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Then there's F'lar and Lessa's relationship. McCaffrey never actually explains this , because that would be, uh, not subtle enough or something, but apparently. There are dragons all over Anne McCaffrey's house. Some she's bought, but many have been made for her by adoring fans and given to her as gifts. I don't. F'lar and Lessa create a new legends of what the dragon can do. The world of Pern is novel and the dragon/rider relationship is intriguing to read about.

Loved this book when I read it. Bought it knowing nothing about it, as part of my membership bundle in The Science Fiction Book Club. Ahh, the Days of Yore. Looking back, at the beginning the characters seem stiff and cliche, but it loosens up as it goes along. The sensibilities of a different generation are seen in the attitudes and personalities of the characters, which seem a bit archaic by modern thinking.

The quick guide to Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels (by someone who hasn’t read them in years)

The start of a epic series of books well worth reading. OK, st Wow, this takes me back. Awkward at first for me at leastsince I felt obligated to keep up the conversation. I'm sure it was disappointing for her having only one fan show up. I hardly remember what we talked about now, I wish I'd kept a transcript.

I do remember talking about where characters were headed in their development, and which characters I liked and disliked.

Dragonflight (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern, #1) by Anne McCaffrey (4 star ratings)

May as well fight balls of yarn! Ah, but then there are threads and there are Threads, these things are more menacing than I ever gave them any credit for. They are basically mindless, true, but so are zombies and the threads are even more deadly. They burn and they burrow and they are of course relentless This is not a YA book, it is not action packed, those looking for heart pounding scenes of dragon conflagration are not likely to be satisfied.

The major strength and enduring popularity of this book - and I imagine the entire series - is the immersiveness of Pern.

The Dragonriders of Pern

The slower chapters depicting day to life on Pern is what makes the world realistic, after all life is not full of nonstop action on a daily basis. The author wants you to live with her characters not go on missions with them. That said she really makes you wait for the threads to make an appearance though!

The author's meticulous attention to details is awe inspiring. Anne herself has always been adamant that she is a science fiction author, no disrespect to the wonderful fantasy genre of course, but she deliberately backed the Pern fantasy tropes of dragons and medieval life with science. Pern is a planet, the dragons are genetically engineered and the lack of technology is due to some event that caused a fall of technological civilization.