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Autres livres audio du même: This "prequel" is really a vehicle to develop the characters of Lan, Moiraine and Siuan. got involved in their top secret mission, and how Lan and Moiraine met and ended up in the relationship they have. Firstly, I always wanted them to get together, but I know that Lan is in Moiraine and Siuan did not have merely a sexual relationship, but a. Incorrect (but accurate) WoT quotes al'Lan Mandragoran & Moiraine Damodred talk about Nynaeve al'Meara from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) by.

This "prequel" is really a vehicle to develop the characters of Lan, Moiraine and Siuan. Since the mystery concerning these characters and the reasons for their quest to find the Dragon Reborn helped make the first three or four volumes more interesting, I recommend a new reader read at least the first three volumes before reading this book. Jordan's prose sounds excellent when read. The readers are talented and, as a result, this is one book that might be more entertaining to listen to than to read.

I didn't think I would like it, but I do! If you try to listen to this before any of the other books you will be totally confused.

It is meant to fill in the missing parts to some of the major character's backstory. It isn't meant as an introduction to the world created by Robert Jordan. I suggest listening to at least 5 books in the series before getting this one.

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It will give you a deeper understanding of the Hows and Whys of what has happened and will let you look at the series from a fresh perspective. After listening to this one, I will begin listening to the series over again! He had seen her rush into the midst of Shadowspawn, wielding the Power as skillfully as Lan did his sword, seen it too often to believe fear in her.

SO why had she not come when she sensed the Draghkar? She could have, and Lan as well; that was one of the gifts a Warder received from the bond between him and an Aes Sedai. He could make her tell, catch her between her oath to him and her inability to lie straight out. No, he could not. He would not do that to someone who was trying to help him. Mo is disappearing in this book, so I get the impression RJ wanted the readers to understand that there was a sexual relationship between Mo and Lan, because until now its been doubtful and after this book we would never find out.

Rand eliminates fear, and he knows he can trust her at this point. He also emphasizes that neither of them came so most likely for a shared reason. Rand knows they were having sex, or thinks he does, and thinks about catching her at giving that slippery answer which she isn't supposed to do but then decides that he couldn't do that to her bc it would be too embarassing for her.

She's been helping him and has nothing but good intentions, so he would feel like a real jerk doing that to her.

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If you have no further need of me? Mo always takes advantage of a chance to lecture Rand and impress her knowledge on him for long periods of time in this book. They became pillow friends for comfort and to ease their libidos, despite neither being lesbian.

Both were quick learners, passing all rituals on their first attempt, although Moiraine had the benefit of a classical education in the Old Tongue and knew much of the politics and history of the world before she arrived at the Tower, whereas Siuan did not. Nevertheless, credit must be given to Moiraine in her skill in the One Power.

Siuan always took the lead between them, which surprised Moiraine at first, until she realized Siuan had been born to lead.

She and Siuan become Accepted after three years and Aes Sedai after a further three years. In the history of the White Tower, only one other woman had become Aes Sedai in such a short time: Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan.

This may have been one of the many sources of animosity that would emerge between the two women over the years to come. Interestingly, Elaida had always kept an eye on both Moiraine and Siuan, pushing both of them to live up to her extremely high standards and not allowing a single slip.

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On this day, the Aiel War came right up to the banks of the River Erinin outside Tar Valon itself, where her uncle Laman had retreated with the remainder of his Cairhien forces. That day Moroso foretold that at that very moment the Dragon had been reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount not far away, and immediately fell down dead.

The Dragon Rebornthough necessary, was not the most celebrated of saviors; he was prophesied to save the world, and yet break it. The night before their raising, they tried to play a last prank on Elaida by sneaking mice into her bed. Elaida caught them and made sure they were punished severely.

It was around this time that several Sitters began insinuating that Moiraine should take the throne of Cairhien.

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This made her uncomfortable, and added to her motivation to escape the Tower the other being to search for the Dragon. At an unspecified time during her decade long search for the Dragon Reborn, she acquired an angrealhaving been given permission from the Hall of the Tower, possibly through pressure on Siuan's part, as implied during their conversation in Fal Dara [8].

Their journey ultimately took them to Shienar and the Eye of the Worldwhere Rand channeled consciously for the first time. Soon after, Moiraine knew she'd found the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine left Rand, with a small group to recover the Horn of Valere only to find him again after the Battle of Falme. After that Moiraine left Rand's side as little as possible.

The only time she left his side again was during the events leading up to the fall of the Stone of Tearwhen Rand snuck away to see if he could draw the sword Callandor and fulfill an important prophecy concerning the Dragon Reborn, or see if he was only a False Dragon.

Despite his success, Rand resented what he saw as interference and manipulation on Moiraine's part; though she seemed to be trying to help him, Aes Sedai are used to getting what they want, and keeping their plans to themselves. Finally, after Rand's journey to Rhuidean in the Aiel Wastethe two managed to form a sort of compromise, with Rand agreeing to listen if Moiraine agreed to merely advise. While at Rhuidean, Moiraine had entered a ter'angreal that showed her hundreds of possible futures; furthermore, she knew that if she wasn't present at the docks that day, Lanfeara Forsaken who was obsessed with him, might take control over Rand.

When Rand refused to kill Lanfear, even in his own defense, Moiraine took matters into her own hands. The twisted redstone doorframe from Rhuidean was present nearby, and Moiraine shoved Lanfear through it by tackling her, and thus joined her inside, ending the assault but presumably also both their lives: Because she had altered her bond so that Lan would belong to another Aes Sedai instead of trying to avenge her prior to her visions beyond the doorway, and possibly because of NynaeveLan left immediately, if not happily, to seek out Myrelle Berengari.