Michael schumacher and ayrton senna relationship

Lewis Hamilton: Emulating Ayrton Senna not Michael Schumacher was always my dream

michael schumacher and ayrton senna relationship

Donald McRae: Damon Hill remembers racing with two of Formula One's most contrasting characters, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Ferrari driver Micheal Schumacher was always the first one in, last out. Always. Why is Ayrton Senna considered better than Michael Schumacher?. HT caught up with the year-old to discuss the comparisons with Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, relationship with Red Bull.

Just sheer admiration and a sense of pride that he was there. His engineer, Gary Anderson: Andrea felt there was something wrong with his car too and, because he was the senior driver, took the spare car. We bundled Michael in, and had no chance to even adjust the pedals or anything. Well, immediately, Michael was beating Andrea again… it was surreal.

He timed each driver with a stopwatch from the La Source hairpin through to when they passed him, and announced the year-old fifth fastest behind Senna, Mansell, Patrese and Berger. At his first ever Formula 1 outing!! And one more thing: Schumacher had never driven any kind of car on Spa Francorchamps circuit before.

Senna at Donnington behind the wheel of McLaren Senna had more days of inspiration; take Donnington in for example. The reason people bring up Donnington all the time is because Senna did the impossible in a piece of junk car that had no real chance that year to win the championship.

michael schumacher and ayrton senna relationship

I of course won't deny that was a masterpiece of all times from Senna, but people forget that he had traction control reportedly the most evolved at the time where Schumacher didn't have. He gets one only in Monaco some races after. I guess I don't need to explain the importance of that facility, especialy on the wet. But anyway, I find it hard to imagine even Schumacher bettering that performance. On rainy day in Donnington Senna was in forth position after first corner after start.

On the end of the first lap he was in first place with four second advantage. Michael made his Formula One debut in with Jordan team, and just 12 months later had won his first Grand Prix, driving for the Benetton team. Beneton was not some great team nor they have some great car.

In his first full season he finished third in the championship and in the years to come, he established himself firmly at the top of the Formula One tree. Schumacher only raced Senna in, and To prepare myself for this article, I recently watched again the and seasons in review and Schumacher gave Senna a really good run for his money in many of the wheel to wheel battles.

I find funny when people say that in 93 Schumacher had an advantage in the engine McLaren was forced to take a customer supply of Ford V8 engines which were two specifications behind that of Ford's factory team, Benetton, but only horsepower differencebut Senna had superior TAG electronics including an effective active suspension system, the best it is in this time.

In Schumacher only had traction control in Monaco, were he got first line behind Prost. In Monaco '93 Schumacher had Senna well and truly beaten, however his engine cruelly gave up half way through the race. Schumacher was leading the race with 15 second advantage over Senna and then he had a technical problem. On top of this Senna was a matured driver at his peak when a young and inexperienced Schumacher came on the scene.

Michael's development since those early years should leave most of us wondering just how Senna could have managed in equal equipment in say Talking of experience, McLaren had in 93 a lot more experience than Benetton with active suspension and semi-automatic gearboxbecause in 92 Senna use active suspension and semi-automatic gearbox were Schumacher had to use a manual gear box and conservative suspension the entire year.

Then come and Schumacher was clearly the man destined for the title if you see how beginning of season went in spite of the widespread belief that this was Senna's year.

In 94 Senna was loosing the championship, he knew it, and was obvious that he was feeling the pressure from Schumacher, reason why he was making several mistakes.

Yet, Senna claimed pole positions in those first 3 races. Williams had the best car for but not at the beginning of the season because they were still trying to sort out the car without their active suspension.

But all teams have to adjust to new rules. Schumacher win first race of the season in Brazil Schumacher was leading; Senna was trying to reduce the gap to Schumacher, but then spun off on lap 56, just pushing too hard.

michael schumacher and ayrton senna relationship

Schumacher win second race in Japan at the start, Schumacher got ahead of Senna, later Senna spun and was hit by Larini, taking both out, Schumacher made it two wins out of two ahead of Berger, Barrichello, Christian Fittipaldi with fastest lap in both races. It was Senna's worst start to an F1 season, failing to finish or score points in the first two races, despite taking pole both times.

Schumacher was leading Senna in the drivers' championship by twenty points.

Senna vs. Schumacher

Whatever might have happened at Imola, Schumacher perhaps making a better race strategy, and he is the all-time genius in this category, looks like he would have beaten Senna fair and square in Monaco, the Senna's fabled power circuit. In Monaco Schumacher took a 4 second advantage over the second placed car after only one lap.

This hadn't been seen since the days of Clarke. Schumacher first season at Maranello was one of his greatest. He won three races in a car that was miles off the pace, his driving was on a separate level from the rest. The best was a stunning victory in torrential rain in Spain, where he routinely lapped as much as five seconds faster than anyone else. I have big respect for Hakkinen too, but he has beaten Michael really only once — All other years Michael beat him.

Former world champion, Jacques Villeneuve not the friend of Michael at all, and with the good reasonperhaps summed up Michael's dominance of the sport best after losing to him at the Spanish Grand Prix in I cannot imagine a harder challenge.

He lay on the track, still strapped to his seat, with the debris of his wrecked Lotus strewn around him, his legs twisted at hideous angles. Instead of hiding in his motorhome, Ayrton actually came to the trackside and watched his great friend Professor Sid Watkins save Donnelly's life.

He converted it into his first victory in the race, which was held in very wet conditions, winning by over a minute from Michele Alboreto [38] and lapping everyone up to and including 3rd placed Patrick Tambay.

The race was the first 'Grand Slam' of Senna's career, as he also set the fastest lap of the race. He would not finish in the points again until coming second at the Austrian Grand Prixdespite taking pole three more times in the intervening period. His determination to take pole at the Monaco Grand Prix had infuriated Alboreto and Niki Lauda; Senna had set a fast time early and was accused of deliberately baulking the other drivers by running more laps than necessary, a charge he rejected, though the accusations would continue in Canada when drivers accused him of running on the racing line when on his slow down lap forcing others on qualifiers to move off line and lose time.

In terms of qualifying, however, Senna had begun to establish himself as the quickest in the field: De Angelis was replaced at Lotus by Scotland 's Johnny Dumfries after Senna vetoed Derek Warwick from joining the team, saying that Lotus could not run competitive cars for two top drivers at the same time.

Senna later admitted "It was bad, bad. Until then I had a good relationship with Derek. Nonetheless, Senna was once more the top qualifier with eight poles, with a further six podium finishes included another win at the Detroit Grand Prixthus finishing the season fourth in the driver's standings again, with a total of 55 points.

Thereafter, he repeated this ritual every time he won a race. Team Lotus had a new engine deal inrunning the same turbocharged Honda V6 engines as Williams had used to win the previous year's Constructors' Championship, and with them came a new teammate, year-old Japanese driver, Satoru Nakajima.

The team guaranteed Senna contractually preferential treatment over Nakajima in the allocation of equipment. Senna became dissatisfied with his chances at Lotus and at Monza it was announced that he would be joining McLaren for This season marked a turning point in Senna's career as, throughout the year, he built a deep relationship with Honda, one which would pay big dividends, as McLaren had secured Williams's supply of Honda's V6 turbo engines for Indue to the relationship he had built up with Honda throughout the season with Lotus, and with the approval of McLaren's number-one driver and then-double world champion, Alain Prost, Senna joined the McLaren team.

As the television cameras had not captured his crash, team boss Ron Dennis did not know what had caused his DNF until then, though Prost speculated that judging from the tyre marks, it appeared as though Senna had clipped the inside barrier at Portiers, which pitched him into the outside guard rail.

At the Portuguese Grand PrixProst made a slightly faster start than Senna, but the Brazilian dived into the first corner ahead.

michael schumacher and ayrton senna relationship

Prost responded and went to pass Senna at the end of the first lap. Prost kept his foot down and soon edged Senna into the first corner and started pulling away. At the postrace team debrief, Prost voiced his anger at the move which prompted Senna to apologize to Prost for the incident. Prost scored more points over the season, but had to drop three second places as only the 11 best scores counted.

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With two laps remaining, Senna held a five-second lead over the Ferraris of Gerhard Berger and Michele Alboretowho were closing in on the McLaren Prost had earlier retired with a badly misfiring engine. Schlesser steered wide, attempting to give Senna room to lap him, losing then regaining control to avoid going into the sand trap.

Unfortunately, Senna did not give the Williams room and took his normal racing line. Subsequently, Senna's McLaren was T-boned and ended up beached on a curb with broken rear suspension. Ferrari would go on to an emotional 1—2 finish, the first in an Italian Grand Prix since the death of the team's founder Enzo Ferrari. This would prove to be the only race McLaren did not win in During the season, Senna rewrote the record books. His eight wins beat the old record of seven jointly held by Jim Clark and Prost His 13 pole positions also beat the record of nine held by Nelson Piquet The following year, the rivalry between Senna and Prost intensified into numerous battles on the track and a psychological war off it.

Senna took an early lead in the championship with victories in San Marino, Monacoand Mexico. Senna also achieved the feat of leading every lap of those races which was not equalled until Sebastian Vettel in However, unreliability in PhoenixCanadaFranceBritainand Italytogether with collisions in Brazil and Portugalswung the title in Prost's favour.

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Prost had managed to leave the grid faster than Senna by removing the gurney flap from his car, which was unbeknownst to Senna. On lap 46, Senna had finally come next to Prost and attempted a pass on the inside at the last chicane.

Prost turned right into the upcoming corner, cutting Senna off and tangling wheels with him. The collision caused both McLarens to slide to a standstill into the escape road ahead. Prost abandoned the race at that point, whereas Senna urged marshals for a push-start, which he received, then proceeding with the race after a pit stop to replace the damaged nose on his car. He took the lead from the Benetton of Alessandro Nannini and went on to claim victory, only to be disqualified following a stewards meeting after the race.

Senna was disqualified for receiving a push start, cutting the chicane after the collision with Prost, and for crossing into the pit lane entry which was not part of the track. Senna claimed that Balestre had forced the race stewards to disqualify him so his fellow Frenchman Prost could win the championship, though the stewards of the meeting denied that Balestre forced their decision, claiming that he was not present when the decision was made.

Prost left McLaren for rivals Ferrari for the following year.