Matt lapinskas and brianne delcourt relationship problems

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BRIANNE Delcourt has been confirmed for Dancing On Ice and is The Dancing On Ice star – who previously dated EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas of whom she was partnered with but the relationships later ended. MATT Lapinskas has denied that he ever cheated on Dancing On Ice ex Brianne On Ice, but claims their sexual relationship did not begin until he ditched Shona . Matt Lapinskas beds Camilla Roland behind Brianne Delcourt . Sahara Ray challenges Kendall Jenner with even racier underboob bikini. 'EastEnders' actor turned 'Dancing On Ice' star Matt Lapinskas has now in a relationship with his 'Dancing On Ice' partner Brianne Delcourt.

  • Dancing on Ice star Brianne Delcourt slams shamed boyfriend Matt Lapinskas as 'serial cheat'
  • Dancing on Ice romances - celebrities who found love on the ice
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