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music and politics relationship

This series looks at the relationship between music and politics. To begin, this piece acts as an introduction to some of the theories surrounding. Music and Politics is an open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal first not work out the uneasy relationship between serious, light, and formalist music. In this module we will investigate and discuss the relation between music and politics: how music affects The Importance and Power of Music in our Society .

Are things like benefit concerts or charity singles effective or are they more kind of cynical attempts by musicians to seem like they care? So you will not see for example [in the UK] Conservative supporters at the gigs organised by the Labour Party and so on. So it is not necessarily about changing political views rather about making them a bit stronger and giving people a chance to interact with people of the same view.

It is also about making people more aware of what the issues are and that is the potential of music that it can be brought to politics and in general kind of larger movements. Because lots of people forget that engagement of musicians in the US actually precedes Donald Trump quite a lot. We had the Dixie Chicks who were banned for speaking out against Bush. So Trump coming in is neither the new exciting example or neither the very negative example because it was all there before and it just kind of gets highlighted because Trump uses Twitter and he has millions of followers.

What about politicians trying to get musicians to support or endorse them? Does this have meaning to it or is it just kind of more the celebritisation of politics? I would say it is a bit about celebrity endorsements and kind of getting more popular and so on. So basically, a message transferred through Twitter reaches so much more people, it is not necessarily even about the message itself it is just about the fact that it gets to more people. This kind of links to your earlier question around technology, so this combination at the moment allows for this kind of particular celebrity endorsement.

But again, it is not a very new phenomenon, if we compare it for example to the movie industry and actors endorsing politicians again it is nothing new and is something that started out very early with Hollywood. Now there was an example in the UK last year with Jeremy Corbyn where he became heavily endorsed by grime artists which in fact even led to a voter registration drive called Grime 4 Corbyn.

Could you explain this a bit more and was it successful?

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It was an extremely interesting social experiment I would say in the sense that lots of grime stars endorsed Jeremy Corbyn. We had Stormzy, JME, Novelist, lots of them who simply made a statement despite never voting before, but now they are getting more interested in politics. Did it have an effect? Well the whole campaign of Labour leading into the election next to the typical political rallies included a lot of gigs and small-scale festivals but mostly appearances of Jeremy Corbyn at different events including the famous speech during Glastonbury which reached almost eighteen million people.

So the goal was to again not change political views rather to get those festival goers and so on which are on average actually Labour supporters to mobilise them to go vote. It is a good time to talk about the future.

Do you think music and politics is going to have more of a closer relationship or do you think it is going to decline as such? That is an interesting question. Again, as mentioned before it is not a new phenomenon, it is just we have a tendency to forget a lot of examples.

music and politics relationship

Just to kind of bring in something which I just recently worked on with another colleague: So a few weeks ago [the British Labour Party] organised a big Labour festival, we had Jeremy Corbyn coming to this thing and talking about how politics and music have to be together and we have organised this big thing and next year it is going to be bigger and so on. So it is not really going to change it is just going to be a bit more visible.

Is there anything else you would like to add or that we might have missed? Something very interesting which comes up with this intersection of music and politics are these things called micro-events.

Can music change politics?

So these are gigs of like maximum people, small communities in the cities, and they are actually all very dependent on the interaction in those communities. An Album of Jim Crow Blues. Billie Holiday recorded and popularised the song " Strange Fruit " in In the post-war era, J. Lenoir gained a reputation for political and social comment; his record label pulled the planned release of single "Eisenhower Blues" due to its title [27] and later material protested civil rights, racism and the Vietnam War.

music and politics relationship

The State Department denied Robeson a passport and issued a "stop notice" at all ports, effectively confining him to the United States. In a symbolic act of defiance against the travel ban, labour unions in the U.

Music and Politics

He returned to perform a second concert at the Peace Arch in[31] and over the next two years two further concerts were scheduled. Discocontrary to popular opinion, originated in Black queer communities and offered these communities a form of salvation or safe haven from social turmoil during the s, in the Bronx and other parts of New York. It was agreed by many members prominent in the Disco scene that the music was about love and the vitality of "absorbing the feeling", but the question regarding its political import received mixed responses.

Not only did discos allow marginalized individuals an opportunity to express their sexuality and appreciate one another's diversity, they had the ability to influence popular music. Although once mutually exclusive, discotheques allowed for the coming together of black music and pop; this shows how disco music not only led to a social appreciation for diversity, but offered a platform on which Black artists could succeed.

The eventual commercialization of disco set in motion its decline.

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This new commodified disco, very different than its diverse and queer roots, idealized the white individual and favored heteronormative relations. This not only allowed for the roots of such a diverse movement to be lost, but the erasure of the liberation and escapism it offered many minorities. Paxton albums such as Outward Bound [34] and Morning Again [35] continued to highlight political issues.

Christy Moore has also recorded much political material, including on debut solo album Paddy on the Roadproduced by and featuring songs by Dominic Behan, and on albums such as Ride On including " Viva la Quinta Brigada "Ordinary Man and various artists LP H Block to which Moore contributed "Ninety Miles from Dublin", in response to the Republican prisoners' blanket protest of the late s.

Hungaryfor instance, experimented with a form of liberal Communism in the late Cold War era, which was reflected in much of their folk music.