Mika and yuu relationship quiz

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mika and yuu relationship quiz

If you think about it in terms of yuu relationship with his team members the author seems to focus more heavily on Shinoa, Yuu and mika. I mainly write in English to practice the language and I may make some mistake. I am currently in the Owari no seraph fandom and my OTP is Mikayuu. I love to. Mika and Krul (AWWWWW CUTE MOM AND SON RELATIONSHIP) Ferid x Mika Yuu, Seraph Of The End, Owari No Seraph, Tomoe,. YuuSeraph Of The.

Knowing she must rescue him from the humans she must also learn to accept and trust the new family he has made since leaving Sanguinem.

mika and yuu relationship quiz

She discovers emotions she had long forgotten as well as new ones for a blue-eyed sniper. Jones the Prince of Spades,is engaged to Alice Kirkland,a princess who wants to be free. When Alice goes missing,Arthur Kirkland,a commoner,takes her place.

Follow him as he battles love,friendship,kingdoms,and magic.

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Mika is finding it difficult to control his thirst. He asks Yuu to make him a promise. So what happens when Jackson tries to fix things with his own science experiment? The hidden series part 1 by Demonika and Mikan reviews Please either look at my profile or search for season 3: I am leaving this story up so that I still have it, and so you all do as well whilst I work on my long update of the new version.

mika and yuu relationship quiz

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Nightmarish Knight by Riversparks reviews After Nightmare was defeated, the residents of Dreamland thought that their troubles were over. But to everyone's horror, Nightmare returns. A little later, Dreamland's Knight mysteriously falls ill. Could these two events be connected? And with Dedede up to no good, it's not easy to answer questions that have bothered them for a long time.

Rated T to be safe. Voici donc ce petit lexique pour enfin les comprendre. Il y a aussi du HongIce, du SuFin T - French - Humor - Chapters: When he has just about had enough he is groped by the slightly clueless or so he thinks Yuu. Mika take a liking to the male who takes an equally liking to him as well. It will contain bad language as well as themes of a sexual nature.

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After Nightmare's defeat, Kirby's duty as a Star Warrior is long from over. Join him on his adventures as he meets new friends, faces new foes, and learns more about himself along the way. Contains continuity from both the anime and games. Exams, Sex and Cafeteria Lunch by Sam-E reviews Most people like to only focus on the fact that these characters are monsters.

mika and yuu relationship quiz

But before they're vampires, ghosts, werewolves and such, they're hormonal, destructive and confused teenagers. With secrets, flaws and bad acne, the Monster High Ghouls will have to face their biggest problem - Puberty.

mika and yuu relationship quiz

Reviews are very much welcomed! This is the story of how it happened and who made it that way. This story is filled with bad humor. This is a Yuu x harem fic. There is no smut whatsoever. For those of you perverts looking for that crap go somewhere else. I hope those of you who dare to read this enjoy it.

And if you don't K - French - Humor - Chapters: But is that the only thing captured? Whose heart will be captured first?

After the last few chaotic months, the party finally manages to find some semblance of peace and wishes it could last forever but it is not to be.

Kirby Kirby - Rated: Pas top quand on est la reine des vampires. Seraph of the End by midnightwars reviews After the battle in Shinjuku, Yu finds out that Mika was one of the vampires that the Hiragi family captured.

When he gets caught while trying to save him, he least expected Kureto Hiragi to let them go! Under conditions of course, Mika must remain in my sight at all times, also Mika is required to attend a school.

Quiz by Jordanna Morgan reviews Yu's answers are even worse than his questions. Witty banter and sarcasm ensues. You were selling more than just your blood to that bastard, weren't you?

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Takes place between chapters 46 and 47 of the manga. T - French - Romance - Chapters: After getting back her precious family member, she was determined to go to the Nagoya airport to save her squad before Kureto decided to forget about their deal. This story contains fem! Before they left, Mika told you that he loves him. Even though Yuu said he loves him as well, Mika knew that his kind of love is not the same as his own.

He let go of it, but what will happen when Mika's thirst for blood resurface and he refuses to accept Yuu's?

mika and yuu relationship quiz

Birthday present for peregr1ne. Mika tries to shoot at Ferid Bathory, only to give Yuu a chance to escape, but ends up with an arm slashed and a hole in his chest. Rage takes over Yuu, as he takes the gun and shoots at Bathory's head. Right after, the moment when Yuu will try to take the agonizing Mika outside with him is one of the most touching part. Mika, who sacrificed everything to save Yuu, will ask him to escape and not to let their death be in vain. Alone, with the dream of hope that he and Mika shared fallen to pieces, Yuu swears revenge towards the vampires!

Yuu is destroyed by his family's death, and will devote himself to the training. Yuu's hope is to, someday, make the vampires pay for the future they took away from Mika and the others. On the other side, there's Mika, saved by a powerful vampire — Kurl, the vampire queen of Japan. The cruel fate will strike him, as he will be turned into a vampire. From there onward, Mika's purpose is to find Yuu and reunite with him.

So as the years will pass, they will only think of their own purposes, and act consequently. Basically, they are each other's reason to keep on living, and they cling to that reason with resolution! It's interesting to see how they evolve and change, and how their tragic past changes them.

When they were little, Yuu was a hot-tempered, stubborn kid who had always something to say. In those moments, the sweet Mika tried to cheer him up, or make him calm down. Yuu was usually a pessimist, and in those moments, Mika's kind and upbeat character was essential to soothe him.

Years after, the tables turn. Yuu, who initially was so negative, becomes a person who is able to make friends and even to cheer them up.


Now a vampire, Mika, who was so cheerful and optimistic, becomes cold and cynical. The injustice he felt in the past, for being turned into a vampire, and for being separated from Yuu, have hardened him. With these changing, their meeting after a long time shows you how different they became, and yet how one needs the other to keep himself together! Their bromance is more than bromance, and yet less than romance.

It maintains the right balance that makes the girls go all soft, and yet allows the boys to like this show anyway. They just feel that they can be themselves when they're together, and when they meet again after years, Mika will cry, while Yuu will be so shocked that he will turn into a demon.

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Only Mika's words will save him, once again. Later, the moment when Mika, on the verge of death and unwilling to save himself, will be constricted by Yuu to drink his blood, meaning that he will turn into a real vampire with no turning back, will give you moments of real, much appreciated bromance.

Mika is afraid that Yuu will hate him, but Yuu assures him that he can never hate his Mika, because Mika, human or vampire, will always be Mika. Tears, hugs, sweet words and then Mika finally drinks Yuu's blood, becoming a real vampire! Seven days after the battle, when he wakes up in a hospital and remembers what happened, he realizes that his teammates have made it back alive as well, he bursts into tears, to the joy of Shinoa who teases him non-stop.

Mika, on the other side, is just as happy to have found Yuu. Their meeting was by chance, but the only thing that really matters is that they can reunite, and the dream of hope they had when they were little, can be put back together.

In that moment, their willing to save each other strengthens.