Master chief and cortana relationship test

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master chief and cortana relationship test

And I couldn't help but really start to finally think, and try and process more of the relationship between the Master Chief, and Cortana. One of. Yes and no. They are not in love in a romantic sense, but they do love each other. Halo 4 serves as the best exploration of the relationship. So I just beat halo 4 again and the ending trips me up. The final part of the test involves John having to sprint across an open field where a Jet . The relationship between John and Cortana is purely a close friendship.

Something no one saw, but me.

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He served as one of the most important figures of the Human-Covenant War. After over thirty years of active duty, he is one of the most decorated war veterans of the United Nations Space Command. By August 30,John's career service vitae recorded two hundred and seven ground engagements against the Covenant in which he had participated.

By August ofhe had completed two hundred and nine military operations, including one hundred and thirty-six full campaigns; more than anyone other UNSC personnel on record at the time. His actions during the Covenant War earned him every major UNSC service medal and combat award, save for the Prisoner of War Medallionas well as several dozen civilian honors.

However, John and his AI companion Cortana fled Reach and their vessel fortuitously arrived at Halo Installation 04a one hundred millennia-old superweapon created by the Forerunners to destroy their parasitic enemy, the Floodby killing all life in the galaxy. After destroying the Halo, the surrounding Covenant fleetand the Flood forces on the ring, John returned to Earth and resisted the Covenant's impromptu invasion. Pursuing the invaders' flagshipthe Master Chief encountered Installation 05where a civil war soon broke out within the Covenant.

Weeks later, John followed the remaining Covenant forces to the Arkthe Halo Array's control center, which he disabled before the Halos could be fired. John went missing after the war's final battle in Decemberhaving stymied the threat of the Covenant, the Flood, and the Halos. This culminated in an attack on Earth and the Didact's temporary defeat, as well as the apparent loss of Cortana. When the Spartan group Noble Team receives orders to destroy important intelligence inside the military installation Sword Base, Cortana contacts Noble Team and sends them to an excavation site under the base.

There, Halsey entrusts Cortana to Noble Team for safekeeping, telling them that the AI carries possibly vital information derived from a buried Forerunner ship.

master chief and cortana relationship test

In other media[ edit ] Cortana's first appearance in the Halo franchise is in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reacha prequel to the first Halo game. Cortana helps the Master Chief to survive the near-lethal exercises designed to test the Chief's armor. Afterward, she plants incriminating evidence in the files of Colonel Ackersonthe ONI operative who nearly killed both of them, as revenge.

The Floodand the following novels Halo: First Strike and Halo: Character design[ edit ] Cortana was designed and modeled by Bungie artist Chris Hughes.

Cortana and Master Chief discuss their tenuous relationship

Cortana's original The character model's face was based on a sculpture of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Durandal is named after the legendary sword Durendal.

Curtana's inscription reveals that the sword has the same "temper as Joyeuse and Durendal". Creative director Josh Holmes' mother was diagnosed with dementia during development, and his real-life struggles informed the characterization of Cortana's descent into rampancy and the Chief-Cortana relationship.

Promising 2D designs were turned into simple 3D maquettes to prototype them in the game engine. Character artist Matt Aldridge recalled that Cortana was one of the hardest characters to envision in the game because of how beloved the character is by players; one of Aldridge's goals was to create a character where scrolling lines of code would flow uninterrupted from her feet to her head.

master chief and cortana relationship test

Describing her previous appearance as soft and "deceptively vulnerable", Industries took the story opportunity provided to change her look to reflect her new role as self-declared ruler of the galaxy.

Her final design incorporated elements of the Spartans and Forerunners on top of her previous look, including a Forerunner glyph. The character was modeled and animated using motion capture and talent at Industries and Axis Animation. Voice actress Jen Taylor voices Cortana in the majority of the character's appearances. Despite her role in voicing other video game characters, including Princess Peachshe is not a gamer.

The accent was dropped, but British colloquialisms remained in the character's dialogue. Combat Evolved, [24] and never having seen many of the finished cutscenes with the character until a Halo 3 launch party. I actually just finished a couple of lines that nearly had me in tears. She credited the change for making the dialogue feel more authentic and real.

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The strategic use of cryptic messages in a publicity campaign was repeated in I Love Beesa promotion for Halo 2. Cowan, Bungie's director of cinematics, the studio used the character here to give story clues without actually revealing the story. Combat Evolved series of action figures. This was accomplished by making the figure look a little buxom, despite McLees' direct request to reduce the mass of the figure.

master chief and cortana relationship test

She explains that the sculptor appeared reluctant to make the change and that time constraints ultimately left the design intact. Cortana software Microsoft developed its virtual assistant for the Windows Phone operating system under the codename Cortana, but retained the name for the final product following a strong response in the developer community.

The voice actor of Cortana in the games, Jen Taylorprovides the voice for the virtual assistant. IGN called Halo 4 "really Cortana's story", as saving the galaxy is of lesser importance to the Master Chief than saving Cortana, and Cortana's humanity is ultimately the game's focus.