Kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

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kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

KUNIMITSU HITS YOSHIMITSU ON TOP OF THE HEAD WITH A BOWLING BALL . You are in no position to ask me questions like that. JULIA: I still can't accept the fact that you are in a relationship with a robot. Kunimitsu's story in Tekken 2 reveals that Yoshimitsu's blade is passed .. are the Hōryū-ji and the Yakushi-ji, after the cessation of official relations with the Tang .. turmoil caused by his Devil Gene are consistent topics throughout the series. Yoshimitsu winced at hearing Xiaoyu's loud calls echoing from the otherwise .. Kunimitsu began, searching for the connection, “ No security problems?.

The sun was only hours away from making its appearance in the early morning sky, and Yoshimitsu was desperate for a relaxing cup of tea. He placed his tantalizing cup of hot tea down in front of him, reluctantly rising from his seated position at a small table in his modest room.

He made his way to the sliding door just as Xiaoyu began knocking on the wooden frame feverishly. He wondered how she could possibly still have this much energy after such a taxing evening. He had changed from his gleaming armor into rather traditional-looking clothes, a dark blue robe with a matching sash. His arms and feet were bare. She seemed eager to find something- anything- to appease her restless boredom. Xiaoyu soon joined him, smiling as she crossed her legs neatly.

He poured Xiaoyu a cup of tea, which she accepted with delight. She set the cup of tea down, then, and began playing with a few strands of her hair. It seemed like it had occurred months and months ago, but he recalled the night vividly. He never wanted to see her like that again. It filled her with an odd sense of glee. Xiaoyu grinned then, blushing, and Yoshimitsu suddenly felt like he would die from this clumsy feeling rising up in his chest.

You really think so? Please refrain from giving yourself too much credit. Normally, such a response would have left Xiaoyu thinking twice about speaking so recklessly to someone like Yoshimitsu, but she was feeling particularly fearless that night. She merely grinned, wishing that she could see the look on his face. It was teetering on the verge of brashness, and he burned from his inability to quite place it.

No, it was something else entirely. Yoshimitsu kept himself quiet by taking another sip of tea. He had to admit that it felt nice to sit and relax with Xiaoyu, even if she was incredibly frustrating at times. Her carefree honesty was proving to be contagious. Everything had happened so fast, so frantic Xiaoyu barely had enough time to take up the sword and toss it to Yoshimitsu as he was running out of the door in pursuit.

She wondered, then, what it would feel like to use such a powerful weapon. He was thankful for something other than themselves to talk about. The silky strands of her hair fell over her shoulders as she slightly tilted her head inquisitively. It is a very ancient, powerful blade. It has been passed down from leader to leader since the beginning. Can I hold it? Upon opening the chest, he promptly began rummaging through its contents, which consisted of various articles of clothing and other random trinkets.

Xiaoyu rose and stood by his side, smiling as he held various pants and shirts up to her as if checking to see which ones would best suit her. For a moment, Xiaoyu watched Yoshimitsu as he began carefully folding all of the clothes he had tossed about in his search. Xiaoyu noticed how skillful his hands were, the many small parts of his robotic left arm moving perfectly in sync as his dexterous fingers smoothed over the fabric, folding each article of clothing into a neat bundle.

She realized then that she absolutely loved where she was, here with him. It was only after a few silent moments had passed that Yoshimitsu realized she was still standing there, observing him.

He paused and quietly looked up at her from his kneeling position on the floor. Once safely behind the cover of the tall barrier, she hastily shed her street clothes and reemerged wearing the outfit Yoshimitsu had provided. Judging by her facial expression, Yoshimitsu gathered that she was less than pleased. He shut the lid of the chest firmly and rose to his feet, prepared for the worst.

How she wished for her adorable, brightly hued panda pajamas! Yoshimitsu halted but a moment before taking her hands in his, grasping them firmly as he caught her gaze with the resolute eyes of his demon mask.

She froze for a moment, feeling the dual warmth and coolness of his hands against hers. Was that her heart beating in her ears? His words sounded so perfect. Even then, Xiaoyu was oblivious to the idea that the brave Yoshimitsu had been soundly defeated by her charm, and he could feel the agony of his demise wash over him.

Xiaoyu smiled, unable to keep her cheeks from burning. It felt right for her, then, to take her leave. She bowed her head again before turning away. Yoshimitsu sat back down to his tea, trying his best to avoid staring at her as she left his room. His voice sounded less jovial, darkened from the deathly feeling of dread that was eating away at him. Xiaoyu closed the door behind her and returned to her room, unable to clear her racing mind.

Once in her own room, she sighed with relief upon feeling the warm, comforting embrace of the blankets envelop her as she snuggled her way into the quaint bed. She inhaled deeply, and the new scent of the borrowed clothing soon enveloped her. It smelled like him. Xiaoyu wondered if she really had it in her to be all that the leader of the Manji clan thought she could be.

She really hoped so. Back in his quiet room, Yoshimitsu finally found the words he had been meaning to tell her all this time. Through every awkward, wonderful, irritating moment with this hopelessly hopeful girl, he had desperately clawed at the wretched feeling welling up in his core, hoping to capture it and, in turn, discover its secret meaning. He might have even felt it from the moment he threw his body through the window of that Mishima building, braving shattered glass and gunfire to rescue her.

He spoke them incredulously, as if he was an atheist sending up a quieted prayer. With a brooding look on his face, he exhaled the warm smoke of his cigarette as he let it fall, squashing it into the cold dirt under his boot.

It was then that his cell phone began to vibrate quietly.

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He took a deep breath and then answered it, knowing full well who it was. He sounded impatient, having recently returned from some remote location. One of the nearby G Corps thugs grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, causing her to cry out again. Mikel lowered the phone from his ear, an urgent drive for action rising up in his chest. He wondered if explaining the situation to Kunimitsu would even matter. Where would he even begin?

It was G Corporation who originally hired me to kill Yoshimitsu, at the airport, not the Mishima Zaibatsu. Rumors had surfaced that Dr. Bosconovich, the Russian scientist who had been forced to work for the Mishima Zaibatsu, had created some kind of incredible power generator. Bosconovich was working on when he himself had been kidnapped by the Mishima Zaibatsu? I hope you got tested. What's that supposed to mean?

That you are a walking STD you mindless ho. You don't have to lie, we all know you have. Shut up before I kill all of you. I'm sorry, but you can't put the same fear into us as your sister can. Why not, I'm an assassin too. Face it, no ones afraid of a ho.

Plus your sister has killed so many people and she looks like a tough bitch. What was that for? That was for calling be a bitch. I'm not a bitch. Not all of the time at least. Yeah, Nina can be quite charming at times and can actually be nice.

Sure she can, and I can resist killing my father at an open moment.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

Don't go there honey, we all know you can't kill him, you love him way too much. I hate that old bastard. I'm sitting right here. I'm going to beat your disrespectful ass. Bring it on old man. You've got to record this Jack.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

No, you don't have a recorder, remember. I hope they both kill each other. You don't mean that for real do you? Of course not, but I have to say something. Excuse me, but I hate to see violence, especially between family. Are you okay mom? Can we stay on the topic of my question for once. God Lei, calm down.

I just get really pissed when no one takes me seriously. You sound like my mom. So where are we going this year. We are going to Antarctica. What's wrong with Antarctica? And too damn cold. And there is nothing there. I guess there wouldn't be any hotels there either. Well let's see where else we can go. Why don't we go to a scenic island?

That would be good. But the only problem is that we always go somewhere warm and tropical. But the place I'm thinking of will be different than anything we've ever been too. We would be the only one's there. What part of us not wanting to be in a land of nothing don't you understand? Jun, get your niece.

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Let him finish dear. The island has all of the conveniences of a resort, but we would be the only ones there. What would I do about men? Look around babe, what do you see. A bunch of people who look like men, but probably aren't. Okay, a bunch of loser men. We can still bone though. Damn baby, I was just playing. Will we have to hunt for our own food. I just said it has all of the conveniences of a resort.

I know, but you Mishimas have a habit of saying one thing and meaning another. Trust me, I've been there before when I was in high school. I don't remember such a thing. When I was in 10th grade. Oh yeah, you said you were going to America for a study trip.

You lied to me. It took you over 30 years to figure it out, so shut up about it you senile old fart. Jun, I still don't know how you live through this. To be honest, neither do I. It's like I'm mysteriously drawn to him or something. It must be surprising if someone so peaceful and angelic manages to marry a, well devil. He's a tiger in bed, that's why you stay with him, Right? Just because you're a sex crazed slut doesn't mean that everyone one else is.

Ugh, there they go again. She pulls a crowbar out of her purse and hits Hwoarang in the head with it. Stop making remarks about other hot women. Okay, as long as you don't hit me with a freaking crowbar again. Now she grabs Hwoarang's head and turns it away from the cat fight like he is a little kid JIN: Show him who's boss! You'll pay for that Kazama. I wish everyone would stop fighting.

It makes me so sad. Aw quit your whining you big brat. I'm not a brat, I just hate violence. But you were in the tournament. I only fight for good reason. You sound just like your grandfather. She must be having monthly issues. He does one of his favourite attacks, which is called Head First Lunge, it's a animal like jump forward causing great pain upon a startled enemy, or that should've been the case, but the big ball of blubber is only pushed back a step.

The huge wrestler laughs at the young opponent "I'm going to rip that mask of your puny little body". Armor King shook once more with his head and sighted. He should've chosen a weaker opponent for King, it seems as the cub wasn't ready for the colossus he was facing right now. He himself would certainly have no problem in dealing with the fat wrestler. King had talent, but no experience. He made an encouraging sign with his hand towards King. The young man saw it and encouraged by his master and former friend and rival of his foster parent.

He uses a throw upon his adversary and he is able to send the man the ground than he used a move the original King used often. Giant Swing, he took the still confused adversary, and with another terrifying roar he flexed al his muscles and threw the other man away. The force unleashed by King was so great the wrestler ended in the audience, unconscious. The referee named King the winner of the tournament. The amateur championship was won! Soon he'd be able to compete in the expert level matches.

King put his award in the air. The audience cheered, but King only cared about the approval of his master, he got it. Armor King was surprised to see the force the young cub unleashed upon the now former champion. King had grown strong, someday he'd rival even his power, and he was the greatest wrestler left alive. The previous Tekken tournaments he fought against and alongside the only rival he had, King, the priest who became wrestler to aid an orphanage, the foster parent of the cub he just saw in action.

Armor King still missed him, the wrestler had died in battle proudly, too bad he had not been able to fight alongside of him. He had heard rumours of a new Tekken tournament being organised for the future. Heihachi must have a reason? He made an approving gesture towards King, he really liked young cub.

A man came running in "sir? Mister Heihachi needs to see you! Armor King frowned and revealed his fangs. Speak of the devil! Heihachi had been informed of a anomaly.

Just when he was thinking of preparing a new Tekken to trap Toshin the Wargod, known to a few others as Ogre. Devil, the evil reincarnation, or something along that line of his son had returned once again. The devil had freed a mystical being known as Shadow.

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By killing his treacherous son Kazuya, Heihachi had thwarted the plans of the evil manifestation known as Devil. Devil had manipulated Kazuya, made him stronger, aided him in deposing him as leader of Mishima Taibutsu.

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Now Devil wanted revenge and had unleashed a power unseen. Many of his best soldiers, entire squadrons of his Tekkenshu, his private army had been killed. Only the best warriors could defeat Shadow and. He had already recruited the first one, to help him stop the soon world conquering menace. Armor King was on his side and soon. The old man laughed, old but still King of the Tekken, the Ironfist Tournament.

He had proven himself many times to the world with his own special fighting Karate. And soon he'd do it again, after he deals with. Somewhere a purple man stood in the darkness of night. His wings stretched out to full length, human shaped, yet far from being one, he looked down.

Than he flew up followed by a dark creature, wielding a sword. Soon revenge would be his. Raiders of the night Outside of the hotel. Nina walked fast, she was agile like a cat. But she felt watched, like someone was following her. She looked in all directions, she trusted her instincts and she knew that although she saw nothing, she was being followed.

She almost met the meeting point, a park not far ahead. But then she grew sick of it, she stopped and drew one of her small hidden revolvers. Come out wherever you are! Luckily nobody was in the area to hear her, an armed woman, yelling loud as she did would have attracted attention. There is no need for concern" said a voice softly, it was that of Yoshimitsu. She heard the voice come from above, the tree!

She looked up, but then she heard a noise behind there. She turned and first she saw nothing but the street. A glasslike figure appeared out of thin air, it became clearer and clearer and then she realised Yoshimitsu xas decloaking! The Manji Master had followed her using his cloaking device.

She held her finger on the trigger. She didn't allow herself to show any sign of weakness. Yoshimitsu was not impressed by her firearm. He had not drawn his weapon, he simply stood there, examining her from top to toe. I see the years in cryogenic sleep has preserved your looks. You have barely changed from the last time I saw you.

I suppose those technological gizmos are useful? Yoshimitsu looked at her and she heard a small laugh "They have their uses, miss Williams".

The Mechanic Space Ninja spoke with an almost threatening tone "If I wanted to kill you, you would not have lived. You are an assassin but not skilled enough to match mine. I don't know if I'm to hate his guts or like his style? Yoshimitsu said softly "Continue, my. But Yoshimitsu activated his cloaking device and immediately disappeared.

Nina continued but then she returned. She went into an alley waiting for the one following them. Her knife ready to strike. Suddenly she heard a sound she jumped forward, the knife put forward.

Her knife put straight against the armoured neck of Yoshimitsu. He held his sword in his left hand, it's blade shone a green light. Nina lowered her knife and smiled "I'm really starting to hate your guts, and really starting to like your style". Yoshimitsu stood motionless, he moved his head a bit to the right making a clear state of amazement. Nina, couldn't believe it but she actually obeyed. The warrior said nothing he just put his arm in the air, his sword still holding in a tight grip.

His wrist rotated making the sword combined with the rotating motion form a kind of helicopter movement. The two of them lifted of and they landed on the roof of a building. A deadly technique, that must have helped you liberate Boskonovitch from that Helicopter when. This time he did amaze her, because he helped her up! Nina followed, she damned the fact she wore her high heeled shoes, but they were deadly in single combat.

Nina could follow, but she still had a hard time. The female assassin for hire followed her unusual partner from roof to roof. Until they neared their objective. Yoshimitsu kneeled and looked at the building. I'll need to get closer to have a better look. And my night vision is meant for closer range. Yoshimitsu ignored her, the next two hours they studied the building silently. Yoshimitsu broke the silence "Congratulations". Nina raised her eyebrow "Huh? Nina spoke "Thanks, I guess you see that as a compliment, you are after all the social talkative type".

Yoshimitsu looked up, as if she just said he'd look great in a bikini. His attention turned away again. Let's go in, get what we need and then get out quick as hell! Yoshimitsu jumped from the building, activating his cloaking device. The two guards talked loudly. There attention at an all-time low. The gate had two inefficient guardians this night. Nina walked towards them. Before they could say anything, the Irish beauty put the hands of the right guards on her thighs.

She was disgusted by them but it went with the terrain. The soldier had put of his helmet and she could clearly see him stare at her breasts. And then she so her moment to strike. Her hands moved upward hitting both guards in a fluent movement. Sending them staggering backward. She jumped up and kicked.

Both men were sent crashing down. The ruthless mercenaries and followers of Heihachi deserved it. She took two small knives and finished the job. Blood splattered out of their neck. Behind her she heard the sound of metal, was pointed towards her. A soldier that does his job! She turned around and smiled "Goodbye! The soldiers face was hidden behind his helmet, so Nina never saw the pain in his face when the member of the elite Tekkenshu was stapped in the back.

A blade surrounded or maybe even made out of pure energy pierced his chest and a hand stopped covered his mouth to keep him from yelling. Yoshimitsu stepped out of the shadow "You knew I was there? Leaving a path of death behind them in the Mishima Zaibutsu facility. It was one of hundreds, thousands of facilities owned by Mishima Zaibutsu, but this small sting would still be noticed by Heihachi. They neared their target. The alarms had finally been activated. Time was running short.

They entered the room that contained the item. It was a cylinder! It must contain the plans! Nina went for it but she was stopped by Yoshimitsu. But than she sensed it too "Something's wrong! The doors on both sides of the room opened. Soldiers entered, they raised their weapons. Yoshimitsu tried to shield Nina. She drew her firearm and attacked head on "If I go down, I'll go down fighting! The soldiers in front of her opened fire before she even raised her weapon.

Yoshimitsu landed between the two firing parties, his wrist rotated once more and the circling movement of his sword created a sort of shield. But the projectiles couldn't all be fend of. They want us alive! Look at what they're shooting at us! Nina nodded but the soldiers behind them had opened fire too and Nina jumped aside, the enemy missed target. Yoshimitsu grew tired and more and more Tranquillising darts hit him, smost were fend of by his armour but some found weaknesses in his body armour and he couldn't hold on much longer.

Nina threw her entire weaponry at once, killing dozens of adversaries, but they were with too much. Nina wanted to try to escape but to her own surprise she found out she couldn't leave him behind. She touched his arm and she heard him mumble "Flee! She herself was hit too and she fell on him.

Heihachi entered "Excellent, now I have a chance! A deal with a devil to stop Devil Yoshimitsu woke up, Nina lay in his lap asleep. He liked the sight of her she was attractive and strong willed. Yoshimitsu forced himself to focus on other more pressing matters. Like how to escape, where was he actually?

He caressed her blonde hair, it was soft. She woke up and looked up at him while he observed his surroundings. She actually liked him caressing her hair and her cheeks so she kept quiet, finally he looked down on her.

He realised with a shock she was awake. For the first time he seemed to have lost his cool. Yoshimitsu stood up and seemed to shrunk when she added "But because your so cute. It's been so long since I've been close to anyone. But he's so weird. But at least I can trust him, he is freaky, but honest and honourable. The Space Ninja talked "Stop that miss. Nina gave him a mean look. We have problems to attend to. It seems our weapons have not been taken since I still have my sword" Yoshimitsu walked towards the door but before he could touch it, the steel construction unlocked and opened.

Heihachi and a few soldiers appeared. Armor King followed "and me". Heihachi ignored her and sat down "Silence! You know I can kill you easily! The presence of Armor King and those three soldiers tip the scales in his favour, let's listen to what he has to say" Yoshimitsu ordered. Nina spoke "What do you want us to do for you? You three must join me in killing Devil and his new minion, Shadow!

And so Heihachi explained. Armor King stood there, leaning against the tree. He thought about King. He had told him to train extensively until he returned. The money from this. His glowing red eye ached again. Yoshimitsu ignored him and continued to check the ground for trails.

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Only he had the tracking skills to find Devil and Shadow. Armor King seemed to have the increased senses of an animal but those weren't enough in this case. Nina growled back at the armoured wrestler "Leave him alone! At least he's doing his job! The Irish assassin started to hate the entire situation. And than there was Yoshimitsu. They'd been out here in the wilderness for days now, with little baggage and a nasty climate.

She never admitted it when she needed help, but the Manji Master seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to helping her. He had become some silent support for her, he barely said anything, she still knew little of him, but she knew he helped her whenever he could. In her eyes that was a remarkable trait, especially for a.

Heihachi watched as they slowly penetrated the dense forest. Yoshimitsu had shown himself to be a great hunter, he never lost track of his prey. Soon they'd face their deadly adversaries. A sacrifice made, that could break the sword In the jungle, a long distance from the hunting heroes.

Devil looked at Shadow with his tree pink eyes. The one on his front was the one that fired laser beams to strike down opponents, it had killed many of his opponents in the past.

A pink scar-like mark covered a part of his purple chest. His wings were folded on his back, ready to be stretched to full length, enabling the evil being to fly. Devil's tail moved gently up and down. The minion he had created to serve was black like the night and had creepy eyes, they produced a yellow light.

The creature wore some ancient armour, and his demonic face was protected by a Samurai helmet. In his hand he held a long Katana, a Ninja sword. The weapon emitted a blue light and was two meters long, few men would be able to wield it. It was created for him and he for it. By Devil, and the Shadow-demon had become one with the weapon. They had already defeated many invading armies, sent to track them down and kill them. All perished at their hands. Shadow had finally gotten full control of his powers, now they'd be able to set out and take revenge on Heihachi Mishima.

And when that was done. Devil would turn his attention to the rest of the world. He knew a few of the worlds greatest warriors were approaching, not sure who, but still.

They are a threat, a greater threat than the usual bands of armed mercenaries. Maybe they could stop them. They had to strike first. Yes, they'd strike first! Devil flew up "They must die". Shadow jumped up, pointing his weapon in the air, it emitted even more light and he stayed suspended in the air.

The hunters have become the hunted! They've come here only to die! Die, like lambs send to the slaughter! Back to the 'heroes' of the story. Heihachi had kept three choppers with soldiers in reserve.


With a radio hidden in his kimono, the old champion could call for them. They were the backup force and the extraction team. They wouldn't stand a chance against two powerful beings like Devil and his minion! Yoshimitsu knew it and he also knew that if they failed, many would die. He wished other great warriors had joined them, Tekken participants like Paul Phoenix. Kuma, Heihachi's fighting bear and Lee, Heihachi's adopted son were a possibility, but like the all the great Martial artists they were in other countries.

Lesser fighting tournaments were still attractive for many great warriors, they couldn't keep waiting for a new Tekken Tournament.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

And others like Michelle and Julia Chang had finally been able to build up a peaceful life. They would not be willing to leave to face two evil super beings. And even if some warriors would be enlisted, they'd never reach Japan in time because time itself was against everyone.

In Japan few Martial artists and fighters were present at the time and they were all here. They were with four and that might not be enough. Armor King stood behind Yoshimitsu, the wrestler was a lot taller than the Manji Master and his flaming red eye gave him a ferocious appearance. Armor King wore an armour that made a metallic sound when he moved, unlike that of Yoshimitsu. Suddenly the Manji Master jumped up "I found tracks, I believe they went this way!

The party continued their trip in the dense jungle that appeared around the time Devil had reappeared in the land. Heihachi called in some of his men, the Tekkenshu soldiers wore suits covering their entire body and were armed with a wide range of firearms and other equipment. His muscular torso made his men look real puny. The captain of the team wanted to answer him when he got pierced by a pink beam.

His men formed a defensive line. Devil came flying in, he dodged the bullets fired at him. He moved through the ranks of the soldiers like death in person. Heihachi himself attacked, Armor King followed. Heihachi attacked Devil and with his rising uppercut, send him in the air. But Devil recovered, before he hit the ground, his wings opened and he landed safely. But not good enough.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship questions

He hit Heihachi in the chest and the power lusting Tekken Champion, fell to his knees. You cannot stop me, in a few days I will have gathered all my powers and than. Nina wanted to rush forward when she noticed Yoshimitsu frozen on the spot. Yoshimitsu looked at her with his usual indifferent gaze "We are not alone.

But the more souls Shadow gathers, the stronger he becomes and the more power he can transfer to me! If he reaches a village or a city he'll be able to kill enough people to make us invincible! The masked wrestler attacked using what was by many considered his deadliest move.

An attack called 'burning knuckle'! The armoured fighter combined his fists jumped towards devil and hit him with a powerful blow. Devil hit a tree and paralysed by surprise and fear, he stood there watching Armor King storming towards him like a predator chasing a defenceless herbivore.

Devil was able to act on instinct and fired a laser beam from the third eye in his front. Armor King ducked and continued his relentless assault. He smashed into Devil whose lungs lost all their air on impact. And then Armor King grabbed the demon by the throat, raising his gloved fist for a finishing blow. But Devil recovered, he intercepted the punch and held the others fist in the palm of his hand.

Flexing every muscle in his body to counter the force of the bestial aggressor. Out of the shadows jumped an armed figure. It was Shadow, he had been waiting and biding his time for the right moment to strike. His long katana emitted a blue light and it seemed to radiate even more as the minion raised it for a surprise attack. Armor King noticed his new opponent but he could not get distracted or Devil would recover from his beating. The two engaged in savage conflict while Shadow moved in for a back attack.

Nina threw herself in front of the newcomer and with her swift kicks, she forced him to a halt. Giving Armor King a new chance. Nina moved forward slapping her adversary where after she threw Shadow over her back. The demon came down without a sound. He rolled to the right and stood up. But even those attacks aren't enough to harm me! Both his hands held the handle of his sword as he attacked once more, but this time focussing his energy on Nina.

Armor King was pushed in the defensive, his feline supernatural powers seemed to small to stand against Devil. A pink beam of pure energy hit him in the shoulder, right on a weak spot in the armour covering his chest. Devil smacked his knee in Armor Kings groin. The dark giant seemed to crumble, he let go a cry of pain. You're like a Hyena and Hyena die when they must fight a lion! Now meet my laser at close range! He flew up aiming his laser at the confused Armor King.

But the attack was never launched since a tree trunk hit him in the back. Devil yelled out in pain, he was totally surprised. The weight of the projectile forced him to land. He heard Heihachi speak "Forgot that I'm tough for an old man. I'm the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, remember? I beat Kazuya, that treacherous son who served you, and threw him in a volcano! And now you're next! Devil stood up Armor King and Heihachi attacked but Devil was so enraged he blocked all attacks and countered with a few painful blows.

He jumped up and with two rotating kicks he send Armor King to the darkness of unconsciousness. Heihachi, proved harder to beat because the old man was fresh and Devil still underestimated his skill.

Nina dodged the sword and he smiled challenging. She flipped back and landed gracefully on her feet. She threw some of her small knives but Shadow countered them all with his sword.

Nina held the demon off but it was clear he outclassed her big time. Shadow stabbed forward hitting her leg. She reacted by pushing her elbow forward. His had intercepted the attack and he pushed her away. And then Nina ran out of luck. She slipped over a branch and fell. Shadow raised his sword and it came crashing down. Yoshimitsu had been waiting for the right moment. He sat down in Indian Stance, meditating. The other would keep the enemies busy while he.! His closed eyes opened!

He saw Nina trip! Shadow was ready to finish her. He had to act, he decided to use one of his manji secrets. While sitting there he rotated at incredible speed and appeared behind the fallen Nina, in front of Shadow. This trick was meant to surprise enemies and appear behind them enabling him to attack their backs, but now he appeared behind the fallen Nina to sacrifice his own life. For was it not the task of a Manji to do good, to protect those loyal to his clan?

And those who allied themselves to him, even if only for a while. As he said so himself many times to his clan members. The sword came down and Nina looked up. But in a flash Yoshimitsu appeared there, right when she had turned around! The blow meant for her hit Yoshimitsu.