Natarajan, whose media management skills helped the rally get such an adulatory response. Natarajan then went to court and in he was reinstated as the PRO and began to work with Chandralekha. Thereafter, she bought herself a camera and began shooting events for whatever little money. Since, Natarajan was working as a PRO, he needed photographers and videographers and that is where she filled in.

Well aware that her husband would not be able to provide the kind of lifestyle she dreamt of, she approached Chandralekha to put in a word with the glamorous AIADMK propaganda secretary to let her shoot her rallies. Chandralekha did so and Jayalalithaa too agreed. And later Sasikala became the official videographer of her political and non-political events. The former filmstar became so fond of Sasikala that she began accompanying Jayalalithaa everywhere.

The bond kept growing stronger and Sasikala graduated from a videographer to a housekeeper at 36, Poes Garden. A smooth operator, Sasikala was known for her knack of striking friendships and making herself indispensable to whosoever she interacted with.