Konata and kagami relationship tips

Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters [Best List]

konata and kagami relationship tips

Konata + Kagami = Awsome Caramelldansen I love anime characters in Chibi form, especially Konata and Kagami:3 . Redditor needs relationship advice. [Archive] Page 2 The relationship between Konata and Kagami General Discussion. guess you can interperet it different ways i guess >_>. Now that I've watched it over a number of times, I totally believe Konata is straight and her seemingly strange ways are influenced by the.

Little else hints towards a relationship between Konata Izumi and Kagami Hiiragi. Yeah, like I said, we don't know. He refused to answer whether there was something between Kagami and Konata or not. This could be to keep people interested in Lucky Star, and to make KyoAni able to do more fanservice.

Is "Lucky Stars" Konata Gay?

It might be KyoAni who told him to answer that. About that scene; Kagami obviously cares about Konata. All the girls care about each other. You might have noticed the same thing when you are hanging out with friends and one suddenly keeps quiet and distant. You notice that, and as a caring friend, Kagami wants to know if Konata's all right.

About Konata's feeling; I don't know what feeling she referred to, but my bet is melancholy. She was to caught up with the music show that she taught about how kind Kagami was to her. The feeling she got could be her reflecting over her feeling towards Kagami, but I think it was some kind of melancholic feeling, which was a result of seeing her biggest idol.

Why Kagami changed seats with Konata, and not the other two? Perhaps Kagami has a more caring characteristics, or is simply less amazed by the show than the other two.

Konata x Kagami - Want Me Too

Patricia Martin is one of those funny characters who parodies people from the U. Is that not a weeaboo?

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Now, does this mean most people from the States that visit Japan are weeaboos?! She enjoys being outdoors and even joined the track and field club. Misao may not be book smart, but she loves sports and being outside. Misao takes life in stride! Although she has been seen to tell Konata to do her homework or study, Nanako is also prone to spending whole nights and national holidays playing video games.

Nanako has got to be the funniest teacher! Tamura Hiyori Hiyori is a first year who is in the same class as Yutaka. Her hobby is writing doujin and she constantly looks for inspiration for her works. Hiyori has a rather broad spectrum of talent from shounen ai BL to yuri.

Hiyori is highly aware of how strange she is.

Episode 49: As Your Instincts Guide You.

Hiyori also has a difficult time dealing with animals. Hiyori is a quirky one!

konata and kagami relationship tips

While her imagination gets out of control, Hiyori is well aware of the fact of how crazy she is and has to rein herself in. Once Hiyori is introduced, we get to see the woes of a doujin writer as she is often waking up or rushing to jot her thoughts down for a story only to have forgotten some of the details. Although Nanako often relents about being single to Yui, Yui is actually married.

konata and kagami relationship tips

Her husband is usually out of town for work, though. Yui is a great police officerif officers allowed all illegal activity and were irresponsible. Seriously, how is Yui a cop? She lets her underaged cousin play eroge and encourages everyone around her to join her in drinking.

Combined with her scary driving, Yui clearly does not follow the rules. Although this is not a western country, is this reckless endangerment on all accounts?

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Still, Yui is one quirky as hell Lucky Star character! Now, what does this say about cops? Kogami Akira Akira is the host for Lucky Channel, which is a segment that plays at the end of each episode of Lucky Star.

Akira has the appearance of a loli although, how can you tell in Lucky Star? Akira is an idol who has been in the entertainment industry since the ripe age of three.

Out of all the Lucky Star characters, Akira has to be one of the oddest! Akira turns full scale into a cigarette smoking, disillusioned girl who thinks that her career is pretty much going down the drain. Akira is even known to throw things including an ash tray.

Better not get on her bad side; she is more unpredictable than Two Face! He can often be seen in traditional Japanese clothing.

Soujirou enjoys playing video games and watching anime, which has influenced Konata into having the same hobbies. Soujirou also has terrible allergies so he has to leave the house wearing a surgical mask and goggles.