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Now it's Jessie "Snorah Jones" Pitts vs. Ryan "Max Headroom Junior" Sill singing "I Need Your Love." Gavin, once again, has my favorite. It's season seven of the popular NBC show “The Voice”. And this year, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams had jumped on board as coaches along side Blake . Then Blake picks Jessie, which is BUH-ZARRE (I would have gone with the rest of the season's eliminations, in order: Ryan Sill, Jessie Pitts.

Has that been a thing all season? Or did one of the producers need to put a new roof on his garage this week? Anyway, time for more battles. Kelli the mom with anxiety issues. They announce that battling one another is going to be difficult because they are "best friends," but Adam assigns them Eddie Floyd's "Knock on Wood" to rip their best friendship apart.

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The part of the song where you sing the song is very important. Use your lung-bags to force air out of your song-tube! Don't forget to do the right mouth-shapes for the wordy-sounds! After their performance, Gwen tells Kelli that she was so distracted by her hot bod that she couldn't even listen to her singing.

Which is probably the rudest thing anyone has ever said on this show? I want to like you, seriously. Adam doesn't want to choose, but he picks Damien.

Now we are informed that "the battles are just heating up. Now it's Jessie "Snorah Jones" Pitts vs. And then Blake steals Jessie! It is truly a loosey-goosemas miracle. Next up is blind pianist Blessing vs. She also had a job performing at Sea World in San Antonio. Bryana takes her dad, who has recovered from liver disease, to meet Gwen. Gwen wants Bryana to peel off several layers of pop sheen and deliver an emotional performance.

That just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, leading to a wonderful ending. And, yep, she delivered it with a lot of emotion. She also tried out in Season 3, but failed to turn a chair. She has also performed as Anita Fearon; her dad is longtime reggae singer Clinton Fearon.

Her foe was stolen by Blake Shelton. Anita says she loves the message in the song. This will be one of the most popular performances of the night. Really nice job by Anita. Adam liked it so much, he just wants to hang out with Anita. Pharrell loves the way Anita is performing so inspired. Gwen likes the way her personality sparkles on stage. A— Ricky Manning Background: From Cape Coral, Fla.

"The Voice" Recap: Gwen Stefani Gets Distracted by a "Hot Bod"

Rather than going to college after graduating, he decided to try music for a year and had been playing music in the New York subways pre-Voice. As the song swells, so does the emotion Ricky is pouring into it. He delivered a heck of a glory note during the second half of that performance. And the crowd seems to love it. Perhaps a bit more than I did. Blake says Ricky seemed calm and in control despite the emotion in the performance. Pharrell also compliments him on his growth.

B— Taylor John Williams Background: From Portland, Oregon, he was 23 when he auditioned. So what does he do?

He gives us a couple little dance moves as he approaches the mic with his guitar. And halfway through the performance, he steps away from the mic and starts working the stage.

Well, Gwen got the animated performance she wanted. She was stolen by Pharrell. But Pharrell and Jean are making the song more contemporary for this performance. Just a little too over the top. Pharrell says Elyjuh just has to forget the critics, let go and enjoy himself on stage.