Meet emmet and wyld style lego movie

The Lego Movie - Emmet Meets Wyldstyle for the first time - Dailymotion Video

meet emmet and wyld style lego movie

Check out Emmet and Wyldstyle as they team up to battle Lord Business in the upcoming Phil Lord/Chris Miller superhero action film, The. The LEGO Movie follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO mini figure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person. She is voiced by Elizabeth Banks in the film and LEGO Dimensions and by Jessica ―Wyldstyle revealing her real name to Emmet: "We NEED to meet up with.

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meet emmet and wyld style lego movie

Moments later, she takes out Lord Business' forces and rescues Emmet from the melting chamber believing him to be the Special and takes him to meet Vitruvius. They escape from Bad Cop but Wyldstyle realizes that Emmet is an ordinary and regular guy.

meet emmet and wyld style lego movie

But Wyldstyle believes that Emmet is ordinarily not be able to save the Lego universe. Vitruvius and Wyldstyle use the magic to enter the mind of Emmet.

meet emmet and wyld style lego movie

She and Vitruvius are disappointed to see that Emmet doesn't have any creativity, but Vitruvius is astonished to learn that Emmet had a vision of "The Man Upstairs". Eventually, Bad Cop finds the trio and the heroes are rescued by Batman, who Wyldstyle introduces to Emmet as her boyfriend. They come to the Cloud Cuckoo Land the home of UniKitty where they meet with the Master Builders, but none lets Emmet join them upon finding out that he is not even a Master Builder yet.

Bad Cop finds Emmet and the Master Builders again and the main heroes manage to escape again by creating a submarine.

  • The Lego Movie - Emmet Meets Wyldstyle for the first time

However, the submarine is malfuncting, but they survive with the double decker couch of Emmet, with Wyldstyle stating that it was not a bad idea after all. They are rescued by Metalbeardand later Emmet convinces the Master Builders to work together. Emmet informs his allies about his plan of creating a space ship that delivers Octan but this time, using the instructions. The problem is that they need a hyper - turbo, but nothing comes out the Millennium Falcon, they are in Han Solo, Chewbacca, C - 3PO, and Lando, Batman steals the hyper - turbo, and manage to enter the clubhouse of Lord Business.

After entering the ship while Metalbeard and Benny enter the computer to disable the shields, Unikitty and Batman distract Lord Business to create prototypes of music and is responsible for monitoring Vitruvius.

Among the products, Wyldstyle confesses Emmet that she wanted to be special and that his real name is Lucy, which Emmet declares that he likes it; both are about to hold hands when Batman interrupts. Wyldstyle leaves and wishes him good luck to Emmet. The plan almost succeeds, but in the end Emmet and his companions are caught and imprisoned. Vitruvius tries to defend, but Lord Business decapitates him with a coin; with his last words, Vitruvius admits that the prophecy was his own doing.

Meet The Lego Movie's Emmet and Wyldstyle | The Fan Carpet

Lord Business throws the Piece de Resistance at the edge of the universe, and total annihilation begins to kill the heroes and flees with Kragle when Bad Cop leaving behind. Emmet attached to the battery from total annihilation mechanism and avoiding imminent electrocution all suffer sacrifices himself for his friends rushed off the edge of the universe.

Wyldstyle is saddened by the selfless sacrifice of Emmet. Inspired by Emmet, The Master Builders escape and regroup with the help of Bad Cop, who decides to join them as a retribution of how Lord Business has left him for dead; returning to be Good Cop, which a new face is written with a pen. Wyldstyle retransmits the heroic deeds of Emmet on television and people of the whole universe start to use their creativity to create weapons with which to defend themselves.