Kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship advice

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kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship advice

Bleach - Kisuke Urahara x Yoruichi Shihoin - UraYoru Bleach Art, Bleach .. Urahara and Yoruichi Bleach Couples, Bleach Characters, Anime Love Couple. Subject: The Aspects of a romantic relationship and how it relates to UraYoru Pairing: UraYoru (Urahara Kisuke/Shihouin Yoruichi) or YoruHara by some. PSA: Urahara Kisuke and Shihōin Yoruichi are NOT nice people Have I got Soifon's relationship to Yoruichi is vastly different, and while I do.

They gradually grew distant and they even became rivals, battling their strength, power and abilities. A couple months later, the Shihouin Clan held their annual ball and all members of the Second Squad and the Secret Mobile Corps were invited.

People were being paired off to dance for the evening and everyone immediately agreed that Yoruichi and Kisuke should be a couple.

They groaned at this and protested. However, everyone insisted that it was 'perfect' and 'just for one night. Everyone clapped and shouted. This is what they've been waiting for! The new 'couple' sat at a bar, eating, drinking and talking about old times, realizing that they had not spoken for a while.

They shared some jokes and laughed cheerily. Suddenly, Urahara leaned over and licked a piece of cake off Yoruichi's face.

His lips brushed hers and she felt the wet tip of his tongue below the right corner of her lip. What the hell was that about? Urahara responded with a smirk, "You did say to put on a show, Yoruichi-san," he slurred in an amused yet matter-of-fact manner. Yoruichi eyed him carefully and then grabbed at his shirt. She smiled at him with a raised eyebrow, "You're right!

Her tongue carefully slipped into his mouth and lingered there for a while. Eventually, she broke the kiss, looked up and smirked at his dazed expression. She smiled, quite satisfied and walked away slowly.

His eyes followed her well-toned, curvy figure longingly as she walked, "Damn! While hanging out with their friends at the tables, Yoruichi and Kisuke were urged to dance with each other. After all, they were a couple for the night, and everyone danced with their date, Yoruichi's friends reasoned.

Both actually wanted to dance together but of course neither admitted it.

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They semi-grudgingly agreed and walked on to the dance floor together. Yoruichi wore her flirtatious smile as always and held on to Urahara's shoulders, "Lighten up Kisuke, it won't be any fun if you don't play along! Urahara held Yoruichi's waist and smiled easily. They swayed comfortably to the slow, romantic song that was being played at the moment. Nearing the end of the song, there was slight tension between them, as they were overcome with new, confusing emotions. They gazed into each others eyes and didn't realize that the song ended and switched to a much more sensual tune.

Yoruichi noticed a flicker of hesitation in Urahara's eyes. She teased, "I hope your dancing skills aren't as poor as your fighting skills. They both danced great, keeping up with the rhythm and displaying fiery passion. It was very entertaining, both for them and for the onlookers.

At one point, Urahara dipped Yoruichi backwards and passed his fingers slowly along her arms as he pulled her back in. The father of her future baby would most definitely not be just some guy.

After all, she wasn't just some girl. She was part of Shihouin - a high-ranking noble clan in the same league as the eminent Shibas, and the illustrious Kuchikis. How's that for ego? Anyway, the father of her future son or daughter must be intelligent, handsome, caring, healthy, and wealthy. Kuchiki Byakuya was the first man that came to mind, but, since they're cousins, it was really out of the question. However, after knowing him for more than a year now, Yoruichi was willing to bet her hefty fortune that she had found one candidate - hell, the only candidate - that had all the qualifications she wanted for her child's father.

And that man was Urahara Kisuke. It was known to everyone, especially in Karakura, that Urahara Kisuke was a smart, self-made man who earned his first million when he was only twenty, and, now at thirty-three, he was already considered a chocolate magnate. The man started humbly with a secret chocolate cake recipe that he said his mother had passed down to him.

In two years time, the small cafe in Karakura expanded into a big restaurant, then he was soon putting up branches in other cities, then investing in other business opportunities that also flourished successfully, and you could say that the rest was history.

Yoruichi met Kisuke about a year and a half ago. Their first meeting, and consequent meetings, had been strictly business of course. He had wanted to try his hand on a manufacturing investment, and the Shihouin Corp. Impressed with his natural aptitude for business, she had personally offered a venture that he gladly welcomed, and readily provided him with the advice, connections, advertising, and even back-ups he needed.

Now, they're both earning a lot of money from that particular deal. She would not deny that she was attracted to him. In her opinion, the guy was really quite handsome, although her younger sister, Soi Fon, seemed to think otherwise. Upon seeing him, her sister had automatically declared that he was too laid back, too pale, and ugly. Yoruichi begged to disagree.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship advice

If she were to consider the way her body reacts whenever he was anywhere near her She was one-hundred and fifty percent positive that he could make her pregnant. And she wasn't the only woman who believed that Urahara was one hell of a good specimen of living, and breathing sensuality. Even the stern Shiba Kukkaku, and the pragmatic Unohana Retsu agreed with her.

But then again, they're her best friends. Yoruichi went back to her table, and idly picked the printed internet advertisement that was e-mailed to her by Kukkaku, a few days after being told of her plans.

Who should have been Soi Fon's significant other by the end of the manga?

The advertisement talked about a short vacation in the secluded beach of Mizutori, where the guests could make use of the island's ambiance and facilities to have one week worth of mind-blowing sex, for the sole purpose of having a baby.

It was, in Yoruichi's opinion, the perfect getaway. There, she could take her mind off work, and put all of her time and concentration in just relaxing and just conceiving her dream baby. Now, the only thing left to do was to convince Urahara Kisuke that this was one opportunity he shouldn't dare miss. Yoruichi took a deep breath. Now was not the time to be nervous, now was the time to act. As far as he knew, they weren't scheduled to see each other until next month, and as the elevator hummed its way to the sixteenth floor, he wondered again as to why she had called.

She just wouldn't tell him on the phone. Kisuke and Yoruichi usually saw each other once or twice every two months to talk of their business. He was a very good business strategist, even if he said it so himself, but working together with Shihouin Yoruichi had made things ten times better.

His wealth, already considerable to begin with, has multiplied ever since he associated with her. He was really impressed with her, for she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Aside from being a very intelligent business woman, Yoruichi was also extremely attractive. Even at his age, it took all of Kisuke to control his hormones every time she was around him. It was one good reason why he seldom saw her, kept the meetings short and strictly business in nature, and always with an office table between them.

Even if he dreamed of having sex with Yoruichi, mixing business with pleasure was a big no-no for Urahara Kisuke. Especially with her, since she was helping him make tons of money.

Still, the idea never entirely left his mind. The once-or-twice-in-every-two-months meetings that they've had for the last year-and-a-half did very little to quell the thought that sex with Yoruichi would be definitely hot and definitely exciting.

The elevator reached the sixteenth floor, and Urahara stepped out. She informed her boss of his arrival. Urahara Kisuke then took a deep breath, told himself to relax, and walked towards Shihouin Yoruichi's office. Yoruichi swallowed hard as Kisuke walked into her office.

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He was dressed in an expensive-looking business suit with a white shirt, which had two of its buttons opened, allowing you a glimpse of a very nice chest. His light blond hair looked as unruly as ever, but in a good way. Always in a good way. There was really no arguing about it. This man has played the lead role in a lot of her wild sex fantasies, and the shiver that ran down her spine was a proof of that. As she looked at him, she realized that this was not going to be easy.

It would take a lot of nerve to ask Urahara Kisuke something like becoming the father of her future child. Nonetheless, she was willing to give it a shot.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship advice

She had about enough guts in her system to make her offer. If he said yes, that would be great. If no, she would just have to find a better strategy to convince him. The thought that she just might lose a profitable business after she made her offer had crossed her mind a number of times, but she decided that she would just have to take things as they come. I promised to see Ururu and Jinta later today. Ururu and Jinta were Kisuke's adopted brother and sister.

She offered him a seat which he gladly took, and she sat in the one across from his. Since the nature of this meeting was quite personal, she considered it best not to be too formal. No office table between them for today. Urahara smiled a small smile as Yoruichi sat across him, giving him a chance to admire her in her swanky business suit.

She was pretty, like always. Flawless olive complexion and warm topaz eyes that blazed whenever she felt a strong emotion.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship advice

A slender body sculptured with soft curves, and very nice legs. Her most outstanding feature though, would be her long, purple hair, usually tied in a sleek ponytail. There were times when he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to ran his hands through them There's no turning back now. Instead, what she said was, "I want you to father a child.

This was harder than she imagined. I want to become a mother. I want to have a child. Actually, it's the reason why you're here. I know that you would like to have a child, and I want one, too. But I'm not interested in getting married. The same goes for you, right? Kurosaki Isshin, his best friend, had suggested it to him time and again. Find yourself a nice girl, marry her, and have a happy life with her. But like Yoruichi said, marriage was the last thing he wanted.

Urahara leaned forward in his chair, his blue-black eyes still locked into Yoruichi's gold ones. He took the paper, skimmed its contents haphazardly.

He then looked at her, his gaze becoming more and more incredulous as he fired questions. And by natural, I mean spending seven days with you on an island having mind-numbing sex. I've thought about this very carefully, and I have every reason to believe that you have all the qualities that I want my child's father to have.

What a meeting this turned out to be.