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Kurogane and Fai's relationship is far too substantial to disregard, whether you support the pairing. CLAMP is famous for having at LEAST one flavor of Yay in every major work, with lots of implications tossed around but a veritable epidemic of UnConfessions. Generally, what are people's opinions on Kurogane/Fai? Of course I am not denying the relationship between KuroFai since CLAMP has.

Fai x Kurogane AMV - Breath

He's going to die! Before even the arm-sacrificing, Kurogane pretty much bound himself to be Fai's side until death do them part so that he could save Fai's life after C! Syaoran ate Fai's eye and stole half of his magic. Then their relationship becomes tricky since Fai doesn't forgive Kurogane for saving him, creating a rift in their relationship, symbolized by him calling him "Kurogane" instead of a silly nickname, yet it becomes more intimate since Fai has to feed off of Kurogane's blood.

And Kurogane doesn't care because if he hesitated, Fai would have died. Then it goes on to Fai explaining to Yuuko his reasons to stop calling him nicknames: He's afraid that he's already "crossed the line" in their relationship, and he doesn't want to bring misfortune to Kurogane or the kids. If he takes their relationship to the next level, he knows there's no going back. Yuuko also refers to Syaoran and Sakura as "the children" a couple times, as if Fai's their parent, a relationship he shared with Kurogane.

Not counting that time in Infinity, where he was probably planning to kill himself with the sword he'd just used to stab Sakura He obviously did not want to live in a world without Kurogane. The look on his face, and his wordless scream as Kurogane goes down says it all. Even though he kind of had been trying to kill Kurogane himself only pages earlier.

But, as we all know, he couldn't go through with it The final battle against Fei-Wang starts with them facing off against his army of lackeys. They hold a casual conversation the whole time and their general tone can only be interpreted as blatant flirting. The Horitsuba spinoff manga is bleeding with Ship Tease: In the first chapter, Fai "punishes" Kurogane for not doing anything with him for the arts festival by sending in a recording of Kurogane singing in the bath, which, if you think about it, suggest that the two are at least living together in some way.

In the second chapter, Syaoron teases Syaoran about how good Sakura's cake is, and is joined by Yuui in watching the Everyone Can See It Official Couple in which Yuui remarks that "Being a twin is a complex thing, isn't it? Then in the third chapter in which Fai sneaks on another furisode since Kurogane wouldn't let him wear a maid outfitand this time, Fai has blast wearing it.

Then there's the drama cds themselves, which aren't as explicit as the manga, but there's the third episode in which Fai and Kurogane spend an entire episode working together to find "Fai's most important thing," and Kurogane ends up noticing that it was "Fai himself" because they swapped him out for Yuui the treasure and the reason he noticed was because he wasn't missing a button he lost at the beginning of the episode. Or the fourth episode, in which they're reading lines from the manga and Kurogane reads Chii's lines and Fai who was listening in pipes up with "I didn't know I created Kurogane, from now you can call me daddy, or mommy is okay too!

To elaborate with a few examples, at one point Kurogane very obediently follows an instruction from Fai which confuses Syaoran and Mokona. Fai explains that he and Kurogane made a bet the night before which Kurogane lost, forcing him to grant Fai three favours. After the kids went to bed. With no explanation whatsoever as to what that bet was. Fandom has agreed it was something naughty. Related to this, Fai's second favour was for Kurogane to stand back while he tries something to judge an enemy's power.

He gets very lightly hurt and Kurogane's reaction is immediate and very, very pissed that there's blood. And it isn't the usual explosive anger either but the quiet anger we know from situations like Tokyo and Celes. Which says a lot. In the final chapter there's a touching family scene between the travelers with Syaoran apologizing and thanking his surrogate parents. Fai just gives him a loose hug but Kurogane goes so far as to loop an arm around Fai to ruffle Syaoran's hair and then leaves his arm around Fai for a good few pages.

Which arm is that? And with Clamp, that's some symbolism right there. In chapter 83, after killing Kotori, Fuuma pins Kamui to a wall by stabbing him through his arms and legs and puts his face really close, while murmuring seductively and licking his neck.

Oh, and it doesn't help that Kamui is steamily whispering Fuuma's name the entire time. Other fan-popular pairings with a good deal of subtext include Subaru and Kamui, and Fuuma and Seishirou mostly for the symmetry, it seems.

There's also quite a bit between Fuuma and Kakyou. Satsuki and Yuzuriha have their fair share of Les Yay. They were careful not to make mistakes since there were some of them they barely remembered how to illustrate.

The team also decided not to draw inferior eyelashes which resulted in notable changes in the faces. Like xxxHolic, the artwork is sometimes influenced by Ukiyo-e art style which leads to the characters have longer limbs. Another similarity between both the series is the use of one-eyed characters or people who lost their sight, which is meant to express the feelings from them.

The characters of Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane were created in order to have adult characters who would side with Syaoran, who was much younger and was still in development during the series' start. In order to make fights more entertaining Clamp decided to include yells of fighting techniques for the first time in a manga of them. Although Kurogane was the only character who did this at first, the authors also planned to make Syaoran do this.

He is the adopted son of the late archeologist Fujitakawho he started continuing his work while living alone after Fujitaka died. FlowrightKurogane and Mokona. A powerful force strips her of her memories and magical abilities, which take the form of feathers.

All the feathers are spread throughout different parallel worlds. He is the most powerful warrior in his world, but he shows no mercy to anyone, so Tomoyo places a "curse" on him that will decrease his strength if he kills anyone.

Flourite in the Japanese version[29] is a powerful magician from the country of Celes. He wishes never to return to his country, so he gives up a tattoo on his back in exchange for Mokona to travel through dimensions.

He often teases Kurogane, who questions this nature, sensing that it is just a false persona to hide that he is emotionally distant. The birth of twins in the country was a bad omen, which led to many misfortunes upon the country. The king imprisoned them within a tower, just before he killed everybody in the country. The curses are to kill whoever is a stronger magician than he is,[32] and another curse will use his magic to collapse the world around them.

Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic. Mokona is responsible for locating Sakura's feathers, and whenever one is around, she yells "mekkyo", which alerts the others. Mokona joins him, Fai and Kurogane for the original Syaoran's never ending journey, making also appearances in xxxHolic and Kobato. As a descendant from the sorcerer Clow Reed, Syaoran was able to seal part of his "heart" within his clone, meant to be manipulated by Fei-Wang, allowing the clone to grow a personality.

He is a skilled fighter, having observed all of his clone's actions. The power of the memories of his clone will always lead him back to Sakura's side, even if he must leave again. Therefore, he scatters her soul into multiple feathers throughout various worlds to make it get stronger as Syaoran is able to return them to her.

In order to ensure Syaoran's success, he tried to make Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane his allies to assist Syaoran, but is only successful with the former. Fai had won this round, and he didn't remember what the score was anymore. From Founding to Nuclear Fusion" thump down on the table hard enough to send the pencils rolling off the edge.

His eyes were wide and slightly panicked. Yuuko had given Fai the ability to understand Piffle's written language in exchange for the knowledge they gained from building the flying cars—but as they'd discovered yesterday, some things did not translate perfectly. Not so bad when it was math, but pages of chapter quizzes were a bit daunting. It's not gonna be that bad," Kurogane asserted, assuming Fai's position from yesterday on the sofa, closing his eyes as if in relaxation.

We'll find out so much about the people of Piffle! Their architecture, their food, their language—" "Which is being filtered through Mokona and which we will not be able to analyze," Fai pointed out primly, sitting down at the table and dragging over a bunch of writing paper. The bottle was rapidly emptying itself. I am not going to rule Piffle. Kurogane was still halfway-napping, head resting on the low arm of the sofa and his hand dangling near his empty sake cup. Syaoran knew he was awake, and found it suspicious that he wasn't responding.

I didn't say anything. Who said anything about ruling Piffle? I think you need a break, Syaoran-kun, I think this is getting to you. We've been over this. They decided to put the central link in every home to celebrate the turning of the century. Where are you getting from? I've just got 84 stuck in my head now.

Tokugawa was the official who drafted the compromise between the Loyalists and the New Republic dissenters. And here he'd thought history would be the easy day. Kurogane snorted, sounding amused. That's just being intelligent. Excuse me for understanding politics better than you. If you want to rule a country well, it helps to know who your friends are. She really did work very hard, Fai thought with amusement as he looked down at the slightly charred and abhorrently salty pan of stir-fried vegetables and meat she'd spent her afternoon chopping up.

He'd never met anyone so sweet and pure-hearted in his life, he was certain of it. She welled up again when Syaoran patted a tentative hand on her shoulder. Chopsticks again, dammit all. Why did they never seem to travel to a world that had a single fork? It wasn't that he didn't love Sakura-chan of course he didn't, Fai didn't love, not anymore and certainly not this copy of a girl whom he must later betray— but he really didn't want to eat the food in that pan.

Kurogane thunked a bottle of sake down on the table next to his plate. He used the sticks Sakura had been using to stir the unholy mess to serve a pile of it out, and then he picked up his chopsticks and shoveled some into his mouth.

His expression did not change in the slightest as he methodically chewed the large mouthful. He swallowed and washed it down with a gulp from his bottle. Then he tried to smile.

You worked hard enough already, you don't need to do anymore. Stunned that Kurogane of all people had made her smile again, Fai sat and forced his way through the first few bites. Once he got past the saltiness, he conceded the scorched flavour wasn't that bad, as long as there was plenty of water to drink with it. Sakura was still embarrassed, even after Fai got to joking with her and Syaoran and got things relaxed again. She ate the quickest and hurried to the sink to start washing up.

Syaoran hurried after her so he could help, declaring that studying energized him instead of wearing him out and he needed to work off this energy before he could rest tonight. God, that kid was a terrible liar. He could have cleared his plate and helped clean, or he could have gone to the other room to relax, he could have done anything at all, really. Yes, this teasing was still fun, even after the fragile state of things in Yama. I'm not the one who's too racist to keep track of people's names.

Anyway, I hate history lessons. You can't be good at everything. What were you going to say? The more he knew about Kurogane, the further he delved into this mystery, the more the idea of killing him seemed like a distant nightmare and not the future that must come to pass.

But he spoke, because Kurogane was so real and so present and so warm and solid and inevitable— "Was Kuro-sama an important man in his world? I'm just a guard for the princess. Fai knew what grief looked like, knew it better than anyone what it looked like and what it felt like to lose something so vital that it could take away the light in your eyes—but he couldn't see that in Kurogane.

He wasn't allowed to see something like that in Kurogane, because then there would be feelings and they would be the kind that simply could not happen. Don't say stuff like that in front of the kid if you don't want it talked about. Fai had never honestly considered that Kurogane might have feelings for his princess, but how well did he know this man, really?

Don't speak of the princess that way! He was still thinking about the way Kurogane had eaten Sakura's food and made her happy again. He was rude and blunt and tactless, so how was it that he always seemed to know what they were feeling? How did he always seem to see so much? Day Four - Science "I didn't get any of the children's science books," Syaoran said, fingers flying over the screen again. Syaoran's eyes widened, but he shook his head and brought up a couple of panels side-by-side. This had honestly not occurred to him.

He'd thought that science was one of those subjects that was nearly self-explanatory up to a certain point. Syaoran dropped his face into his hands. He pointed at the colour-coded silhouette of a person's body on the screen. You can take out your worksheet and colour in your extra senses if you really want to.

I always wondered why that spell only worked during daylight! Kurogane appeared to be napping. We're about to start doing some experiments, and you have to go through these steps every time. They actually thought 'asking a question' needed to be a separate step? You're getting tested on this. Maybe we should take a break. After the progress they'd made the past two days, he'd honestly started to believe they could do this. Science was ruining everything. Do you want to know about why your face got pale like that?

I could bring back the page about arterial flow! A larger-than-life human body took up most of the screen, splayed out with arms over its head and legs spread. It had no skin on it, and Fai was currently dragging his finger over the leg to rip away a digital layer of muscle and reveal the bone beneath. This is the one I like to cut to incapacitate people I'm fighting.

Ne, let's figure out what it's called when we hit that pressure point on people's necks that makes them collapse! Sakura set down her tray on the table and carefully crept out of the room without a word, leaving Syaoran alone and helpless with two very scary men who were way too happy about knowing the technical jargon for hurting people. At least they were getting along now.

A scientific explanation for the magic that can set a sword on fire! Fai had been stupid enough to let down his guard and just have fun with Kurogane.

It was a horrible mistake, because now he knew what Kurogane's laugh sounded like when he was genuinely amused and having a good time. He'd never heard that uninhibited sound before. And now he wanted to hear it again.

No, worse, he wanted to make it happen. He wanted to be the reason for Kurogane to smile, not sharp or bitter but real and— Too far. Today had gone too far. He was so stupid. He stayed behind in their study room when the other two left. For all the fun they'd had today, none of them had truly forgotten that they were doing this for a reason. Fai kept the table of elements open on the screen in one corner, and the steps of the scientific method in another, although currently he was attempting to make himself understand genetics by reading about experiments with peas.

He wasn't trying to figure out how twins came to happen. He wasn't even thinking about that. But the thought that the information might appear here had left a prickle of cold sweat on the back of his neck.

The door opened, and Fai looked up to see Kurogane looming over him. Except now it was true; his stomach was twisted in tight knots because of his thoughts and because Kurogane might see them somehow. Kurogane's eyes weren't on him, though, they were on the screen.

Kurogane came in here to study more, too? Maybe he really was trying. Kurogane's eyes fell on him, and Fai's mouth went dry. It was that look, that cutting and piercing and horrible look that stripped him as bare as the figure they'd studied today, that Kurogane turned on him to try to figure out the innermost parts of Fai that he could not be allowed to see.

His heart pounded in his chest so hard that he was worried his ribs would crack. Heh, I've done as much of that as I can. You're afraid of me. You're fucking terrified of me. Then suddenly the man moved closer. He stood so close that Fai could feel the brush of Kurogane's clothes against his and it made a shudder roll down his spine, an invisible shudder that he kept contained as best he could— Kurogane's warm, calloused hand fell over Fai's where it was clawed on a pencil atop the table.

And then he just left it there. Just holding his hand. So warm, so unbearably warm and close and— A hot trickling on his cheek. Fai's eyes snapped open, and he hadn't even known they were closed. His free hand rose up to touch his face. Kurogane's eyes were on the screen again, reading the last two steps he was supposed to take. He shook his head, drawing his hand away at last and taking a step back.

Red, hot, arresting eyes on him were full of conviction. Maybe to eat dinner with the others. Maybe to bed, maybe to drink. Hell, maybe to go down to the Sin Bin, for all Fai knew.

Fai himself never left the study room that night, trying to work, trying to ignore what had happened, but his hand kept drifting back to his shoulder. He wasn't assuming a thing. They obviously knew how to read because he'd watched them do it, but he was counting on nothing else.

Syaoran took a deep breath and dove in. Over and over and over and over and—" "Shut up, mage," Kurogane mumbled. I thought verbs were about action. They don't have time to help the other words! He was sitting out this portion and having a stiff drink.

Never Gonna Learn My Lesson, a tsubasa chronicle fanfic | FanFiction

He felt that he had earned it. He'd helped his father with enough grant proposals and progress reports to be pretty good at basic composition. Most other forms are basically variations on it anyway. Fun," Fai said morosely. Then write another sentence saying why it's important to make that claim! These two got weirder by the day, seriously. Let's try to work our way through them. We're supposed to analyze them and be able to talk about what the author's intentions were or how they represent society at the time they were written.

How are we going to do that? But how the fuck am I suppose to figure out authorial intent if I didn't know the guy? The man literally looked like someone was stabbing his princess to death in front of him or something. Fai just looked like he really needed to take a shit. Syaoran was just going to pretend this was brilliant stuff and move on with his life, although he briefly wondered if his expression belied how much this felt like getting his teeth ripped out of his head.

Do they have any concept of entertainment? Kurogane was drinking again. That did not bode well. I think I'm getting the hang of this! With her fingertips she sends foam-flecked waves scurrying over his'— this is not literature!

No, this is criminal. This is the worst bunch of bullshit I've ever heard in my life. Don't these people know anything? Beauty isn't about dumping every goddamn thing you've ever heard onto a page, it's about carefully choosing the right words and—I can't listen to this anymore.

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Vol. 05

Kuro-tan, please don't tell me you write literature. That doesn't mean I don't know anything about it. The people at court compose all the time! I've heard so many poems in my life I could puke them out and every single of one of them was better than this drivel. They just shut up and stared at him now. Never mind the fact that Kurogane was reciting this, in an awkward tone like he'd been caught doing something terrible.

These were way better than the word hemorrhage of Piffle. But that's it," Kurogane warned. Thanks for your help, Kurogane-san. Syaoran tried to diagram a few more sentences, but after five minutes he gave up on this unit and started trying to plan tomorrow's session. So easy to lie and pretend with those two.

Why was it only here that it came easy?