Line and staff relationship definition business

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

line and staff relationship definition business

While line authority relies on command, line and staff authority is based on And so, formal relationship between the members of the organization is set up, so as Comparison Chart; Definition; Key Differences; Conclusion departmentation of the regular business operations, and there is the functional. Definition of line and staff management: A military-type organizational structure, commonly employed in large, centralized corporations. Line and staff. Line-staff organization, in management, approach in which authorities (e.g., large and complex enterprise more flexible without sacrificing managerial authority. Relationships between individuals, groups, and divisions are based on lines.

See Article History Line-staff organization, in management, approach in which authorities e. A line-staff organizational structure attempts to render a large and complex enterprise more flexible without sacrificing managerial authority.

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Classical theories of organization associated with Henri Fayol, Frederick W. Taylorand others who pioneered new administrative strategies in the late s and early s define formal organizations as collective enterprises identified by a clear division of labour and authority. These theories view decision-making power as flowing from a unified command structure.

Relationships between individuals, groups, and divisions are based on lines of authority that are predetermined.

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Typically, work is carried out in accordance with specialized functions, and authority is exercised in a hierarchical manner. In a highly centralized structure, decisions are made by a few executives or managers and flow downward through the enterprise. However, as organizations grow in scope and complexity, they need to be flexible in the extent to which coordination and control are centrally applied. The principle of line-staff organization introduces flexibility into hierarchical lines of authority while trying to preserve a unified command structure.

line and staff relationship definition business

Line groups are engaged in tasks that constitute the technical core of the firm or the subunit of a larger enterprise. When it comes to the quantum of authority, it is highest at the foremost level, which tends to decrease at each following level. This type of organization is characterised by a direct chain of command, which is like a thread that passes through all the members of the organization.

line and staff relationship definition business

So, who is responsible for what and who is accountable to whom is defined, that is to say, subordinates work under the supervision of the superior.

Definition of Line and Staff Organization Line and staff organization is the organization that combines the merits of line and functional organization, by adding the functional specialist to the line organization. Here, line authority stays same, as in the case of line organization and it flows downward.

line and staff relationship definition business

The functional experts, give advise to the front line managers, in the matters relevant to the object of the organization.

The specialist works as staff and serves the line officials, by supporting and guiding them, whenever necessary. There are a number of benefits of line and staff organization, in the sense that it gives relief to the line managers and they can concentrate on the implementation of policies and plans. The head of a staff department has line authority over his or her employees by virtue of authority relationships between the department head and his or her directly-reporting employees.

Staff authority is the right to advise or counsel those with line authority. For example, human resource department employees help other departments by selecting and developing a qualified workforce. A quality control manager aids a production manager by determining the acceptable quality level of products or services at a manufacturing company, initiating quality programs, and carrying out statistical analysis to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Therefore, staff authority gives staff personnel the right to offer advice in an effort to improve line operations. Functional authority is referred to as limited line authority. It gives a staff person power over a particular function, such as safety or accounting. Usually, functional authority is given to specific staff personnel with expertise in a certain area.

Line-staff organization

For example, members of an accounting department might have authority to request documents they need to prepare financial reports, or a human resource manager might have authority to ensure that all departments are complying with equal employment opportunity laws. Functional authority is a special type of authority for staff personnel, which must be designated by top management.

Although minimal conflict due to differences in viewpoints is natural, conflict on the part of line and staff personnel can disrupt an entire organization. There are many reasons for conflict. Poor human relations, overlapping authority and responsibility, and misuse of staff personnel by top management are all primary reasons for feelings of resentment between line and staff personnel.

line and staff relationship definition business

This resentment can result in various departments viewing the organization from a narrow stance instead of looking at the organization as a whole. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize conflict.

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One way is to integrate line and staff personnel into a work team. The success of the work team depends on how well each group can work together in efforts to increase productivity and performance. Another solution is to ensure that the areas of responsibility and authority of both line and staff personnel are clearly defined.

With clearly defined lines of authority and responsibility, each group may better understand their role in the organization.