Jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship questions

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jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship questions

The resounding question is-After Jayalalithaa, who? of Karunanidhi because of the special connection she has enjoyed with women. That said, the Sasikala coterie could be a target for the AIADMK cadre as there is a. Sasikala Natarajan, closest to #Jayalalithaa, a powerful presence after her death Questions over the nature of their relationship. Jayalalithaa. The relationship between J Jayalalithaa and her companion Sasikala Natarajan has been quite well-documented in the history of Tamil Nadu.

Even their letters didn't reach Amma directly.

Jayalalithaa-Sasikala Natarajan friendship: Soul sisters whose relationship soured

But Jayalalithaa trusted Sasikala completely. Sasikala's rise leads to Amma's downfall It is speculated that the excesses committed by Sasikala and her coterie that led to Amma's defeat in the assembly polls. InJayalalithaa had hosted a wedding for Sasikala's nephew VN Sudhagara, a wedding so lavish that it earned Jayalalithaa a Guinness World Record for hosting the largest wedding reception!

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship questions

What followed was a massive controversy and a court case over income disproportionate to known sources. Jayalalithaa strongly defended Sasikala in interviews, saying while she herself had no family, Sasikala was her surrogate sister.

However, she did have a temporary fallout with Sasikala and disowned her nephew. She asked Sasikala to leave, only to welcome her back a few months later.

From Video Parlour Owner To Amma’s Soul Sister, The Incredible Tale Of Sasikala

Inthe rumour reached a crescendo when Amma exchanged garland s with Sasikala in a temple as part of her 60th birthday celebrations, or 'sashthiabdapurthy'. The two women have a major fallout again Was Amma unaware of what the "Mannargudi mafia" was up to? As per a Tehelka reportit was Narendra Modi who alerted Amma against the clan. It is said that Amma was shocked to learn how they were extorting from investors, taking money for transfers and postings, even possibly forging her signatures for key deals.

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Conspiracy theories claim Jayalalithaa saw a doctor and found out she being poisoned slowly and that her confidante's clan planned to dethrone her. But without ever revealing why, on December 17,Jayalalithaa asked the Mannargudi clan to pack up and leave her house.

But just days later, she brought Sasikala back when she pleaded her innocence saying she would sever all links with her relatives "to continue to serve the TN chief minister". Sources say Jayalalithaa 's close aide Sasikala Natarajan will be the heir to her house. She also alleged that she was under pressure to quit from the Rajya Sabha. Sasikala Pushpa, who was accused of sexual assault along with her husband and son by her domestic help, said she could not tolerate Tiruchi Siva's passing uncharitable remarks about the AIADMK.

Later, in October, while Jayalalithaa was in the hospital for treatment, Sasikala Pushpa, in a letter to Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao expressed apprehension that someone close to the chief minister might forge her signature to nominate a deputy in her absence. The letter came at a time when Jayalalithaa's confidante Sasikala Natrajan was being widely projected as party's de facto in-charge.

She alleged that Sasikala Natarajan, in the name of Jayalalithaa, was "controlling all the officers in the state and trying to gain power within the party".

The expelled AIADMK MP also accused state government officials of working under the influence of a certain party leader rather than the chief minister. She also demanded a CBI inquiry into the health condition of Jayalalithaa.

She is accused to have wielded immense power and amassed unaccounted wealth during the last three tenures of Jayalalithaa as chief minister. It became THE picture of their bond since it conveyed so much! They declared themselves the ultimate power couple As a couple, they were briefly estranged for a period of days.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship questions

Thwarted and insulted over and over again by a succession of men MGR includedJaya with her high IQ and equally high EQ must have searched in vain for comfort and love, after losing her own mother at a fairly young age.

Once she tasted political power after being pulled into it by MGR her senior by 30 yearsthere was no looking back. Once his ardour cooled, she was replaced by other nymphets, and that was that. Through all those turbulent years, Sasikala was the shadowy on-again-off-again person standing by her woman.