Lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

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lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

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I'm just wondering why he hated Juvia so much. Is that a crime talking to Juvia now? Don't be such a kid. On the other hand, Juvia just being her usual stone-face. Stop talking to Lucy! I don't want you to ge. Juvia is my friend! She's not a girl! Be it or not, Juvia is my friend. Back to your seats. Our classmates went to their respective seats while I remained but i grab my notes in case if there will be a long quiz.

I caught a glimpse of Juvia how she smiled at Gray-sensei before she sat down in her chair beside me. What the hell was that? She smiled at him sweetly. Well, it was not the first time i saw her smiling for someone. She once smiled at me too but it was a different smile and i can see it.

Whole discussion, i wasn't paying attention. I was thinking what had happened yesterday when i left Juvia with Gray-sensei at the shore. In the first place, why did i leave Juvia behind?

It was my idea that brought the both of us there in the shore. I was thinking, why did Gray-sensei looked very furious at that time when he told me to leave? I looked at Gray-sensei's direction when i saw him looking at Juvia that made my eyebrows twitch.

Why is he looking intimately at her now? Then for a minute, he caught me looking at him so he get back to what he was doing, flipping pages in his lesson plan. I stared at Juvia, trying not to get noticed by her. Tell me i am wrong. Is there going on between them? A student and a teacher having a relationship is wrong. It could be a big scandal! Once caught, the teacher might get banished in school and maybe in every school.

And the student might get a lifetime of regret. I was absently staring at the window when someone patted my shoulders and it made me jump a little. I looked up and was surprised to see Juvia standing beside me. I closed my hanging mouth and scratched the back of my neck.

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I was just thinking of something. Juvia saw you spacing out even though Gray-sensei has left a while ago already. Sorry, I mean no I'm feeling great. I just had a lot of things in my mind lately. Juvia thought you were not feeling well. Thanks for the concern, Juvs.

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It's a good thing that it was just us in the classroom. Her angelic face is just a few inches from where i am seating. Her wavy blue beautiful hair that made her more stunning. She's just so beautiful in every way i see her.

This time, i was mesmerized again. I looked straight into her eyes and blurt out the words i have been thinking about again and again earlier. She was just looking back at me without uttering a single reply.

I can see how nervous she was now because her hands are trembling. Seeing her face, Levy held her hand. Despite their warning, Lucy still decided to make friends with Natsu. They just told her she wasn't allowed to like him but it didn't mean she can't talk or look at him. After class, she was about to approach Natsu when a shirtless guy appeared in front of her.

She immediately shrieked, signalling him to wear his clothes.

lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

Once done, he finally spoke. Apparently, we are in need of a female member. She was also surprised that Gray and Loke was out there too, giving him skeptical looks when he destroyed the soccer net. Natsu looked towards her and when she waved at him, he waved back. He was gonna run to her when Ever parked her car and told her to hop in. Lucy made a final look at Natsu and joined Ever with slight hesitation.

She didn't notice the lingering look he gave once the car sped off. They went to the mall, just as Lucy had predicted. When they passed by the beauty shop Juvia was working in, Lucy immediately waved at her and Juvia mouthed "later" so she could work. They suddenly stopped by the spot near the fountain and Lucy saw how Levy's expression turned from excited to sad. She followed her gaze to see Gajeel with another woman.

Ever snatched Levy's phone. I won't," Ever confirmed. She then started to talk to someone. After that, she returned Levy's phone and Lucy watched as the other woman ditched Gajeel to go home after a phone call from her mom.

One thing Lucy knew: Ever made them break up. They shortly went to Ever's mansion. Lucy took note of Mrs. Green's kindness and Ever's pictures with Natsu on her dresser but the biggest information she got was the Burn Book. There were pictures of their schoolmates in it along with their comments. Lucy even came across with a page that says Juvia is a dyke pining for a trashy nerd. After her little bonding at Ever's mansion, Lucy quickly went back to the mall to tell Juvia and Lyon about everything.

Juvia lit up at the mention of the burn book though. Juvia frowned and muttered, "those bitches" under her breath. We can publish it and say how a bitch that Ever is.

Juvia knows you are kind but aren't you a little evil if you let her that way? Juvia made a disgusting look and decided that she'll never look at that kind of woman again. Lyon turned to Lucy. Gray invited me to join a while ago.

Lucy found it weird but she just nodded and Juvia sighed dreamily. Lucy turned to Lyon with a questioning look and he whispered, "she has a thing for my cousin" in her ear. That night, Lucy received a phone call from Ever. Lucy stifled a gasp. Ever couldn't possibly know about her plan with Juvia and Lyon, could she? She decided to just play cool. Ever might find out more about them. What are you saying? She thought they were busted down there.

Ever added, "I mean, I don't care if you like him. Do whatever you want but I know Natsu is someone who only cares about his school, his dad, and his friends. You would do that?

lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

She's finally gonna have a piece of Natsu's attention. With Ever's blessing, Lucy decided that it wouldn't hurt to approach Natsu anymore.

During her Calculus class, she always found herself being asked by him about the problems. Being a nice person, she would gladly help him as she always do with anyone.

They would sometimes engage in small talk and Lucy found the courage two weeks later by lying that she was lost in Erza's discussion. Natsu agreed to help and even though his answers are all wrong, Lucy just nodded. She just needed attention from him.

The bell suddenly rang, signalling the end of the class. She was about to go when Natsu turned back to her. Lucy was about to leave the room when Gray told her that the Mathletes was having a meeting. She told them that she'll be right back when in reality she dashed straight home and prepared for her costume. That night, Lucy felt like leaving the whole place. She ever knew that in the "slut" world, women would wear skimpy outfits and she showed up as a zombie bride. Perfect, she thought bitterly as she started to find Ever and her minions.

Once she had spotted Lisanna and Levy—who were dressed in a slutty way with mouse and cat ears—she went up to them. Lisanna jumped at the horrifying sight of her then calmed down when she registered her face. On the other hand Bickslow," Lisanna claimed, staring at him and Levy eyed her strangely. He's a good kisser," Lisanna pointed out.

The bluenette rolled her eyes at that. He's not that fit for you. She waved at him and when Levy tried to stop her, Lisanna immediately went to him.

Lucy leaned back to see Natsu in a football costume. He was still smiling at her and she only smiled back. Natsu excused himself, telling her that he'll grab some drinks for them. Lucy only planted her eyes upon him and as if on cue, she saw Ever talking to him.

She was very excited because she knew that this was it. Ever's gonna help her. Just when she thought Ever's gonna be a good friend, she betrayed her. She leaned forward to kiss Natsu and Lucy gripped her dress tightly. She took him back. The slut took him back! Lucy left the place, not bothering to excuse from Levy. She decided to hate Ever Green.

Lyon and Juvia were watching a scary film in her garage a. They were both watching intently as her fingers grab a popcorn and munch it in her mouth. The girl in the movie was slowly opening the door. At the exact moment, Lucy opened the door and the two hugged each other, screaming as Lyon shook in fear the popcorn bowl he was holding.

They immediately calmed down when Lucy took off her wig and tried to wipe away her make-up. We're not gonna let her go away with this. Lyon, who apparently became Juvia's slave for the meantime, fixed everything in her garage and pulled out the chalkboard and toy sword in her mini chest.

Once Juvia had placed the board in a stand, she wrote three things down and started to discuss a few things. Natsu Dragneel, "technically good physique," another point at "hot" body, "and ignorant band of loyal minions," a last point at army of skanks. Can you do it? Earlier, Levy told her that Ever was trying to hook her up with Natsu but the said guy wanted to go back with her.

She only nodded, riding along the lie Ever told her friends. Lucy decided that she'll have to abandon her little crush with Natsu in order to get her sweet revenge. When Ever told her that the sweetness of Natsu's cranberry juice makes her face ugly, Lucy decided that it was an opportunity to recommend a whitening cream to her. It wasn't a facial cream though. It was a foot cream that Juvia placed in a facial cream container.

When Ever placed some on her face, Natsu told her that she smelled peppermint and kissed her in front of Lucy. The blonde rolled her eyes in disgust. He was kissing a woman who placed a foot cream on her face!

While they were busy, Juvia sneaked in the girls' locker room. Once she had spotted Ever's white tank top, she cut off the breasts part so when she wears it, the bra would show off.

It turned to be a fashion trend in school and Juvia decided to trip a lady who has also the same fashion nearby. A month passed by and Juvia groaned, remembering that the revenge plan wasn't still working and all they do was make Ever's face smell like foot cream. While lining up for candy canes, Juvia suddenly told them that Lyon has to make a move of turning Levy and Lisanna against her. Lyon only shrugged but agreed. He also really loved making other people's lives miserable.

Suddenly, Lucy was spotted by Ever and told Juvia and Lyon to go. Once they were gone, she quickly turned to her. Lucy made a loathing look. Lucy stilled at that.

I had my first boyfriend back then and she was all possessive at me," she narrated with clear disliking on Juvia. She never went back to middle school then and this year, she went back here dressed-up in all black like some kind of emo dude with that gay Lyon. And, she's also acting jealous whenever that handsome nerd Gray would encounter girls.

By the way, the guy I was pertaining to was him. She decided not to mention it to Juvia though. The mere thought of knowing Juvia's past was a lot to take in. After that, she went to her next class with Levy—English. It turned out fun especially when Lyon, who was dressed in Santa costume, barged in. He gave the students their candy canes except for Levy. When Levy asked Lucy the sender of her cane, Lucy told her it was from Ever.

Ever didn't send her any candy cane. Lucy just waited for hell to break loose after a week of Winter Talent Show.

lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

Lucy was gonna perform with them "The Jingle Bell Rock". While Lyon was singing at the stage, Levy would still mention the topic of why Ever was mad at her when she's not even doing anything.

After Lyon's song, Gray and his band started to perform and Lucy knew Juvia was secretly taping them at the backstage. She even noticed she was hiding her squeal especially when they get to the screaming part. Once the band had finished, the four girls stood on their positions. It was quite different now though because Ever made Lucy and Levy switch places.

While they were still positioning their selves, Gray suddenly smacked Juvia on the butt, earning a gasp from her. He said, "I wanna see you shake that thing up there. Lucy smiled at that silently. She knew that Juvia was the original choreographer of their dance. Maybe Gray hadn't seen her dance this before, she thought. After positioning their selves, the curtains were finally lifted up to reveal the four of them in the costumes of Santa's helpers.

Levy went to the stereo to turn it on, sneaking a glance at Gajeel who sat in front with his friends. After that, they started to perform and men watched intently as their bodies swayed.

lyon and juvia relationship quizzes

In the middle of performance, Levy stepped on the stereo and they had to pause for her to fix it. She never got to fix it though because she accidentally kicked it, sending it flying towards Gajeel. Lucy immediately fixed it by singing the song and still dancing. The other three joined her and the crowd also started to sing. Erza even played the piano for them. It turned out to be successful that Lisanna hugged Lucy in delight and Natsu met them up at the backstage. Ever told him that they can't kiss because of her lip gloss.

Lucy only nodded at him then he gave her a chocolate bar as a gift. After that, he left to go to his band mates. You should—" "Levy, just stop.

They're not gonna happen," Ever interrupted, slightly glaring at her. The next day, Levy poured up all her emotions by reading aloud her essay about Caesar and Brutus. Sensing that she might break down any minute, Lucy excused the two of them and went to the comfort room.

Once inside, Levy told her practically everything she felt. She even let out some secrets though. They always have sex there without Natsu knowing. All Natsu knows is that she's doing SAT prep. Levy was such a good friend that Lucy got hold of her greatest trump card. With that, Juvia and Lyon decided to make a move with Lucy after Christmas break.

Every Thursday, they would make Natsu go to the projection room. Juvia set out her first plan. She made a fake notice that the soccer team moved to the auditorium. Natsu went to the projection room to ask about it. When he opened the door, he saw Elfman with only his boxers on. Natsu nodded in understanding about what is currently happening so he decided to leave.

Once Juvia found out that her plan failed, she gripped her plastic cup so hard that it broke and made another desperate wannabe trip on the stairs. Lyon also devised a plan. He decided to play snatcher this time. When Lucy went up to him, Lyon snatched Lucy's purse and Natsu had to go after him. He led him towards the projection room but it wasn't Ever and Elfman. It was Loke making out with their school nurse—Aries. Again, Juvia found out.

This time, she secretly stole a bitch's underwear and placed it on their principal's desk with a note that says: Also, the bitch was someone who was trying to steal Gray. The three friends are now currently located in the kitchen of Lucy's house. One word Juvia and Lyon said upon entering her house: With the jobs of her parents—Jude and Layla Heartfilia—they were able to have a mansion.

Unlike Juvia who only has a small house fit for one person. Plus, she only goes there to emote. The rest are in her garage. Juvia turned to Lucy and gave her a knowing look. A few seconds, the blonde nodded back in understanding. Juvia really knows how to play the revenge game. The very next day, Lucy gave some Kalteen bars to Ever, telling her lies about it burning carbs. Lucy got accustomed to being with the Plastics. Everyday, she would dress up like them and her popularity increased.

Some of the girls in school started to dress like her and some boys wanted to check her out.

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The blonde also spent the rest of her life hating Ever that Juvia secretly bored herself to Lucy's usual rants about Ever's ugliness whenever she visits the shop. Juvia got an idea and decided to invite Lucy for her art show so she would take a break from her devil life.

And when Lucy told her she would go, Juvia started spraying her cologne all over the air. She didn't like the smell of baby prostitute on her friend. Plus, both Lyon and Gray are allergic to it. Meanwhile, Lucy also made up excuses just so she could talk to Natsu. She even purposely failed in Calculus just for him to help her.

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Gray got worried about that. Lucy is a part of Mathletes and failing in any Math-related subject is definitely a big no. Just when he's gonna offer some help, Natsu decided to tutor her after school.

He even added that they'll keep it a secret from Ever to prevent her raging jealousy. Gray narrowed his eyes at that. He sensed something's gonna happen bad. Maybe he should text Juvia or Lyon about it. On the other hand, Lucy was having the time of her life. She was so close to Natsu in her room right now and she felt a little guilty that she doesn't really need his help. After answering her question, she found herself leaning towards him and he was too.

He was exchanging looks between her eyes then her lips. At first, it was just a test of innocence then it got deeper with tongue. Suddenly, Natsu pulled away much to Lucy's dismay.

I mean there's always good and bad in people. Ever is very fun and—" "She's cheating on you, Natsu," Lucy finally admitted. Natsu widened his eyes in surprise. She told them that someone from the soccer team said something about Elfman. It was also the night that Lyon had placed a line over Natsu's name on the chalkboard.

Aside from learning Lisanna's love for animals over a phone call, Lucy was horrified that Natsu didn't ask her to be his girl. Sure, she knew about the moving on thing and giving some space. Oh, how she wish she could just tell him that Ever had already moved on and was now having sex with Elfman on her bed. On the other hand, everyone was getting ready for Spring Fling.

The very next week, there was an announcement of the nominated Spring Fling queen candidates. That included Ever, of course. She wasn't alone this time. The next were Levy, Juvia much to her dismay because it was just another prank of Lyonand Lucy.

She really thought that Lyon had put her name in it too.

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She didn't like those kind of contests but Lyon assured her that he didn't put her name in it. It was people's choice. In January, Lucy and the girls decided to go shopping. Because the Plastics had a rule that you need an advice before you buy a dress, they decided to go together.

While Lucy was helping Lisanna pick something suitable for her, Ever was having a hard time to close the back zipper of her dress. They could all see that she's getting annoyed with it. With that, Lisanna came over to help but she also finds it hard to do the task. That woman is so This time, Juvia was the one who placed another line on the word: After her Calculus class the next day, Erza decided to talk to Lucy.