Noah and allie relationship

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noah and allie relationship

Like when Noah took Allie for a boat ride accompanied by, like, a thousand in common is pretty much a death sentence for any relationship. One day, Noah brings Allie to an ancient house that he dreams of buying and Their relationship was improbable because of their differing social classes and. Star-crossed lovers Noah and Allie may have taught us that behind If you are in a relationship that has been going on for a while or is just in.

It's all worth it to vicariously live through Rachel McAdams getting to kiss the world's perfect man.

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We're sure Ryan Gosling will realize he's madly in love with us one day, but until then, let's all laugh, cry and swoon together over nine reasons Noah and Allie had the perfect relationship. Watching their sexual tension, we just wanna scream, "Come on and make out already! Allie and Noah are relentless and unyielding when it comes to being together.

After watching The Notebook, we were all convinced that love conquers all because, duh. They have fun together. Nothing holds a relationship together better than a sense of humor and adventure. Noah and Allie know how to laugh and love together, and there's a beautiful innocence to their infatuation.

noah and allie relationship

From the very beginning of it all when Noah hung from the Ferris wheel, we fell in love with their constant playfulness. Honesty is the best policy, right? They aren't afraid to say what's on their mind, even if it makes them vulnerable, and that's what makes their love so strong. They overcome forbidden love. A poor country boy and a privileged city girl? Despite coming from completely different sides of the track, the two transform a summer fling to a love story for the books. The story he narrates exemplifies romantic love in its purest and most powerful form, a love born in youth and sustained for decades.

It began at a carnival on Seabrook Island, South Carolina, as an unlikely summer romance between teenagers from very different backgrounds and strata of society. Allie was the only daughter, heiress and pride of a wealthy southern family of distinction, given the finest education and raised with the highest expectations of accomplishment in life.

Noah was the son of an intelligent, working class father with aspirations that did not extend beyond raising a happy family on this beautiful island of his birth. Initially Allie was put off by Noah's bold intrusion and pursuit. He was handsome enough, but one look was sufficient to show the differences in their origins and up-bringing. Yet differences can be deceptive.

For beneath the striking contrast, they found a deep and joyous commonalty of shared affection. Noah was all too aware of the social distance and obstacles that separated them, but he was sure of himself, the intensity of his love and his capacity to make her happy as no one else could do.

He helped free her from the stifling conventionality in which she had been raised and brought out her creativity as a painter.

noah and allie relationship

She was thrilled with wonder to discover the poetry of his unpretentious heart. He offered her little, but pledged himself to buy the dilapidated Windsor Plantation on the riverbank and restore it to its former grandeur for her sake. Knowing their daughter to be head strong and independent, initially her parents tolerated the summer romance with little doubt that it would end when Allie left for college in New York in the fall. But the ardent intensity of her feelings alerted them to a deeper danger.

9 Reasons Allie & Noah Had the Perfect Relationship

After failing to curtail her emotions, they cut short their vacation and forced her to leave a week early. Noah outwardly resigned himself to the campaign against him, while silently accusing Allie of not openly refusing to leave. Feeling deeply hurt by his accusations and rejected, she decided that Noah must take the initiative to pursue her if he really cared to.

noah and allie relationship

The following year Noah wrote to her every single day, but Allie waited in vain to receive his letters, because her mother confiscated them without her knowledge. Mistaking Noah's silence for indifference, Allie was heart-broken for months but finally decided to move on with her life. Noah went off to WWII, where he lost his closest friend. Allie became a nurse for wounded soldiers, where she met and was attracted to Lon Hammond, a handsome, sophisticated southern lawyer from a wealthy family, precisely the type of man her parents had always wanted her to marry.

After the war, Noah's father presents him with the deeds to the old mansion and together they embark on a labor of love to restore its lost beauty. Seven years have passed. While visiting Charleston, Noah catches a glimpse of Allie walking down the street. He sees her enter a restaurant and kiss Lon affectionately.

noah and allie relationship

The passage of time has not dampened his feelings, nor has it disturbed the quiet reserve which prevents him from speaking up for what he wants. He returns to the island alone. Shortly thereafter, Lon proposes and Allie accepts him to the great joy of her family. The day their engagement is announced in the Charleston papers, Allie notices an article on the very same page with a picture of Noah and Windsor Plantation, relating the story of the restored mansion.

Preparing for the wedding, Allie tells Lon she must go away for a few days.

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She returns to Seabrook and drives out to the magnificently restored mansion where Noah is living by himself. Amazed to see how Noah has remained faithful to his promise, shocked to discover that he had written her letters which she had never received, and deeply moved by the evidence that he had never ceased to love her during all the years of their separation, her long buried feelings of joyous love rose to the surface and overwhelmed her.

Two blissful days later, her mother drove up to the mansion and informed her that Lon has come to Seabrook in pursuit of her. After Allie confronts her with the treachery of concealing Noah's letters, she drives Allie to the sand mines where she points out a middle-aged laborer and describes the passionate love affair that she had with him on a summer holiday in her youth.

noah and allie relationship

Then she had chosen convention, conformity and security over love. She had tried to impose the same decision on her daughter. She now withdraws her opposition and returns Allie to the mansion, gives her the letters and leaves her daughter to choose for herself.

For once in his life, Noah breaks his stoical silence. He accuses Allie of giving in to security and social pressure and tries to compel her to choose what he is sure she really wants.