Leo and aries relationship 2015 nfl

Astrology of the NFL: Dissecting the NFL's Natal Chart

leo and aries relationship 2015 nfl

Know about Leo meaning, dates, symbol & horoscope compatibility. . in Television Celebration at Sunset Tower on January in West Hollywood, California Fire Signs: ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS Zodiac City, Astrology Zodiac, Astrology Signs . Patriots Giants, Patriots Football, Watch Football. Autumn Astrology · Autumn Eclipse . How To Develop A Better Relationship With The Planets · Hubble Lunar Eclipse Aries/libra . NFL Take A Knee. These signs (Aries, Leo, and Sag) show themselves best through action much like a The NFL, marriage, the presidency, our police systems, the Venus Retrograde in Virgo/Leo: Summertime and and and.

Football players and Zodiac signs (yes, I went there)

They're motivated by immediate sexual gratification and dislike too much drama or emotional game playing. Once into it, they have great energy for passionate, steamy sex. Aries rules the head, so they love having their hair or scalp massaged to get them into the right mood. Sex is most gratifying when they are sensuously stimulated by e.

However, spending money on them can be a big turn-on, too.

leo and aries relationship 2015 nfl

Because they can be a bit lazy, they tend to wait for sex to come to them, rather than pursuing it. But when they're engaged, they require a partner who can keep up with their endless passion. And, yes, they are practical, so don't worry, they will have a condom at the ready.

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You may find them possessive, if they like you a lot. They enjoy flirting and developing a sexy rapport with the object of their lust. They are extremely imaginative, and will daringly have sex in the most unlikely places. You can drive them wild by whispering things in their ear your mother would wash your mouth out for saying. They hate being bored in their lovemaking, so expect them to experiment and switch things up in the bedroom.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Cancer June 22 to June 22 Since Cancers are ruled by the Moon, their sexual passions are aroused after they've been wooed and made to feel emotionally comfortable. They are highly intuitive and able to sense how to please all your sexual needs as long as they feel safe and secure. If they feel loved, their approach to lovemaking is creative and sensual, as well as passionate and lustful.

You can get them in the right mood with a thoughtful gesture of flowers, a sentimental gift or cooking a delicious meal. The latter may make them suggestible to other satisfying oral stimulations. If they feel a romantic chemistry, they can tap into their powerful sex drive.

Football players and Zodiac signs (yes, I went there): ontd_football

They are fun, creative and generous in the bedroom but expect some drama if they don't feel like they're the center of attention. Because of their fragile ego, they require frequent validation of their magnificence e. But it's worth it, because you'll enjoy their loving, affectionate nature as well as their attempts to seduce you with foreplay that will go on for the entire evening.

But don't let that fool you because they can be highly sexual and sensual, especially when they feel secure.

They have to find a balance between being a pleaser and needing things to be perfect. The good news is they take pride at being good at whatever craft they practice - and lovemaking is no exception. I've talked about the tie with this eclipse, Uranus being conjunct now stimulating it, and the end of the Mercury retrograde next month being opposite it adding in some wackiness, and that if you have anything between degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it's getting hit by all this action.

Well, Venus in this chart is at that crisis point, sitting at 15 degrees Libra. It's being opposed by Uranus now, will be conjunct the end of the Mercury retrograde next month, and is opposed by the lunar eclipse next month. With Venus ruling the 1st house of the self, that's why it's rocking the NFL so hard.

And the lunar eclipse will occur where? They can't hide this. And the full moon on September 8th in Pisces - it helped stimulate Ray Rice reaping what he sowed, but it also hit the NFL natal chart by squaring Saturn.

Saturn rules the 10th house in the chart, which rules public image. So of course that's taken a hit. This is interesting because Roger Goodell has a mutable grand square falling right on it, with Pluto in Virgo opposite Mercury and potentially Sun in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini.

SOLAR RETURN One of the first reasons why I thought this date made sense was because that would mean a solar return would be coming in a few days, and all of this action right now feels like something around a return to me. Here is the solar return chart: And with Capricorn on the 1st house of the self, concern about public image; with Cancer on the 7th house of relationships, regarding people's family relationships.

That's even more focused with the Moon in Cancer in the 7th house, and the location of the Moon can show the emotional focus of the return. I also think the Moon in this chart is conjunct Goodell's natal Moon depends on his time of birth. The Sun is conjunct the 9th house cusp, and the AC is conjunct the natal 9th house cusp, showing legal problems. The ruler of the chart, Saturn, is conjunct the 11th house cusp, which could be showing the public backlash. It could indicate that they have a smaller audience over the next year though that seems doubtful.

Jupiter is on the 8th house cusp, which can show they still make money through it all. It can also show that the violence 8th house is far from being an isolated incident, with Jupiter being the planet of expansion the league-wide problem. With Vertex, a point of destiny, also on the 8th house cusp, this has a fated quality to it. Mercury is on the MC, so messaging is important. Part of Fortune is conjunct both, which is good for success and image, so they can come back from this.

There's also a grand square in the solar return chart, with Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries square Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. In cardinal signs, there's a lot of energy, but it's hard to actually do anything with it because you want to do too much.

This could show that the league ends up throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem over the next year to try and make things right, but nothing really sticks. Lunar returns occur every month, and can be instigators.

Full Moon Musings and Aries Venus Star — Belief Is Not Required

The latest lunar return was September 1st. The Sun in the lunar return chart falls on the 9th house cusp, just like the Sun in the solar return chart does. Pope Francis plays the role of Pluto whenever he speaks about global warming and poverty, etc. The NFL, marriage, the presidency, our police systems, the Confederate flag are just a few of the institutions that have been irrevocably changed.

Enter in the Black church. One of our last havens of safety and hope. Can you imagine a successful dismantling of Jim Crow laws without the stalwart organization from the Black church? The Voting Rights Act?

Pluto looks to bring light to our collective shadows. Indeed, privilege lives in ignorance. There is honest assessment, a willingness to label behaviors and ascribe motives.

leo and aries relationship 2015 nfl

Lukewarm and indifference does not exist or get entertained. Sincethe Confederate flag has been flown to show resistance to the Federal Government, amongst other things. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of another piece of our collective transformation. However, substantive policy changes must invariably follow.

Otherwise the next eight years will be even darker than today.