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No Love Lost Between Joanie and Chachi Anymore spinoff “Joanie Loves Chachi,” but apparently there's no love lost between the two actors these days. .. Who Inspired His Film 'Manhattan' — Opens Up About Their Relationship U.S. Ad Market About to Hit a Major Milestone · Long-Running Fox. Actor who played Joanie Cunningham in the US sitcom Happy Days. Comments & replies; Public profile · Account details · Emails & marketing . On screen, Joanie and Chachi married, and Moran and Baio were in a relationship off Her first marriage, to Rocky Ferguson (), ended in divorce. Joanie Loves ChaChi was created with the Australian market in mind, in media relations, as you'll monitor media reports and contribute to the.

Lori Beth Allen -Cunningham — Richie's girlfriend and later his wife — She married Richie by phone in season eight. Appeared in the background of a few episodes during the first and second seasons before disappearing from the show in the third season.

However, she later returned for a flashback guest appearance in the episode "Our Gang".

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He is a student in Fonzie's auto shop class, as well as in Roger's health class. At one point, he was also on the Jefferson High basketball team, and performed in a band with Joanie and Chachi. Cunningham Crystal Bernard season 10; 15 episodes — Howard's niece. She moved in with Howard and Marion after Joanie left for Chicago. She left an all-girls boarding school in Texas because it closed down. Her parents are always traveling.

She also became friends with Jenny and she went on her first date with Melvin. He usually wears a shirt cut off over his bellybutton. Like Bobby, Tommy is a student in Fonzie's auto shop class, as well as in Roger's health class. Initially did not get along with Fonzie, but gradually learned to accept him as a father figure. He is rarely seen and disappears without explanation in season two, never to be seen nor referenced again after "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas".

The character's disappearance gave rise to the pejorative term "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome", used to describe TV characters that disappear from shows without explanation and are later retconned to have never existed. Is in Fonzie's auto shop class, and has a crush on Jenny Piccalo.

Despite being a general stooge to his classmates at Jefferson High, he frequently tags along with Joanie and Chachi's circle of friends. Schwartz seasons 1—4; 9 episodes — A schoolmate and leader of a gang called "The Demons". Kirk took over as acting Sheriff following the untimely death of Sheriff Flanaghan. Wendy Misty Rowe season 2; 8 episodes — A carhop from Arnold's in season two. She was paired with Marsha Simms in five episodes. Like his brother, Melvin frequently tags along with Joanie's and Chachi's circle of friends.

He once went on a date with K. Mahaffey was Anson Williams ' then wife. She married Al Delvecchio and they moved to Chicago. Gloria Linda Purl season 2; 5 episodes — Richie's occasional girlfriend in season two.

Briefly separated from his wife Minnie, but apparently resolved issues with her after a talk with Ralph. Malph who convinced Fonzie to wear glasses after he started having vision problems.

Raymond "Spike" Fonzarelli Danny Butch seasons 2—4; 4 episodes — Fonzie's cousin often referred to as his nephew, but Fonzie explains that he couldn't be his nephew as Fonzie was an only child and his copycat.

The kinship between Spike and Chachi was never explained. Carol "Pinky" Tuscadero Roz Kelly season 4; 3 episodes — Former girlfriend of Fonzie and a traveling demolition derby driver. Clarence Gary Friedkin season 10; 3 episodes — A cook at Arnold's who is referred to several times throughout the show, but never actually seen until the episode "A Woman Not Under the Influence".

There, it is revealed that Clarence is a little person. Clarence seems to have a good relationship with Al, but also frequently upsets him while goofing off in the kitchen. Bill "Sticks" Downey John-Anthony Bailey season 3; 2 episodes — Friend of Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph and drummer for their band, hence his nickname "Sticks", though he claimed he got the nickname because he was skinny.

He stated that he obtained the moniker when he purchased Arnold's restaurant and people thought it was named after him, explaining that it was too costly to buy enough letter signs needed to rename it "Takahashi". He moonlighted as a martial arts instructor, teaching self-defense classes at the drive-in after hours. Morita also played "Arnold" as a guest star in and before returning as a recurring character after Al Molinaro departed in Notable guest stars[ edit ] Henry "Hank" Aaronthe Milwaukee Braves home run king, appeared in season seven, episode nineteen Frankie Avalon appeared as himself in season 9singing his signature song " Venus " to a swooning Jenny Piccalo at the Leopard Lodge's annual "Poo Bah Doodah" musical Dr.

Joyce Brothers season 5, episode 19 appears as herself, trying to help Fonzie's dog out of a depression Julie Brown made her television debut in the episode "Ahhh Wilderness" season 7 as one of three girls who went camping with Richie, Fonzie et al.

Morgan Fairchild appears in season five, episode ten as a snooty rich socialite who tries to humiliate Fonzie Herbie Faye appeared as "Pop" in the episode "Knock Around the Block" Lorne Greene made a brief walk-on cameo during the season five premiere, which took place in Hollywood Tom Hanks appeared in an episode as a character seeking revenge on Fonzie for pushing him off a swing when the two of them were in the 3rd grade; the confrontation occurs just as Fonzie was about to be given a community leader award John Hart TV's The Lone Ranger in appeared in season 9, episode 17 where Fonzie meets his childhood idol Hart's last acting job Christopher Knight Peter Brady on ABC's The Brady Bunch played Joanie's boyfriend on the season five episode "Be My Valentine" Cheryl Ladd appeared in "Wish Upon a Star" season 2playing the part of a Hollywood starlet Richie wins a date with Michael McKean and David L.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Happy Days originated during a time of s nostalgic interest as evident in s film, television, and music. In late winter ofMichael Eisner was snowed in at Newark airport where he bumped into Tom Miller, head of development at Paramount.

Eisner has stated that he told Miller, "Tom, this is ridiculous. We're wasting our time here. Let's write a show. But in spite of the market research department telling them that the 50's theme would not work, they decided to redo it, and this was accepted as a pilot.

Also inGeorge Lucas asked to view the pilot to determine if Ron Howard would be suitable to play a teenager in American Graffitithen in pre-production. Lucas immediately cast Howard in the film, which became one of the top-grossing films of With the movie's success generating a renewed interest in the 50's era, tv show creator Garry Marshall and ABC recast the unsold pilot to turn Happy Days into a series. According to Marshall in an interview, executive producer Tom Miller said while developing the sitcom, "If we do a TV series that takes place in another era, and when it goes into reruns, then it won't look old.

However, during a delay before the start of production he found work doing a play abroad and when he was notified the show was ready to begin production, he declined to return because he wanted to honor his commitment. Production and scheduling notes[ edit ] Jerry Pariswho played next-door neighbor Jerry Helper on The Dick Van Dyke Show and directed several episodes of that series, directed every episode of Happy Days from season three on, except for three episodes in season three "Jailhouse Rock", "Dance Contest" and "Arnold's Wedding".

Miller with former film editor Edward K. Boyett joined the company inand was the first ever show to be produced by the company's most recent incarnation, Miller-Boyett Productionswhich followed Milkis's resignation from the partnership. It was also produced by Henderson Productions and was one of the popular shows produced in association with Paramount Television.

In its 11 seasons on the air, Happy Days is the second-longest running sitcom in ABC 's history behind The Adventures of Ozzie and Harrietwhich ran 14 seasons, from toand one of the longest-running primetime programs in the network's history.

It is also unique in that it remained in the Tuesday at 8: Eastern Time ET time slot for the series' first ten seasons. Tuesdays at 8 p. That sitcom also hit the Top 10 immediately after inheriting the Tuesday at 8 p. Happy Days also proved to be quite popular in daytime reruns; they joined the ABC daytime schedule inairing reruns at ET, being moved to 11 a. In a way this move backfired on Silverman, as he was named president of ABC inthus forcing him to come up with a way to save the show he tried to kill the year before.

After having knocked Happy Days out of the top 20 programs on television his last year at CBS, Silverman had the series at the top of the Nielsen ratings by see below. Good Times was later cancelled in Ron Howard later revealed that many of the exterior scenes filmed in Happy Days were actually shot in Munster, Indiana. The official series finale "Passages" aired on May 8, But there were five "leftover" episodes that ABC didn't have time to air during the regular season due to the Winter Olympics and the spring run of a.

Four of these aired on Thursday nights during the summer of ; the fifth "Fonzie's Spots" aired on September 24, Production styles[ edit ] The first two seasons of Happy Days —75 were filmed using a single-camera setup and laugh track. One episode of season two "Fonzie Gets Married" was filmed in front of a studio audience with three cameras as a test run.

From the third season on —84the show was a three-camera production in front of a live audience with a cast member, usually Tom Bosley, announcing in voice-over, "Happy Days is filmed before a live audience" at the start of most episodesgiving these later seasons a markedly different style.

A laugh track was still used during post-production to smooth over live reactions. Gary Marshall's earlier television series The Odd Couple had undergone an identical change in production style after its first season in — Sets[ edit ] Richie and Fonzie view his destroyed motorcycle in his living room, Fonzie's apartment was over the Cunninghams' garage The show had two main sets: In seasons one and two, the Cunningham house was arranged with the front door on the left and the kitchen on the right of screen, in a triangular arrangement.

From season three on, the house was rearranged to accommodate multiple cameras and a studio audience. The exterior of Arnold's was a standing set on the Paramount Studios lot that has since been demolished. This exterior was close to Stage 19, where the rest of the show's sets were located. The set of the diner in the first season was a room with the same vague details of the later set, such as the paneling, and the college pennants.

When the show changed to a studio production inthe set was widened and the entrance was hidden, but allowed an upstage, central entrance for cast members. The barely-seen kitchen was also upstaged and seen only through a pass-through window.

The diner had orange booths, downstage center for closeup conversation, as well as camera left. There were two restroom doors camera right, labeled "Guys" and "Dolls".

Milwaukee's Washington High School provided the inspiration for the exteriors of the fictional Jefferson. Much like its predecessor in the last few seasons, the early s setting was largely in plot description only, with Joanie wearing a perm, the male characters having fashionably feathered hair, and wardrobes that were heavy on sequins and velour.

Though the show occasionally made references to the Beatles, and what a challenge it would be for a couple of scrappy kids from the Midwest to compete with the British Invasion, the music Joanie and Chachi perform with their band is the blandest of late 70s-early 80s pop cheese.

A great deal of audience goodwill is expended just on buying that the other characters on the show, including Al Al Molinaro, R. Because mediocre movies, TV shows, and books about bands are required by law to have a subplot in which one of the members is tempted with the offer of becoming a solo act, such is the focus of A Test of Hearts, the official name of the book. Though Joanie is more than a little reluctant to leave the band as a solo act, Chachi gallantly gives her his blessing.

He was handsomer than his father, bless his soul.

Erin Moran, actor who played Joanie Cunningham in Happy Days, dies at 56

She knew that handsome men were often shallow men, involved with only their looks and their effect on other people. There were women the same way, of course. When Chachi was still a child she had seen his beauty—as objectively as she could, since all mothers have the most adorable child in the world—and had tried all these years to not let him grow into a primping, ego-driven caricature of a man.

She is aghast that Ed expects her to change her singing style, and maybe even her appearance, in order to meet with current music trends. First he tries to make her into a country-western act, then partners her with the sleazy Rick Ventura. At the end—what luck! Surely Lesley Gore would have still made it if she had sung love songs about the gender to which she was actually attracted.