Moesha and relationship test

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moesha and relationship test

Later, Hakeem and Moesha discuss reconsidering their relationship. them; Jerome is shocked when he discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom. Moesha is an American sitcom that ran on UPN from January 23, through May Aborted Arc: Bernie and Andell's secret relationship in the third season . her out of her own home for an entire summer, tried to get her to take a drug test, . Also, Moesha tells her parents about moving in with Hakeem as well as Blake ( George O. Gore II) consider consummating their relationship, A Mystery in History: Moesha needs to study for an upcoming history test, but all.

She thinks she's found the perfect man to be her baby's daddy—until she learns that he's HIV-positive.

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Meanwhile, Ray-Ray and Reecy manipulate Dorian and Frank in to giving them tickets to a Destiny's Child concert by putting on a goody-two shoes act, but their plans go awry when Myles catches them stealing money from Frank's wallet. Los Vecinos and Nerdes: Two new families move in to the Mitchells' neighborhood; the Logan family, a somewhat typical mid-to- upper-class white family from New York, and the Cortez family, a struggling, but hardworking third-to-middle-class family from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Both families are welcomed by the Mitchells with open arms, but not by each other. Although Moesha, Dorian, Myles, Ray-Ray, and Reecy all manage to bond with the new families' respective children, the adults are caught up in a war of races and money.

With Moesha, Niecy and Hakeem, the kids must convince their parents that skin color doesn't matter in friendships. Bad Boys, Birds and Bees: Myles and Ray-Ray meet some new friends but fall short in their style department, so they try new looks—ones that Dorian and Reecy praise, but that Frank does not approve of.

Meanwhile, Moesha and Niecy try to spend some quality time with Reecy, whose only interest is how Mo got pregnant, prompting them to give her "the talk".

moesha and relationship test

Moesha reflects on the good times she had with her late mother as she wonders if she could be good mother to her baby. Meanwhile, Ray-Ray and Myles hold a bet on whether they can beat each other on a new video game, but they both soon become addicted to it, and soon only Frank and Dee can intervene to snap them out of their addiction.

moesha and relationship test

A Home with No Tenants: The Kennedy's home is facing foreclosure due to their legal problems, so Ray, Sr. Frank, however, has his own problems helping Moesha and Hakeem with her doctor visits as she begins to experience pregnancy symptoms. Meanwhile, Myles, Ray-Ray and Reecy start a dog-walking business that flourishes greatly—until Dorian catches them letting their clients' pets do their business on the neighbors' lawns instead of the local dog park. With summer coming to an end, and Mo about to enter her second trimester, everyone scrams to get ready to go back to school.

Gore II consider consummating their relationship, Dorian strives to enroll in a junior college at the last second, and Ray-Ray and Reecy prepare to enter a school full of strangers. Back to the Books: With school in session once again, Moesha and Hakeem now must find some way to continue college and hide Mo's ever-growing baby-bump.

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They try to keep a lid on it from their friends, but with Alicia Alexis Fields back and trying to snooping around again, it could be a very difficult task. As evidence against Ray-Ray and Reecy's parents in their corporate money laundering case continues to pile up, despite the efforts of their defense attorney Courtney B.

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Vancethe two troublemakers become depressed secretly and turn to a gang for solace. Meanwhile, Moesha and Hakeem start shopping around for the perfect maternity clothes.

moesha and relationship test

She Ain't a Mother: Mo is very excited about her baby, but all her happiness turns to dust when she meets a mother who had a baby as a teen and kept and raised it and ended up dropping out of school to take care of it.

During the beginning of the series, he was known mostly for playing practical jokes on his sister and her friends.

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In the spinoff The Parkersit was revealed that he and Moesha were no longer in a relationship. Andell is featured on the spin-off show The Parkerswhere she owns a self-named restaurant and bar. He is from New York City and had an on-off relationship with Moesha until departing in Season 3 to manage a rap group. In Season 6, Q proposes to Moesha which she accepts, but the engagement is eventually called off when Q wants to sell Moesha's engagement ring to help support his rap group on Thanksgiving Dorian Long played by Ray J Seasons 5—6 — Moesha's and Myles' brother, previously thought to be their cousin.

Dorian is originally from Oakland but runs away from his mothers home to live with the Mitchell's. One Very Special Episode revolved around Moesha potentially starting a relationship with a white guy. Frank to Moesha and Dorian after it's revealed that her cousin was actually her brother.

moesha and relationship test

In "The Candidate", Moesha and Hakeem have this after the political candidate they support, sexually harassesd Hakeem. One episode had Moesha meeting The latter plays the former. Moesha and Jeremy played by Usher go to see Usher in concert. Ray J eventually appears as himself in a later season. Later episodes got a lot more serious due to the waning relationship between Moesha and Frank. The cast also crossed over for a Halloween episode of The Parkers.