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Mariam-uz-Zamani c. – 19 May ) was a wife of Emperor Akbar. Her actual name is In , she was offered in marriage to the Emperor Akbar by her father, Raja Bihari Mal. . The Mosque of Mariam Zamani Begum Sahiba was built by her son Nuruddin Salim Jahangir in her honour and is situated in the Walled. welcome their first son and the prince of Mughal dynasty, Salim a.k.a Jehangir. Mariam-uz-Zamani (Jodha) and his mother Mariam Makani, Begum Hamida Banu. years after Akbar & Jodha's marriage, sending them both into depression. . Wise Chanakya quotes on Life and facing problems of life. Nur-ud-din Mohammad Salim, born on August 31st, , was Emperor and the brother of Akbar's Hindu wife and Salim's mother Mariam uz-Zamani. Begum, and two years into the marriage produced a son Khusrau Mirza. .. She continued to compose Persian poems under the pseudonym Makhfi.

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Rukaiya sultana begam 2. Harka bai or Marium uz zamani from arab country later stayed at amer He loved his chief Queens and respected them from his bottom of heart. He hate to spend time with others Servents and sub wives. She also visited the holly Makkka Sarif at the last age. Yet it seems that Akbar allowed her to keep practising her Hindu faith. So, how should Mariam-uz-Zamani be regarded after her marriage to Akbar?

Should she be considered to be a Muslim or a Hindu? Is there clear evidence that she voluntarily converted to Islam during her life living with Akbar? Your changes refer to a personal blog - a well written and illustrated blog - but a personal blog nevertheless.

The blog entry you have used has no references to reliable sources. So to meet Wikipedia standards I have removed your changes.

Please don't try and put the changes in again unless you can provide reliable sources for your material. A personal blog is not a suitable reference for editing a article.

The blog is definitely well-written but it is personal opinion. It cannot be relied upon blindly. Also, the blog entry has no references to reliable sources. Mariam-uz-Zamani is a historical figure. The information given presently in the article has been sourced from various authentic books and news articles from reputed media houses.

Please don't disregard it in favour of a personal blog. There is no historical account mentioning her trip to Mecca. The websites cited by you are informative about the rules observed over there but don't mention anything about Mariam-uz-Zamani being a Muslim or partaking a trip to the holy city. She owned ships carrying people to Mecca, that doesn't mean she actually went there or was a Muslim.


Therefore, I saw it fit to remove your edits. Before editing the article again, please reply here. A continous reversion of the article is needless.

Little-Known Facts About Mariam uz Zamani / Jodhaa and Akbar

A discussion is needed before adding this information. Ananya talk She changed before died means last age. Mariam-uz-Zamani in any where. But according to research cules like she was very powerful empress and this power gave her husband Akbar. Her son gave her most respect and support, then why she buried according to Islamic custom. As per her last wish was that "buried her closer from her husband. That means she loved his husband though she was Hindu princess that love for her husband defined that Akbar gave her full support and Emperor jahangir showed to respect her mother all wishes.

According to Evidence she is most known and most powerful wife of Akbar now. She involved in political issues and businesses trade etc all activities which wasn't allow others wives. So any one can say that Akbar gave her most power. But that time Marium uz zamani couldn't go with them because that time she was Hindu. So now is Question that Why she buried as Islamic way?? Mecca whole city place even river is or was locked by Muslim from beginning day. According to most approved Evidence that she buried and as per for her last wishes jahangir buried her closer to Akbar and she only got that luck not any others wives so that means No one hadn't any complain about it because She was Chief empress begam shiba.

Both Akbarnama and jahangirnama Called as. Mariam-uz-Zamani not anyothers name. Have any reliable evidence about Mariam-uz-Zamani ,No. For that reason people isn't use wikipedia except famous personality because famous personality side is observed by wikipedia main side and any public administrator or editor isn't allow to edit this sides. You and Me wasn't bron that century ,we cant say exactly what happened.

References are available supporting the fact that she was a Hindu. You are right that not many editors on wikipedia are expert on the subject, thus we have to rely on books and articles. We have to give them as sources while editing an article.

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Otherwise anybody can write anything here. The information that she was a Hindu till the end of her life is widely accepted. If you believe she converted anytime during her lifetime, please give a reliable reference stating so.

It won't be accepted here before that. There is no account which talks of her trip to Mecca. Salima and Ruqaiya did go along with other muslim ladies in the harem but Mariam uz-Zamani wasn't one of them. Salima Sultan died in so her being part of the Mecca expedition in of which, supposedly, Mariam uz-Zamani was a part of, is highly improbable. This shows their Rajput wives didn't convert after marriage. The burial of Mariam uz-Zamani is sometimes cited as the proof that she converted to Islam.

But the concept of a burial is not alien to Hinduism. In some regions of the country, Hindu people bury their dead instead of cremating. Rajputs were known to build cenotaphs for their dead. Mariam uz-Zamani was a Rajput and it is possible her burial was in the line of the same custom.

It is a fraud site. One example is Daniyals mother. The site is quoting Mariam Zamani to be Daniyals mother. But Akbarnama clearly qoutes Daniyals mother died during Akbars period while Mariam zamani outlived Akbar. This site is twisting true facts just to earn money.

Reading this fake site viewers please do not alter wikipedia. Wiki should have true historical facts.

I hope the government looks into this fact and punish people or the site owners for distorting History and making money. Please many people sign petition to forward to the government to take action against this fake web site and remove it from the net.

By this the future generation will know real history. Ruler of the World So it is my earnest question,how can our respected author Alex Rutherford mention Akbar's wife as Hira Bai??.

The above-mentioned novel is considered to be the most researched book and 'which requiredyears and years of reading by himself Salman Rushdie The Enchantress of Florence If yes, then why isn't he airing it up?? Recent edit dispute[ edit ] There was a recent edit war over this article, a content dispute mainly between two editors Ananya The diff of this edit illustrates some of the dispute.

There are numerous differences in play, and difficult to sort out the entire dispute, especially when it could use an expert or at least someone more familiar with the history and topic. Additional background on the dispute is at User talk: Ananya Edit warring at Mariam-uz-Zamani. One concern mentioned there was that some of the sourcing was deemed to be from "historical novels" - the specific sources need to be identified, and verified as to whether they in fact constitute fiction or not.

Raja Bhagwan Dasfor instance, became commander ofthe highest position available at that time, and bore the proud title Amir-ul-Umara Chief Noble. His son, Man Singh Irose even higher to become commander of Around the time Ranthambore submitted, Kalinjar surrendered to the Muhgals, within three months, JodhpurBikaner and Jaisalmer also submitted, with the royal families of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer offering princesses to the Mughal harem. When the Portuguese officially refused to return the ship and the passengers, the outcry at the Moghul court was quite unusually severe.

The outrage was compounded by the fact that the owner and the patron of the ship was none other than the revered mother of the current emperor. Mariam-uz-Zamani's son, the Indian emperor Jahangir, ordered the seizure of the Portuguese town Daman. This episode is considered to be an example of the struggle for wealth that would later ensue and lead to colonization of the Indian sub-continent. A number of royal functions took place in the household of Mariam-uz-Zamani like Jahangir's solar weighing, [34] Jahangir's marriage to daughter of Jagat Singh, [35] and Shehzada Parviz 's wedding to daughter of Sultan Murad Mirza.

The grave itself is underground with a flight of steps leading to it. Her tomb, built in —27, is on the Tantpur road now known as in Jyoti Nagar. Mariam's Tombcommissioned by her son, is only a kilometre from Tomb of Akbar the Great.

In popular culture[ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mariam uz-Zamani. Aishwarya Rai played Jodha Bai. The character is portrayed by Paridhi Sharma. Alexander Rogers and Henry Beveridge, ed. Royal Asiatic Society, London. Rogers and Beveridge, ed. Agrawal, Akbar and his Hindu officers: