Kanji and naoto relationship advice

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kanji and naoto relationship advice

Amagi Yukiko/Tatsumi Kanji · Hanamura Yosuke/Shirogane Naoto leader, or are they destined to fall victim to the minefield that is Summer romance? he still had a hard time asking any of those girls for advice on how to. Shirogane Naoto/Tatsumi Kanji · Dojima Ryotaro/Shirogane Naoto · Hanamura But she was in desperate need of some advice, and there was only one This left the last shot, the couple on their side moving together in a. I like that Rise was just so available for this conversation. “WHAT relationship advice to Naoto about Kanji?! Okay. Hold on. I have to get off the.

It believes itself to pursue "mankind's desires. Ameno-sagiri has no known voice actor in both versions, although he does speak through Adachi when he takes control of him after he is defeated by the group. Claiming that it is what humans desire, she aims to cover the world in dense fog and turn mankind into Shadows, which would cause all humans to only see and believe what they wish were true and cease all suffering.

Following her defeat, Izanami disappears, satisfied with her opponents' abilities. The other fragments of her being became Ameno-sagiriKunino-sagiriand Kusumi-no-Okami. With Izanami's death, her essence returns to her sole surviving counterpart Marie. Daisuke Namikawa provides the voice of the gas station attendant, while he and Romi Park jointly provide the voice of Izanami in the Japanese games.

Karen Strassman provides the voice of both the gas station attendant and Izanami in the English adaptation of games. In the English dub of the anime, the gas station attendant is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince. Born out of the fog that covered Inaba in Persona 4, Hino-Kagutsuchi is personification of Humanity's collective selfishness.

Hino-Kagutsuchi is the one who threw Labrys in a Midnight Channel after tampering with her memories in a bid to lure both the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives into the TV world. When that eventually fails, he manipulates Sho Minazuki into collecting Persona fragments, appealing to the boy's memories of abuse under Shuji Ikutsuki and desire to destroy the world, and uses the Minazuki half as his direct vessel. Hino-Kagutsuchi can assume any other Shadow versions of the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives, except for those of Adachi, Fuuka, Marie, and the Velvet Room assistants, though his most common disguise in Ultimax is "General Teddie" - a shadow version of Teddie from the main game.

In both the main game and the downloadable Adachi chapter, once most of all Persona fragments are collected, Kagutsuchi attempts to kill Yu, but was stopped by Minazuki when he begins to suspect Kagutsuchi's motives.

Kagutsuchi possesses Sho's body and kills Minazuki, intending to destroy the world until he is the only one who remains, revealing his true gigantic fiery form, but is ultimately destroyed by the combined attacks of Adachi and Yu, and freeing Sho, yet losing his Minazuki-half in exchange to be able to access his half's Persona, Tsukuyomi.

Dojima is Nanako's hard-working single father, but mostly spends his time away from family due to the murders. Nanako is a guileless girl, and is usually left at home due to her father's work. Nanako is capable of taking care of herself. If Namatame is killed, Nanako's death is set and the game will end. If the protagonist chooses not to take revenge and save his life, Nanako will be miraculously resuscitated, claiming she heard the player characters' voices.

For Persona 4 Arena Igor appears to Yu in a dream where his dialogue is the same from the start of Persona 4 where he first met him. She appears alongside him in the Velvet Room, supporting Yu, [] replacing her sister Elizabeth when she leaves on a journey. After meeting her alone, she asks Yu to create a particular Persona using a certain fusion type skill, as a euphemism for drawing out corresponding aspects of Yu's personality. In the second playthrough, Margaret challenges the Yu's team to fight her using multiple Personas, wanting to discover for herself the reason why her sister abandoned her role in the Velvet Room.

There, she covertly helps the investigation team and the Shadow Operatives in the background, and observes Yu and Sho's final battle alongside her sister, Elizabeth. Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

To hide from the public, she stays at Inaba's Amagi Inn and becomes the first murder victim of the game. Adachi eventually learned of her relationship with Namatame and threw her into the TV world in a fit of jealousy, resulting in her death.

He constantly threatens to expel students that misbehave, and is very briefly suspected of being involved in the murders due to particularly misogynistic comments he makes about Mayumi Yamano. Morooka is killed after Rise Kujikawa is rescued by the protagonist from the Midnight Channel. She is the only daughter of the Konishi family that runs Inaba's only liquor store, Konishi Liquors. She took a job in Junes' Inaba branch, despite objections from her parents, and blamed the store for ruining their business.

As such, Saki blames Yosuke Hanamura and his family for her current plight. A blush tinted her skin. That cologne was delicious. How had she never noticed it before?

It gave the head detective an alluring scent, one that made her heart beat just a little faster. Did Dojima just say…she looked hot?! Why would he… Then a large hand pressed to her forehead. Which explained a lot. I just need to get home.

Proximity to such a virile colleague that she had admired for so long was dangerous. His hands were large, strong and had learned to ignore coffee burns. He was a figure of authority and had no qualms about fighting for what he believed in. And from what she learned during their collision, he was in great shape. But before Naoto could disappear, her boss realized what time it was. I know you walk home but how about I give you a ride home? She was adamant about getting home quickly and by car will always be faster than by the power of her own legs, even in running shoes.

Much to her dismay. There was silence between the two adults, only the soft music from the radio and the vehicle suspension compensating for bumps in the road making noise. Idle hands toyed with her seatbelt, pulling the strap then releasing it so it flew back to its desired position.

Apparently her restlessness was noticeable. Damn she was sensitive. The young detective was a little more than out of sorts.

kanji and naoto relationship advice

There was plenty to say, but she dare not utter a syllable. Her vision of the road ahead took a backseat to yet another mental venture. Curves of a woman she knew only as her own took shape, her body sitting up and writhing on top of a tan, masculine body. Her name was growled out in her imagination in a way that almost made her return the primal call. Her eyes snapped back into focus on him.

His eyes turned back to the asphalt only to catch his nephew and two friends strolling along the sidewalk. Timing could not be worse. Dojima flagged down the boys, waving them over window-side. All three wore their choice of summer outfits and Naoto took careful notice of each.

Yu and Yosuke both had on light tshirts that clung to them in ways that teased her terribly. The real display was Kanji whose tank top fit snuggly over trained bulk, his glorious arms vulnerable to a greedy gaze. Arms that could likely lift her off the ground with little issue…and pin her to the wall.

A crack strained her voice. All she hoped for was fast conversation. Second-long flashes of the four scenarios collaged in her imagination, making her expression transform from cool stone into a hot sideways gaze. Her teeth pinned one side of her bottom lip as she drank in the details. When her consciousness returned, she glazed over each male specimen before her. Their conversation edited out of reality as she concentrated on her sense of sight.

She really was surrounded by incredibly attractive men. No wonder her no doubt starved loins chose them as her fantasy partners.

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The idea of actually spending a passionate night with any of them was tempting. Clearly years of ignoring her sexuality was taking a heavy toll. She noted somewhere in the back of her mind to address the issue. Her shameless eyes settled on the most muscular of the four, a shifty smirk picking up one corner of her aching lips.

It made him uneasy. Which in turn made him abrasive.

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Perhaps I am a little under the weather. Naoto hurried to her door, fumbling with her key and lock when she finally arrived. A rough shove unstuck the heat swollen door from its frame and allowed her entry. A hasty version of her home arrival ritual ensued. Keys hung on their assigned hook, shoes quickly kicked off, laptop bag dropped on her desk in her spare room, and air conditioner brought to life. Instead of a raid of her fridge like any other day, Naoto sought refuge in her bedroom.

Curtains drawn shut, she fiddle with her zipper and button in the faux darkness of her room. She shed her work clothes quickly and sprawled on her comforter. Slender, antsy fingers adjusted the lamp on her nightstand to a low glow, just enough to illuminate herself.

Then the same digits ventured south. A careless gasp rushed from her lungs the moment she brushed the little hot button that hid underneath.

kanji and naoto relationship advice

The sensitive bundle of nerves was swollen with need, reaching out further than average for wanton contact. Such a desperate showing. How could she not oblige?

Dominant hand partially disappeared beneath her underwear, the pent up woman got comfortable and started to let go completely, allowing the recesses of her brain to fully enjoy its chosen muses.

First came the leader of their group, Narukami-senpai. Regardless of the years that had passed, she still considered him her senpai. As her imagination took over, the scene of Yu positioned behind her as they laid on their sides took shape.

Her view of herself and Yu was much wider than before; she could see their full bodies, expressions and movement. One of his hands traveled the length of her curves from her thigh up to her chest, coming to rest on a soft breast.

His fingers pinched her sensitive nipple, increasing the pleasure she felt from his careful, methodical thrusts. One set of fingers worked her slit while the other pushed up the cup of her bra to toy with the stiff bud that had taken abuse from a seatbelt earlier. Her own touch made Naoto groan; the day had been torture waiting for this opportunity and she planned on making every second count. The way the game handles all these things though really clicks with me however.

When I initially started, the whole social aspect of the game reminded me of those weird dating flash games where you only had a specific amount of time to get one of the girls to bone you. And I wasn't a very big fan of those kinds of games. The way this game does it though, I feel rewarded to putting up with all the stressful things in life.

Studying for a big test, working late at night at a hospital, eating really spicy food in order to work up the courage to confess to a girl you like.

Practically all the characters, at least the main ones are really likable and relatable. They each have their own little character arc that you can choose to pursue.

So I actually WANT to spend time so I can learn more about them, grow with them, and strengthen their resolve to solving the case. The battle system is also fantastic. In addition to being able to create more and more powerful Persona for yourself, you also need to mix and match your party so that they can cover for your weaknesses.

So many RPG's I played never seem to make them all that good.