Jill valentine and chris redfield relationship trust

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jill valentine and chris redfield relationship trust

Captain Chris Redfield (クリス・レッドフィールド Kurisu Reddofīrudo) is an the facility to cover-up their connection to the killings and silence any witnesses. . In the meantime, Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani launched a rescue Serving as Point Man in S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Chris earned the trust of his comrades. Spoilers for Resident Evil 7 When I first finished Resident evil 7, and "Redfield" showed up I honestly assumed this guy was Chris' son. Fair enough, but I mean I would really trust my buddy who survived with me through the mansion. Also Leon and Ada weird relationship?cmon you guys never say a. Well I have always wanted to see Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield get together. Chris Redfield lay in his bed propped up on two pillows reading an ancient copy of Rendezvous with Destiny and . "Trust me I'm good at this.

Its not about seeing what isn't there. You kind of have to read between the lines. Even so I suppose she could still do her thing and leave the kid on Leon That made me laugh hard! How would their kids look like? I guess mixed facial features of their parents?

Would they look beautiful? Light, I'd always been looking for someone like you. Now that I've found you, you will remain my love for eternity Age has a habit of slowing everybody down even Ada. Even so I suppose she could still do her thing and leave the kid on Leon lol.

Accidents happen also so. Yeah Chris and Jills kid would be cool. I could see them give their child great training. It would have the best upbringing. They better settle down fast! You can't have children the older you get, and these heroes are in the risk zone. It would be cool to have a story focusing on this kid not being able to live up to his or hers legendary parents; Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine!

As we know, the Barry and Moira narrative was pretty accurate when it came to realistic family drama. It's wierd that Ada and Leon are the only two RE characters who actually kissed each other on-screen. But love doesn't seem to so relevant for this franchise anyway. Sheva is attractive, that's just a fact. But it doesn't make you a fanboy of hers as most RE characters do look good in general. I just want to respect anyones opinion and be generally nice and understanding towards people, that "being" seems to attack anyone who doesn't share the same thoughts or opinions as him.

It's rude and just immature behavior, especially in a gaming forum where hundred of different minds discuss stuff. If I love Mario as a character and you told me that you hated him, I would respect that. We have different opinions, and it would be so boring if everyone was the same.

I'm glad that both of us love RE5 Jill though. RE5 Jill is babe. He walked over to the phone and began preparations. Chris awoke after sleeping on the couch. He went into her room and looked through her stuff. Finding her dinner dress he looked it over. Placing it back exactly as he found it he called downstairs and asked for his car to be brought around.

Getting dressed in a suitable attire he went down the lift and walked out the front. His car and the concierge whee waiting. Knocking on the door a very professional looking old man answered. The man beckoned him around the side of the house to where a driver was waiting. Chris and the old man got in the back. The driver started off. They drove in silence when finally the German spoke up.

Redfield you where a Paratrooper yes? Then e thought how the hell did he know that? He never told him. Zurger laughed when Chris told him about the little stunt he pulled.

They arrived at the expensive Jewellery store and both Chris and Zurger got out. As they shut the doors the car pulled away and disappeared down the street. Chris followed Zurger into the store where people greeted the old man left and right.

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Zurger went up to a German working behind a counter. Zurger said something in German. And the man disappeared. He returned moments later holding a box in his hands.

Chris shrugged and followed. And just as swiftly as they had entered they left. Before he got in the car Chris looked at the name about the store. There was a picture of the German Para Storming Eagle on either side of name. Chris laughed a bit and got in. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out placing it in Chris's palm. Chris looked at the thing in his palm and smiled it was a Storming Eagle badge.

When Chris stepped off the elevator he heard crying coming from the direction of his room. He walked up and listened. It was Jill alright.

He opened the door a crack and peeked in. Jill was crying, leaning on the arm of the couch. Chris grimaced and shut the door. Now he really had to make it up to her. He walked back to the elevator and went down. Stepping out into the lobby Chris walked up to the friendly Concierge.

The concierge looked thoughtful. Then you go upstairs and get ready. Now have you got flowers ready? The concierge wrote down an address on a bit of paper and handed it across. Jill wiped her eyes. How could he treat her like this? The hell with it. She was going to have fun anyway. Going into her room she got on her bathing suit and walked over to the pool.

Assuming the position she dived in and slowly rose to the surface. Floating on her back she looked up at the sky. Her beautiful brown hair floating out from her head as if someone had shot her and she was bleeding brown blood. Why does it bother you? It's not like he's that great. I mean he is kind of a dick. But maybe that was what he liked about him. Don't deny it Jilly. But her old anger returned and she dismissed it altogether. Tomorrow she was going to go out and find a guy who she could really be proud of.

Jill dried and got changed. She was slipping on a shirt when she saw Chris's stuff piled in a corner. I'll just have quick look. There was a lot to figure out about Chris. She opened his suitcase and looked through it. Some casual clothes, Socks, jocks and a book. She opened it and flipped through. The story of the st Airborne from the US to Germany. Chris was an Ex Airborne dude wasn't he? She put the book back and shut the case. She looked up at the suit bag hanging on a door handle with wonder.

She opened it and gasped. It was his neatly pressed and ironed Special Forces uniform complete with ribbons, which there sure was a lot of. She didn't know uniforms much but she did recognise the Silver Star and the Purple Heart from her dad's World War 2 uniform.

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The army was his occupation before he became a thief. She zipped the bag up. What Chris must have seen. Chris walked into the Garage where a pair of feminine legs sticked out from under a car, men worked all around him on various cars and bikes. Wonder what they could do for my Mustang? The women slid out from under the car and looked at him. She was a pretty girl of about twenty with brown eyes and blonde hair.

She opened the driver's door and got in. Chris got in and handed the keys over and she started the engine. Searching through his CD's she put in a beer songs album and flicked over to track Copperhead Road started playing and she took off way over the speed limit. Well my names John Lee Pettimore, Same as my daddy an his daddy before, They pulled up to a large property that Charlene obviously owned. All up the drive where flowers of every kind and colour. They pulled up and Charlene led him out the back.

Immediately she began picking things out. Boy it reminded him a lot of Columbia. He felt the chill he had long forgotten creep up his spine. She could see the tears welling in his eyes. She handed him a bunch of hand picked flowers. They where Just right. Just have a drink with me. He stoped and she got out. She stopped and turned to him. He watched her walk up into the Garage. He looked at his watch. How do I burn 3 hours?

He went to a nearby payphone. Looking through the phone book he found what he was looking for. Jill shut the door as the manicurist left. Where the hell was Chris? Get over him, Jilly.

no romance between chris or jill says producer

Order yourself a drink or something. She picked up the phone and dialled room service. Then she realized she didn't need to. There was a Bar in their room. She smiled and hung up. Well Chris was good for something. Chris hooked up his static line and stood in the door. The instructor asked him over the roar of the engines whether he knew what he was doing.

Snapping into a tight body position and waited for the jerk of the chute. He felt the pull and the world went silent. He floated slowly to earth and closed his eyes. This was the life. I might have a night jump he thought as the ground came up to meet him. It was a soft landing. Had it been an Army chute he would have had to swing his feet up but didn't have to this time. He was thankful for it. Jill was in the shower when the phone rang.

Groaning she got out and answered.

jill valentine and chris redfield relationship trust

Redfield asks that you come down stairs in your dinner attire. How did they know her name? And what did Chris want? Only one way to find out. Chris hurled himself out into space and felt the tug of the chute. The night disoriented him. And suddenly he was bad in Panama jumping into the jungle.

He panicked and landed hard. He lay there on the cool grass breathing hard. He looked at his watch and got up. Chris opened the door and turned on the light. Good Jill was gone. Setting don the flowers and taking the box out of his pocket he walked over to the suit bag and got out his uniform. Jill stood in the lobby waiting like she'd been asked. When the elevator dinged behind her she turned and saw Chris walk out smartly dressed in his uniform complete with cap.

In his hand he held a bundle of flowers that where just perfect. She read the card. Sorry about my little escapade can I make it up to you? Love, Chris Love Chris she thought. Chris offered his hand and she took it as they walked into the Resort restaurant where they took their seats that over looked the fabulous fountain. Zurger had given him on the table. She took it and opened it. She nearly fainted as she looked at the silver necklace within.

They ate an elegant dinner and had a drink. Then they talked for a while. I guess I'm forgiven. Commando's are British and live on the water. We lived in the air or at least we fell out of it. She looked up into his eyes and the gazed at each other, not moving and for that moment where the closest they had ever been.

Jill realised what she was doing and drew back. Jill looked over at Chris. The music slowed and so did they doing it sweet and soft. When they where done they walked out of the restaurant.

For a stroll in the garden. He held her hand and they walked. And to think I ever doubted him. She noticed he walked with a slight limp.

He was ashamed he lost it. But you didn't have to do all this for me. An apology would have been enough. Maybe he does like me!

Swallowing back his emotions. They earned no Medals and their familys where lied to about what happened. I was hit but saved on of the guys. They all fought well. You mean the world to me. He really likes me. Only if it's tandem with you.

They went back to their room and changed into pyjamas. Jill wore a simple shirt and shorts, Chris just shorts. Jill walked into the bedroom and Chris started toward the couch. I earned a Purple Heart remember? Chris shrugged and walked in with her. They both slipped under the covers and got comfy. She snuggled up to him. Then she closed her eyes. Chris let out a breath. He slowly closed his eye's and went to sleep.

Chris woke up to a warm morning and walked outside. Stretching he breathed in deeply and smiled. Walking inside he found a note on a dresser and read it. Dear Chris, Have gone for a drive I hope you don't mind. Will be back by Our clothes are in the wash get them out when they are done. Love, Jill Hmm, Love Jill.

He walked back out side and took of his clothes stopping when he got to his underwear. Then he ran up and jumped into the water and let it soak into every crevice of his body. Coming up for air he floated on his back and looked up at the clear sky. Can life get any better? He did laps for about twenty minutes and returned inside. The washing machine stopped and he walked into the laundry.

Opening the machine he took out the small bundle of clothes and put them in the dryer. He found his watch and looked at the time. How do I pass the time? With no car it looked as though he was stuck here. He turned the TV on and opened the video cabinet.

Looking through the videos he found what he was looking for. John Wayne and The Green Berets. He inserted it in the video player and sat back. Jill drove the old Mustang down the main street of the town looking for the right store. What should I get for Chris? She found exactly what she was looking for. She pulled the car over and got out.

Walking toward the store she opened the door and walked in. An old man walked up to her as she surveyed her surroundings. The man wore a battered Green Beret on his head. He saved my life! Twenty Minutes later Jill carried a box out of the store and got into the Mustang. Chris was sure to like this!

Chris heard a knock on the door and got up from his reading to answer it. The man who stood in front of him wore a battered Beret on his head. Chris gasped and grabbed the man in a massive bear hug. The man pounded Chris's back hard. The let go of each other. Chris took him over to the bar and got him a drink. Jill stepped out of the lift and heard loud laughter coming from the room.

She opened the door and found Chris with that man in the store having a drink over by the bar. After Fred left he turned to her with a big smile. Looking at his watch he looked at her. Chris noticed she didn't appear at all anxious or scared.

He smiled, she would soon. They walked outside to the plane. Taking seats opposite each other they settled in as the plane roared own the runway and became Airborne.

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After riding in silence Chris could see she was starting to get a little nervous. I never did a Free Fall! He saw Jill gulp. She came and sat next to him so they could talk easier. Putting her hand on his shoulder she leant close. A red light began flashing. Chris calmly stood up and got close behind her. Taking the appropriate straps in his hands he fastened her to him.

Patting her lightly on the arm he whispered into her ear. Jill crossed her arms across her chest as she'd been told. She began breathing fast. Chris smiled to himself. He grabbed the outside of the door and waited. The Aeroplane circled and a green light flashed on. He leant in close to her ear and softly whispered. Jill was breathing hard as the wind beat her face as they plummeted toward the ground 14, feet below them. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris give a thumbs up.

She returned with a gesture of her own and turned back to the ground. There was a sudden pull and she was vertical. Chris grabbed the risers of the chute and began piloting them to the ground.

jill valentine and chris redfield relationship trust

She leant back against his chest breathing fast. Chris brought the risers down next to her. It was softer than any Chris had done himself. Probably because they weren't weighed down by ton's of gear. He uncoupled her and bundled up the chute. Getting in they looked at each other. She thought for a moment. Chris walked into the Movie theatre and looked up at the board to see what was on. He had just dropped Jill at the hotel but now he had a problem.

There was nothing on! Then it hit him. He walked outside to the Mustang and got in driving further down the main street of the town to a large, very old building. Buying the appropriate tickets he went back to the car and drove to the Resort. He got out gave the keys to the Valet and walked inside to the elevator banks, pushing the button for the top floor. Good they had 2 hours to get ready. He put the tickets on a nightstand and walked outside.

Jill turned and saw him. Chris came up and gently put his hands on her arms holding her. They broke the surface of the water with a splash. Under the water Chris smiled at her. Surfacing together, they stared at each other, gazing into one another's eyes. Chris slowly brought his lips down to hers and they met in a soft kiss. The moonlight danced over the water as they embraced gently, delicately.

Jill suddenly pulled away. Chris smiled and fell backward, floating on his back. Man that was good. Jill quietly shut the door and leant against it, closing her eyes. Oh, my god I kissed him! Not just a peck, I really kissed him! She went over and fell back on the bed her hands together over her chest, smiling. Getting up she got dressed in the same clothes as last night.

Putting on the beautiful necklace she looked at herself in the mirror. Chris pulled on the familiar Uniform and placed the cap on his head. Walking over to a wall mirror he straightened his back and looked himself over. Her hair was up in a pony tail that reminded Chris of Claire. He stared at her in awe.

jill valentine and chris redfield relationship trust

There was something different about the way she looked at him, he saw. Or maybe it was he saw her differently. She was blushing Chris saw as she walked over to him and linked her arm under his. When she was gone Chris walked over to the nightstand and picked up the phone.

After making the arrangements he hung up and headed for the elevator. Riding down he smiled to himself. When the door opened he saw Jill waiting by the front desk.