Leontes and hermione relationship questions

leontes and hermione relationship questions

The Winter's Tale Questions and Answers - Discover the omarcafini.info community Hermione is Queen of Sicily, wife to Leontes, and mother to Mamillius and Perdita. . behavior proves to be the death (winter) of his relationship with his wife. How does this "romance" blur the lines between tragedy and comedy, and what When accused, Hermione asks Leontes, "How will this grieve you / When you. Examine the relationships of Hermione and Leontes, Paulina and Antigonus, and Perdita and Florizel and the ways in which their relationships work or fail to.

According to the Norton headnotes, romances like The Winter's Tale are only resolved by "miraculous reversals.

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In the beginning of 2. How might this conversation evoke larger social arguments about men and women in Shakespearean culture? Upon discovering the departure of Camillo and Polixenes, Leontes remarks, "How blest am I in my just censure, in my true opinion! How might the use of nature as both a tragic and renewing force "save" Leontes and Hermione from retelling the story of Othello and Desdemona?

Would I knew the villain," in a passage that echoes Emilia's words to Othello. What villain plagues Leontes? Why might Paulina claim in 2. How does Paulina appeal to her husband to defy Leontes? How does Hermione defend herself against Leontes' claims in the trial scene of 3.

The Winter's Tale Study Questions

Leontes realizes his wrongdoing fairly quickly, exclaiming "Apollo's angry, and the heavens themselves do strike at my injustice," when he sees Hermione suffering after hearing about the death of her son 3. Why then, might the play lapse sixteen years before restoring the kingdom to its "natural" order?

leontes and hermione relationship questions

Why does the Old Shepherd identify the gold next to Perdita as "fairy gold? How does this opinion of prophecy connect to the play as a whole? Her behavior in the years since suggests a foreknowledge of her queen's return, as she steadfastly kept the king fixated on his own guilt, and on the impossibility of ever marrying again. On the other hand, if the entire business is only a trick, it seems rather an over-the-top stunt for two level-headed women like Hermione and Paulina to orchestrate.

No one who witnesses the miracle raises even a scrap of doubt as to whether the statue was ever an actual statue. Clearly, Shakespeare wants to have it both ways.

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In either case, the miracle is an appropriate conclusion to the play, since it provides for a truly happy ending that Hermione's death seemed to place out of reach. Indeed, these acts offer a kind of miniature tragedy, as Leontes's errors, like Lear's or Othello's, bring death and destruction down upon his family and kingdom. What makes The Winter's Tale a romance, rather than a tragedy, is the abrupt shift in mood after Time announces the passage of sixteen years, and the action shifts to Bohemia.

Winter comes to an end, and spring enters, bringing with it the promise of rebirth As the seasons change, so the story shifts away from tragedy and into the realm of fairy tale and romantic comedy. The imagery of Act IV is dominated by the flowers that Perdita wears and dispenses as hostess of the sheepshearing, and the mood of the act is found in the cheerful songs of Autolycus.

How do relationships succeed or fail in the Winter's Tale?

This spirit is eventually brought back to Sicilia, where Act V undoes much of what seemed so tragic in Act III Perdita is restored to her rightful home, Hermione is restored to life, and even Paulina is given a new husband.

The Winter's Tale, then, ends the way all winters end - by giving its characters the promise of forgiveness and a fresh start. Other Past Exam Questions Below are a number of key themes and areas on the play that have been tested in the past.

leontes and hermione relationship questions

Try to plan for these areas. Autolycus is full of comic potential; recently parallels to the evil he portrays in both Leontes and Polixenes. Do you think Shakespeare's presentation of Autolycus fits into the design of the play as a whole?

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The play movingly presents the healing power of art. How do you respond to the links between different social groups in The Winter's Tale? The play dramatically explores the abuse of power.

leontes and hermione relationship questions

Paulina and Hermione are the intellectual and moral equal of the men in the play, with a clear vision of justice and fairness. A world in which it is crucial to accept responsibility for suffering. Inter-relationship of court and society, showing that each has qualities to give to the other.