Nigerian men and relationships intimate relationship

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nigerian men and relationships intimate relationship

10 Reasons Why Nigerian Men Run From Marriage Despite the many romantic attributes that could be said of men in Nigeria, women still. Five Reasons Nigerian Men Marry White marry for money. Some marry, hoping that marriage will get them out of poverty. Although. It's true that sex helps reach some deep level of emotional connection, but in romantic relationships, it's meant to build on the.

By addressed I mean that they must be considered and respected. I have to admit that there is no other man for me than my husband. I don't think that it has anything to do with him being African or not.

nigerian men and relationships intimate relationship

However, I am thrilled that my husband is a black man; and I know it's rather biased but to me they are the best men around. Even after there is careful consideration of one another's culture it takes love, patience, and a firm foundation in Christ to have a truly lasting relationship.

Secondly, I have always been troubled by the division among Blacks as a whole. We are certain that our race did not originate in Europe, Asia, or any other place but in Africa. Yet, we ridicule and insult each other being that we are brothers and sisters. We may not all share the same culture but we are of the same people. There are enough people and forces in this world trying to pull us down and discourage us; we need not destroy one another. I am fascinated with my black skin, the way we say what we say from the heart whether right or wrongthe drive and strength we have when things seem hopeless, and many other things positive and negative that describe us as a black people.

We should all be trying to learn from each other and pour our knowledge, wealth, and efforts into our beloved continent that has been repeatedly violated by those that have invaded us and divided us.

There are some differences, such as the roles of women, family ties, etc. It is natural to stick with what you are familiar with, but if we venture just a little further we can learn something about each other and in the process understand ourselves.

It wasn't until I moved to Africa that I truly appreciated being Black. Now, I know this may sound controversial, but growing up in the states there are so many things that a person of color must do to fit in that sometimes causes self-loathing.

I had always wanted to know about my roots and one day travel to Africa just to experience my homeland, but I had no idea that my soulmate would be from Africa. I figured early on that I probably wouldn't marry a fellow American because of different viewpoints, but I was still unaware of where the person would come from. The best days of my life have been spent with my husband, we've been through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He is not perfect and neither am I, but there is a love that binds us that reaches far beyond our cultural differences.

So, in conclusion I just want to say that we should find common ground in order to get along with one another, and let our differences complement each other. I would like to see more Blacks those displaced outside of Africa traveling to see their homeland and acceptance and recognition from Africans as our brothers and sisters.

Together as a people we have so much to offer, but divided we destroy ourselves. Whether it be on the basis of race, nationality or sex and my view point on dating Nigerian men is no different.

Sex in relationships

I won't bother to go into details to explain that there are just as many good nigerian men as there are bad ones as some of the previous posters have done justice to this already. What I would like to say however, is that any foreigner interested in dating a nigerian man or any other african for that matter should do away with all stereotypical thoughts and use their innate wisdom to judge the situation.

Each person's situation is unique and i'm rather afraid that some posts that have been made by americans who have had bitter experiences with nigerian men might be sowing seeds of doubts in other women who might be in genuine relationships with nigerian men. I would advise women to use their heads and not give in to their emotions when entering any relationship whether it be online or otherwise.

Some salient points that I think should be considered when dating Nigerian men. SECRECY Keeping your relationship secret is a clear sign that he doesnt want his friends and family to be aware of the union because he is not fully committed to it. It is foreign to our culture for a single man to marry a woman who has kids from a previous relationship. If you can identify one or more of the listed scenarios in your relationship then you need to slow things down a bit and observe.

On the flip side, if these signs are not evident in your relationship then you might have a genuine man for all you care. He wanted to be intimate but I couldn't because I no I love him but I am not in love with him and he is just going away again back to London Then Nigeria and I don't no how long it will be before we see one another again, he asked me to have a baby with him?

I have been re: Hello to all I am new to this site, I am sending this today because almost 9 years ago I was involved with a man born in Nigeria grew up for the most part in London, anyway we dated and had a relationship for 4 years then he made a decision to return back to Nigeria We just saw one another for the first time in 9 years and I realized there is still something there alot of feelings emotions etc. What he has propositioned to you is not in the Nigerian culture but in the culture of a triffling fellow.

Nasty ass man you might love him till thine kingdom comes but you already have kids therefore you should act like a responsible person and not have random childmaking sex with a man you might not know his whereabouts for probably another 9 yrs.

I have not experienced love maybe cause I think to much in scientific terms but there is no logic behind all this mess. Why would a man who cares for you want to saddle you with a huge responsibility and no accountability to you on his part? Sounds like he is playing on your emotions and race and culture have nothing to do with it.

You should ask what kindda woman she is if she can be seeking advice on such a thing. The deed's probably already done anyway.

I am assuring you that you'll be treated like American president once you're there. You will only have problem if your man is the type that's easily influenced by others view. Once your man accepts you with all his heart, his parents and relatives will equally do the same. Be sure that you will never like to return to US again once you visit nigeria. You will be ever be grateful to God for giving you a nigerian. In fact, you' ll be treated like a celebrity. I[b] have been re: We do nothing but fight.

When he received his Green Card the next day he moved to Texas to look for work, I would go there to visit but he wouldnt drive here. He didnt find the type of job he wanted so he up and moved to NY. I have gone there to visit him. I feel like its me trying to make our marriage work. Can you see the misunderstanding, here? He probably likes the situation as it is, and does not feel motivated to work any harder than that.

So things stay on that same level of effort on his part. So you have to fly all the way to the west to get there. If you agree to meet the man in Abuja, does he really have any reason to fly all the way to Lagos to meet you?

nigerian men and relationships intimate relationship

Sanmi, in the example above, was trying to reach Lagos by staying in Abuja and the only way to create a real relationship is by forming an emotional bond with a man and this happens slowly, in time, once the two of you get to know each other and really connect. This is what a real relationship is based on. In this way, you avoid the vulnerable place of blind attachment, neediness and insecurity.

Wait until he reaches Lagos as well. The great thing about holding out till he joins you in Lagos is that, once he does, once he knows and likes the person you are, then Abuja becomes even more exciting, and then both of you fly to Abuja together, from that space of already-established shared emotional intimacy. In this way, the sexual intimacy, when it happens, also has an emotional component that will inspire a man to stay.

But, Sanmi already has slept with her date. Is everything lost for her? If you can bring your focus back on yourself and keep your vibration high, if you can prevent yourself from falling into the trap of needing approval from him and need him to treat you like this or like that, then you can turn things around and create an emotional connection with a man, regardless of whether you slept with him or not.

But most women are not like this. Their minds are not strong at all to deal with such. Let me share with you a rare exception.

nigerian men and relationships intimate relationship

But what about Mr. I have a single friend that I have a lot of fun with in our cliq. We flirt a lot and the attraction between us is totally felt.

But we are very different people and we are not at all a long-term match.

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What is your opinion of having a no-strings-attached relationship? Clarity is all that you need to decide whether or not you should be jumping into such a purely-sexual arrangement. And in the case of Taiwo, it sounds like she has complete clarity.