Nana and takumi relationship problems

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nana and takumi relationship problems

The point is that Nana could have just asked Takumi for child support and kept her life as But that is just the beginning of Nana O's problems. The most irritating thing about Nana O. is her crazy relationship with Ren. write up to sum up nana and hachi' relationship, I mean I know you ship them, Even if Takumi had never come into the picture, I think they had a lot of One of their problems, with Nana constantly saying “I hate conniving. I'm not sure if Hachi feels the way Takumi does though because I think .. problems in their relationship and acknowledges them as problems.

However, it is hinted throughout the series that Nana has never really forgiven Ren for leaving her behind, probably because her mother abandoned her as a child and she has a huge fear of losing someone close to her again. They are one of the most sincere and intimate couples in anime. Hachi and Shoji Hachi is a person who can be happy only if she is in love, and she is known for falling in love with men quite easily. Her first serious relationship was with Shoji, a handsome and reliable art student.

Before meeting him, she'd had an affair with a married businessman, Takashi Asano, who left her heartbroken until she met Shoji. They are both from the same hometown, but he moved to Tokyo because of his studies and part time job.

Hachi went after him and stayed with him. However, Shoji criticized her for being too dependent and that is when she decided to find her own apartment and job. That is when she met Nana for the second time and became her flatmate in the apartment Nana also means seven.

She also manages to find a job. Hachi and Shoji's relationship soon goes downhill because Shoji realizes that Hachi loves him only because he loves her back, and he could not feel her real love for him.

He went on and cheated on her with his co-worker Sachiko and that is when they officially broke up. Nana was the one who comforted Hachi that day and let her cry in her arms. Later on, Hachi and Shoji meet for the first time after their break-up and talk normally, deciding that they should move on and forget about the past. She had admired him even before meeting him, because she was already a fan of Trapnest. Takumi is described as a handsome, powerful and intimidating man, and she was attracted to him the moment she saw him.

They began a secretive affair and even though Hachi was aware that he did not intend to become serious or that he did not care about her at all, she was afraid of being alone and decided to be content with their rare encounters that were mostly sexual in nature.

Takumi only uses her as his plaything and he knows that she cannot refuse him because she is afraid of loneliness and he is a womanizer. Nobu resembles Hachi a lot - he is also innocent and sensitive, just like her. While being attracted physically to Takumi, she gets emotionally attached to Nobu and he really falls in love with her.

When Hachi finally realizes that Nobu is the one who really likes her for who she is and that his feelings are sincere, while Takumi's are not, she breaks up with Takumi over the phone and decides to begin a happy relationship with Nobu. It becomes apparent that the two of them are really suited for each other. Volume 21 is an extended, painful depiction of grief, in all its overwhelming, banal detail. When they come out of the car, Yasu carries Nana, who is draped over him helplessly.

For him, that means being there for Nana when no one else will or can. For her, it means knowing when to get herself out of the way.

nana and takumi relationship problems

She spends the series desperately glomming onto a series of men and arguably women too in an effort to get somebody else to provide the backbone and rational decision making functions that she so spectacularly lacks. Over the course of the manga, Hachi develops a huge, somewhat ridiculous hero-worshipping crush on rock-star Nana.

And so, in this sequence, when the worst ha happened, Hachi does what mothers often do, and sacrifices herself for her baby.

nana and takumi relationship problems

It reminds me a little of my mother-in-law, who, like Hachi, is in many ways, infuriatingly flighty, and who, like Hachi, married too young. Yet, when my father-in-law that man she married was dying of brain cancer, she fed him and cleaned him and struggled tirelessly with a series of indifferent doctors and hospitals to get him the best possible care. I want to see someone stressed out in this crazy life and suffer the consequences.

So in that aspect…I think the manga is spot on. I also think they hit the mark on how Nana O. That was a perfect reaction given that Nana O. That is also very believable. I think this state would have been better had it lasted longer. Only 2 weeks in bed after her husband died? I think that if that had been my husband I would still be in bed but she might not be better as in the future she is missing and everyone is afraid she is dead so I might be speaking too soon.

Besides her Nana K was in danger.

NANA special: TAKUMI

But she is no role model either. She is a chain smoker like 90 percent of the rest of the casta high school dropout, and someone who has a very unhappy relationship with a man. She does have a weird thing going on with Yasu but that is mostly on his side. She wants to be his friend and it is not her fault he has some weird love thing for her. She could handle the situation with a little more care for his feelings but that is not her style.

// I was wondering if you could do an analysis or

On to the other misfits of this manga! Takumi is the biggest slut out of everyone. He is not redeemable at all and quite frankly I wish he had died in that car crash instead of Ren. I mean, I can pretend everyone else has something special about them and that only a tiny part of them is broken instead. Takumi is just…evil He is so evil yet confusing. Why not give her money for an abortion and move on?

Nana and Takumi- Whats Love?

Or just give her child support and keep on having all the crazy sex with sluts. Someone please explain that to me! Well, some people have. No as Takumi can only think of himself. Takumi is actually a really responsible person and tries to make the best of a sticky situation? No, the thought of Takumi being responsible and not conniving makes me throw up.

Takumi is jealous that Nana left him for Nobu and is possessive over what he thinks is his whether he wants this toy or not? That is probably the answer that makes the most sense. It follows his character more and makes him look like a true villain. Whatever his reasons he is a sucky human being. He came in at the right moment and managed to say a few right things to make Nana K.

Love and Romance in Nana -

Not that Nobu gets a get of jail free card but still. Takumi controlled the situation from day one and no one could really escape his manipulative plan. Her life changes dramatically but he is the same old play boy. He continues to sleep around like a slut. And he continues to be whatever with Reira. He only thinks about the band in very calculating ways and seems to forget there are actual people involved.

His relationship with Reira pretty much pisses me off, but that is more on her end. He is a playboy so it is expected he is going to screw anything that moves. But you would think for the sake of his precious band he would be able to keep it in his pants. At least with other woman people can pretend that Nana K. So in that regards that is why his cheating on Nana K. I hate that this attitude happens in real life. You know, those silly things like unwanted pregnancies and STDS and the herps.

It can withstand many rolls in the hay without a scratch on it. Oh and did I mention he was friggin stupid for not using protection?! In conclusion Takumi sucks as a human being.

He treats all the women he bangs very poorly which I guess…. He sees their band as a business and moves his friends in certain positions that benefits himself. He can never just do something to be nice for a human being. When was on drugs Takumi had to tell him to get it together…for the band.

Some may think he is not cold and calculating but he has trouble expressing his true feelings. Cry me a river. Takumi is a douche bag. Really he was one of the more likable characters out of this band of misfits. He wanted to be in a band…to have people hear his music. After become rich and famous he was still the same down to Earth guy. Or whatever Ren before he was famous. For the most part he was an okay guy and I think he put up with a lot of crap.

The only time I thought he was a big jerk when he was talking about Nana K. Especially since later he goes on to act like they are such good friends and that he trusts Nana K to take care of Nana O and all that jazz.

But besides those…jerk moments Ren is a decent guy. Granted they are pretty big jerk moments…but I am grasping at straws to like someone. Ren having a drug problem surprises me.

nana and takumi relationship problems

Ren being the only one with a drug problem does. I wish we knew when this little drug problem started. Was it after his marriage to Nana O and she was being the biggest bitch in the world? Or was it the only part of the glam life he gave into? But Ren had a drug problem. I am not sure why his manager was supplying him with the drugs but maybe it was safer that way.

In any event I think that had Ren lived he would have kicked the habit. I think out of all the characters in this story he was the most loyal and had the best potential as a human being. I think he was going to tell Nana O to stop acting like such a bitch and be the support she needed.

Or tell her he did have a problem and that he needed her help. Despite having a drug problem he is one of the most rational people in the series We will never know how things would have gone as Ren died. I think that he was my favorite character for quite a while but then it exploded into hatred. Why do I hate Nobu so much? Um because he is sleeping with a porn star. Not that I hate her because she is a porn star but I hate her because she is one.

Oh because Nana broke his heart!

nana and takumi relationship problems

And he made a mistake by turning to Yuri after seeing Nana K. Okay I can get down with that. Not really but I can see how a broken heart can make you do something really stupid like sleep with a porn star one time. But then he decided to have a relationship with her? Did the people in this manga not get the memo that just because you sleep with someone it is not true love?!

Of course I think you should only sleep with people you love but that is not the point. If he actually moved on with Yuri it would be different. I would still hate him because I want him and Nana K to be together but I would understand he needs to move on. He has not moved on with his life. He wants them both to become cheaters because apparently being so close to Nana K is too much. I am against cheating.

Sometimes you have to put your big boy pants on and deal with a sticky situation. Also I think Nobu is utterly stupid for not know Nana K was unhappy with Takumi but most boys are stupid so I guess I will let that slide. Hello, which is it!? Do you want to be with her or not? Either you are happy with Yuri or you are unhappy because you are not with Nana K. Make up your damn mind!

Maybe things would be different if Nobu stepped up and fought Takumi for the baby. I am not saying that Nobu would have made a good father but he certainly would be a better one than Takumi. I think the most sensible plan would have been to tell Takumi to back the hell off until it was proven whose baby it was.

nana and takumi relationship problems