Oitnb alex and larry meet

oitnb alex and larry meet

Alex Vause is a fictional character played by Laura Prepon on the Netflix series Orange Is the Wolters met Kerman in in Northampton, Massachusetts, becoming . And now after breaking Alex's (and Larry's) heart, Piper is the one who's vilified. .. "'Orange is New Black' drug case still open in Chicago federal court". Piper isn't satisfied in her relationship with Larry. She secretly tries out a new dating app and meets Alex. This quickly becomes a Vauseman. Laura Prepon (Alex) and Taylor Schilling (Piper) in 'Orange Is the New Black' When Larry gets his own tattoo, of the Kool-Aid Man, Piper is "It was interesting that that's where the rubber met the road for them," says.

Someone who made her feel naughty, and not like some boring, prim WASP. Someone who made her blood boil and who could make her come undone again and again.

The fact that these fantasies helped her get off with Larry wasn't lost on Piper, but she tried to put it out of her head as much as she could.

And Piper tried to spice things up with Larry. A few months ago, they were at dinner with Polly and Pete. Piper had been horny all day and couldn't stop her mind from wandering to dirty thoughts and fantasies.

For whatever reason, she was really fucking turned on from the time she woke up. She wanted to give herself a release in the shower before dinner, but Larry was right outside at the sink shaving and getting ready. While he would have probably loved to catch Piper touching herself, the thought of Larry coming in and watching her fuck herself was completely unappealing to her.

And she wanted to actually cum, so shower sex ending with a faked orgasm wasn't exactly an attractive option. So after her shower she put on a tight, pale pink dress and passed on the panties. She figured she'd give herself the possibility of a quick fuck with Larry later at the restaurant. There's a first time for everything, she hoped. While they were eating across from Polly and Pete, Piper started stroking Larry's calf with her foot.

Larry and Polly started laughing, and Piper gave a quick chuckle but was too focused on the aching between her legs. Since Larry clearly wasn't responding to her foot action, she decided to step it up a notch. She rested her hand on his upper thigh and started stroking it slowly, adding more pressure with each stroke.

oitnb alex and larry meet

She felt Larry's leg tremble a little, but he picked up her hand and brought it out from under the tablecloth, giving it a tender kiss. Come on", Piper whispered to him. We can open that new bottle of red from my parents and we'll be able to cuddle after". So much for her quick fuck at the restaurant. Piper also craved dirty talk. God, did she miss that. She's had fuck buddies that could get her crazy turned on just with their dirty words.

Piper was into that shit, and she was damn good at it herself. Whenever she tried with Larry though, he was so awkward that it did next to nothing for her. When he was away for a few nights and she'd try to sext him, his words did nothing for her and she ended up relying on her own thoughts and a trusty vibrator to get herself off.

Now she didn't even bother trying with him. Piper laid in bed now with her pillow over her ears, trying to drown out Larry's snoring. Another night in her "picture perfect" life, she thought as she drifted off.

You and I need some pussy. It's been what—two weeks for you? That's way longer than the Alex Vause I know and love is willing to go without some action". I've been horny as fuck. Not about to advertise it though like your classy self! Think we should hit up Maxx? That club was crazy last time. Chicks were everywhere and they were feeling me. And by the end of the night, you know I was feeling them", Nicky says with a wink to her friend.

oitnb alex and larry meet

Remind me again why I'm friends with you? I could've had that dime for myself" Nicky retorted. You LET me take her home? If I remember correctly, she was grinding her ass into ME on the dance floor. And begged ME to fuck her in the bathroom because she couldn't wait. And then left early with ME because she was so satisfied with my first performance.

Keep thinking you could have had her though! Even I can't deny the effect you have on some serious babes. They all want a piece of some Vause" "Damn right! But okay really, can we go to Maxx this Friday night? Now you've got me all excited".

That Friday, Larry took Piper to dinner and the movies. They had a decent time, and by the end Larry was getting a bit handsy. Piper knew it was from the many glasses of wine he had at dinner, and she certainly wasn't complaining.

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She hoped that maybe since he was acting so frisky now, by the time they got home he would be feeling adventurous. They got back to the apartment and Larry was finally showing some passion. He pressed Piper against their door and put his body flush against hers. Piper got excited by this, and unzipped his pants to warm him up.

Before she could even get started on him though, he was overcome with a wave of nausea and pulled away from her. I feel sick and tired and I kinda just want to crash for the night.

Alex Vause

Too much al alcohol", he slurs out. Half an hour later, Piper was lying next to a passed out Larry. As much as she tried to push aside her obvious needs, she couldn't help but still feel a desire growing in her. And it's a Friday night for Christ sake. She should be doing something fun, not going to bed early. Piper thought about starting a new book, but she couldn't keep having these boring nights.

She had to draw a line somewhere. She grabbed her iPhone from the nightstand and opened her app center. After some hesitation, she started to search for the new app she's been hearing about. Am I really doing this? I'm with Larry, that should be enough. Piper decided it was fine to download it, because she just wanted to talk to different people. It wasn't like she had to do anything more. Alex read the text message on her phone and let out a loud sigh.

She should be used to her friend flaking out, but tonight she really wanted to get some action. And she didn't feel like going on her own tonight. We've had many happy hours since then ; [Alex]- Ugh.

But seriously, where did you find this mythical girl you took to drinks? Get with it, Vause. Download that shit and put up a hot picture with a low cut shirt.

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Girls will be drooling over their phones when they see you. Those things are usually pretty stupid. And filled with straight girls who want to experiment, but then back out before you even meet them.

But this girl I matched with is definitely not straight, and definitely is not backing out of anything ; [Alex]- Okay I get it. Some of us are old school though and prefer to meet in person.

Try the club thing again tomorrow? Since it was too late for Alex to reach out to other friends to go out with, she considered her options. In her interview with Vanity FairWolters said that they were not girlfriends but friends with benefits, a notion with which Kerman disagreed, stating that they may have different perspectives about their time together and their relationship was complicated.

Kerman realized she needed to walk away when Wolters asked her to transport heroin instead of money, after which she flew home and started a new life. Wolters was charged with conspiracy to import heroin, serving nearly six years in a Dublin, California prisonand nearly 14 years on parole.

When Wolters and others involved in the drug ring were arrested by federal law enforcement, Wolters said that she, like the others, named everyone involved, including Kerman. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. September Season 1[ edit ] Vause is introduced in the first episode through flashbacks; she and Chapman were both involved in crimes involving drug money.

At the end of the first episode, the audience sees that Vause and Chapman are both serving their sentences in the same prison, Litchfield Penitentiary. Vause was raised solely by her mother and, in the ninth episode 'Fucksgiving', Vause's father is seen to be an influence on her being involved in the drug cartel. Vause then becomes sexually involved with another inmate, Nicky Nichols Natasha Lyonne.

She breaks this promise, however, and, after testifying against Balik, Vause manages to secure release from prison while Chapman remains incarcerated.

Season 3[ edit ] Vause appears in every episode of the third season.

oitnb alex and larry meet

Chapman reports Vause to a parole officer and she is sent back to Litchfield prison; Chapman does eventually admit to doing this and the two begin frequently having hate sex.

It turns out that Whitehill is completely delusional and thinks that Vause is from the National Security Agency. She is saved by Lolly Whitehill who kicks him seemingly to death.

However, Vause discovers in the night that he is just barely alive and is forced to suffocate him [29]. Vause and Whitehill, planning on burying Aydin under the floorboards, discover Frieda Berlinwho has found the body in its temporary hiding place.

Together Vause, Whitehill, and Berlin dismember and bury the body in the garden [30] [31]. As the season progresses, Whitehill becomes increasingly at risk of blowing their cover [32]. Meanwhile, Vause is suffering from guilt and lives in constant fear of being caught [33]. In episode 8, Vause and Chapman bond again while getting high with Nichols in the garden, and their relationship once again progresses.

Aydin's body is found in an unwarranted investigation by Desi Piscatella [34]resulting in Whitehill being sent to psych. Vause is never questioned about his murder. Vause's guilt manifests itself in notes left around the prison, revealing Aydin's name.