Kenny and spenny relationship questions

Kenny & Spenny The Exclaim! Questionnaire

kenny and spenny relationship questions

Kenny and Spenny posing for a photo with a fan at Forest City Comicon, Sept. their love-hate relationship in the form of a cross-Canada live tour. in the Western Gazette newsroom, where he reports on student issues. “I don't think there's one bad episode, personally,” says Kenny Hotz, problems with our relationship in real life, that made the show better. Kenny and Spenny are seen in an image taken from the Christmas Special. the survival of their real-life relationship now that the show is over. tasks and solve the world's biggest problems on an episode-to-episode basis.

Spenny" ends its run after 87 episodes that included crass challenges such as "Who can wear a dead octopus on their head the longest? Invariably, the wise-cracking Kenny stooped to underhanded tactics to assure himself victory and the right to inflict the most indignant humiliation he could on his more scrupulous and sensitive partner.

The hour-long finale has Rice's beleaguered alter-ego Spenny setting out to make a traditional, feel-good Christmas variety show. That all goes to hell, of course, thanks to Kenny's compulsive need to undermine everything his hapless co-star does.

After years of public humiliation, the reason for ending the series is also clear, says a dour Rice, who keeps up his down-trodden TV persona for most of the interview. But he would really get mad at me when I did certain things to him in certain episodes -- like, I did slip the guy acid. Hotz describes his half-hour follow-up, "Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will," as a cross between "Dateline" and "Kenny vs.

Rice is typically understated in promoting his series "Single White Spenny," describing it as "about a man-child looking for love. It'll be a marked departure from the edgy predilections of "Kenny vs. I don't push it.

Every year it's getting worse. We're getting older, grayer, fatter — it's getting tougher, tougher and tougher. What are your current fixations? I'm always interested in politics and comedy. And boobies and girls' pee-pees. I want to go back to Chinatown and just eat good fuckin' food again. Eat boobies and girls' pee-pees. Same with you Spenny? He eats boys' pee-pees. No, not that either. I'm at the beginning of a hopefully committed relationship.

I told you I don't want that right now! He has a certain image he has to project and I don't have to do that. Why do you live where you do? We're both from Toronto and we used to be in another house for the first season but they kicked us out. This house works on a number of levels: The crackheads don't complain because we're in "Murdertown.

No, I actually live in Toronto and spend a few months in L. Name something you consider a mind-altering work of art: Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. What have been your career highs and lows?

kenny and spenny relationship questions

Well Spenny's career high is working with me and my career low is working with him. I don't exactly agree with that. The fact that people respond to the show in the ways I was hoping for. In that sense the show is a career high for me. But the show is also a career low in terms of indignities that I suffer.

kenny and spenny relationship questions

It's a mixed bag. Which is true because his suffering is my joy. It's like a yin-yang thing. The more he suffers, the more joy I get. Now when he suffers do you get pleasure from that? He might even get more from it.

What's the meanest thing ever said to you on the show? That may be difficult for him to answer, but for me it's the attacks against my mother. I'm actually immune to it, because he won't stop no matter what I do. What he likes to do is break sacred cows, that is his shtick, and so he insults my mother. It doesn't bother me, but can it get any more offensive? Does it bother her? Yes, it does actually.

How do you feel about that Kenny? So what's the meanest thing ever said to you on the show? Spenny told me he hated me, which made me sad. What should everyone shut up about? I'm a complainer, so I guess I should shut up and complain less. It's sort of who I am. I'm sort of into people having freedom to say what they want. I may disagree with them or it may annoy me but it's all a part of the bouillabaisse of life. It bores me to death. People need to stop making comedy shows about it.

What traits do you most like and most dislike about yourself? I think I'm too nice. I'm very giving, I treat a lot. And I'm very loyal. I wish I was a little scummier. I think I'd probably do better in business if I was. What I like about myself is all of those traits as well. This is strange because I actually have almost the exact same answer except somehow it's more real and legitimate coming from me.

I do think nice guys kinda finish last in this culture. I feel like I'm one of those nice guys… Kenny: You're not really a nice guy though.

I certainly don't believe you, what you just said was absurd. You think you're too nice?

kenny and spenny relationship questions

If you went and talked to the crew they'd tell you I'm the nice guy and he's not. I challenge you to talk to the crew and make sure he's not in the room when you do. Spenny's traits are paranoia, neurosis, he's angry, prone to violence. I'm very laidback and mellow. I have a tendency to be surrounded by friends more, Spenny's very antisocial… Spenny: I'm more into solitude. What repels me also compels me when it comes to Kenny, so in a way he's very ambitious and conniving is a kind of word, but he's also an opportunist, and sometimes I wish I was a bit more like that.

How about each other? What traits do you most like and most dislike about each other? I like that Kenny's funny because I profit from it. I like that at the end of the day he is a solid dude, which is hard to see through most of the time.

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What I don't like about him is the way he always tries to cut corners and win the competitions; he thinks he's an evil genius and he always outthinks me but it's all just a bunch of crap. I think he's ultimately insecure and he's afraid to compete with me on a level playing field.

He totally disagrees with that, but that's what I think. I guess what I don't like about Spenny is when he gets drunk and I see his feet under the door when I'm sleeping He also lies a lot, which is annoying.

Then I start hearing these noises like, "Mmmm…" and rubbing. I see his feet under the door just standing there for ten minutes and I'll be hiding, like really scared. Eventually, when he's done masturbating he'll leave, but sometimes he'll enter the room. Do you believe what he's saying?

Well, I was going to ask if Kenny liked that about you or disliked it. No, I hate it. But do you believe what he said? A yes or no answer.

kenny and spenny relationship questions

I'm leaning towards no, but… Kenny: I swear to god it's true. On Spencer's dad's grave. Okay, so what do you like about Spenny? I like when he leaves and doesn't come into my room with his dirty thoughts.

What do I like about him? He's got a cute nose and his hair is all shaggy. If you could have any super power what would it be? To see through girls' clothes. I would like to be invisible. I would like to be able to walk around and have no one see me so I could— Kenny: So no one could see him cry. What was the first record you bought with your own money?

Mine was Are We Not Men? Mine was Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, years ago.

'Kenny vs. Spenny' quarrel through series finale

It was last week. Well I know Spenny will kick someone out of his bed if they don't take a shit in it. Those are the rules. If you're gonna be in his bed you gotta take a dump. And me, it's the opposite. That's for the toilet. That's not for your bed. Spencer is that correct? I don't think I've ever done that, but someone being disrespectful or mean. This isn't rocket science, if they were hurting me.

Kenny vs. Spenny bring their TV battles to the stage

You mean putting only three fingers in your ass? I'm tempted to say eating crackers in bed. Eating crack whores in bed? What was your most memorable day job? He's had about two in his life. Yeah, giving Spencer's mom a sponge bath when I was her day nurse. Giving Spencer's mom a rectal abortion for our bastard child.

Much like Spencer, who was born rectally. I've had some shitty jobs. I haven't had many jobs. Selling weed in high school was pretty memorable — to Spencer's mom. For me memorable would be working the phone room for a stock market "how to" newspaper. It was just a very interesting job with some very interesting people who were in show business.

It was fun, interesting and challenging. I learned a lot about the stock market.