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I had a chance to talk to Tatiana and Stanislav during "Art on Ice" in Switzerland, about [Maria Mukhortova/ Maxim Trankov were in third place after their short program. Thanks to them we've solved all our financial problems now. Stanislav: Actually, the kind of relationship you have on or off the ice is different, there are. Russian skating partners Maxim Trankov and girlfriend Tatiana Volosozhar made Apparently, the fiery relationship will continue on, and off, the ice. The only questions left to be answered are: for how long will Stanislav. Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov parted ways immediately after He does have things to tell – about betrayals, banquet talks, “bad” practices and his new partnership with Tatiana Volosozhar, who This had to do with relationships in our team. Will there be problems with the Ukrainian federation?.

Six months ago you became husband and wife. Has anything changed in your relationship since then? We became a family. We dated, stayed for a night at each others, but each had its own territory. I think, even after the wedding we continued to live separately for some time, because it there were not conditions for living together.

So, the family life has started only in September. No, each of us had an apartment, which Russian Figure Skating Federation rented.

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But how to live together in a rented apartment? Even nowhere to put your stuff. I have a whole apartment of things, and Tanya too. Not counting the dogs. But now the life is adjusted. We can invite guests and relatives. What does the status of a family man give?

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We started to take serious some things, for example spending. We earn the same: I believe that a woman must deal with finances of the family. Are you Spartans or you love the comfort? All athletes from childhood are Spartans. With age you start to want comfort. For example, I like to deal with household chores. Did you do the refurbishment yourself? After the injury I had to miss the season, and I devoted my spare time to refurbishment. Fortunately, I studied at design courses, I like this a lot, so I decided not to invite a designer.

But to be honest, everyone who comes to us for a visit, really likes it. Maxim spent nights featuring — planning the rooms, choosing the color combinations, wallpapers. Not only on the ice. You spend a lot of time at training. Six hours a day. I adjusted to the left, for the jumps and for everything else, and that wasn't good. It's better now and I didn't have any problems anymore with my arm during the last one and a half months. Obviously I was doing less lifts and twists, but I started doing more now and so far it's fine.

The pair finished seventh at the Winter Olympics and fourth at the World Championships held in TurinItalyin March Shortly thereafter, they decided to split.

Per ISU regulations, Volosozhar was barred from international competition for one year from her last event representing Ukraine, the Winter Olympics.

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She became eligible for international competition on 16 Februaryin time for the Mont Blanc Trophywhere the pair competed in order to meet the ISU's minimum technical score requirements for the World Championships. The pair are one of few in modern times to reach the World podium in their first season together and in their first appearance at a major international event.

Media coverage of the event noted their fast development and their potential for the future. We thought, maybe we can get the bronze.

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The result was completely unexpected for us. The most impressive moment of the championships was how enthusiastic the spectators were even before our short program, and I'll never forget how they gave us a standing ovation after the free program. Trankov partly tore a groin tendon at the Nepela Memorial. At the post-event press conference, they said they would miss Russian Nationals in order to recover fully from their injuries. I guess it is ok if you skate right after ice resurfacing, but if you are the last one to skate in the second group, it is quite another story.

Volosozhar and Trankov at the World Championships podium. In preparation for the —13 seasonthe pair spent nearly three months in the U. Trankov's father died of a sudden heart attack on 20 Januarya few days before the European Championships ; an official confirmed the pair would compete at the event. At the post-event press conference, Volosozhar said, "It is difficult to raise the mood at this time, but I am glad we made the decision to compete here.

They set a new pairs' world record in the free skate and combined score The pair placed first in their segment and Team Russia went on to win the gold medal. Trankov was the flag bearer of Russia at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. They decided to sit out the whole season for Trankov's surgery rehabilitation.