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What do you learn about Okonkwo from. his relationship with the leaders ( Show slides on "Houses in Western and Southern Africa"). 7. What status in the village is given to the boy Ikemefuna? 8. How does Cha ters 5 and 6. 1. Why do the. This commentary can be applied to the relationship in the center of .. Slide 4: Research QuestionIf a team has an earned run mediocre above .. Okonkwo is a self-made, well-respected ingredient of the Umuofia clan. His fear of being feminine leads him to serve well in the score of Ikemefuna whom he. Everything you ever wanted to know about Ikemefuna in Things Fall Apart, He lives with Okonkwo's family for three years before the elders order him to be.

The notion that God cares specifically for birds like pigeons comes from a passage in the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 6: The story of Moses and the Exodus has always been popular among oppressed peoples who identified with the ancient Hebrews enslaved in Egypt. Why do you think Lamming has made this chapter about an elderly couple facing the end of life follow on one about young boys just discovering what life is about?

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What is their image of America? But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust cloth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Priestly wrote a good deal of social commentary as well as fiction and literary criticism. What is the significance of the passage by Priestly? Trinidad is the second largest of the Caribbean Islands after Cuba and the most southerly. It has had a tumultuous history. Cricket, a game most Americans associate with the British upper class, is still quite popular in the former British colonies in the Caribbean. Marcus Garvey was born in Jamaica, but became influential after he moved to the United States and founded in the Universal Negro Improvement Association to encourage black unity worldwide.

He tried to organize a fleet of ships to carry blacks back to Africa; but failed, being finally arrested for fraud and deported back to Jamaica. He is fondly remembered there, however, exercising a major influence on Rastafarianism. What is ironic about Mr. How does the boy stop his mother from beating him?

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What do you think of her as a mother? How is the game of diving for coins symbolic of the entire existence of the villagers? Legend has it that he commanded the sea not to advance. What kinds of associations does the narrator have with the sea? What aspect of life does the story of the weddings illustrate? How does it affect them? Compare the story of Bots and Bambina with other accounts of polygamy we have read.

What do they tell us about their world? What makes the boys feel that the fisherman is only a man, not a giant? What is the importance of language to the narrator? In the tropics there is little twilight at sunset. How has the point of view and style changed between the last chapter and the beginning of this one?

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Why does the candle frighten the boy? Automats such as are described by Boy Blue used to be common in New York. Why do you think the scenes at the worship service surround that at the white party? What are the shifting moods in this chapter?

The story of the fig tree is told in Mark Note how the scenes with Pa and Ma continue to alternate with those featuring the boys. What version of the scene the boys witnessed has been told by Mr. How is it different from what we know really happened? Note how the disturbances which have begun in the city encroach gradually on the village.

Amaechi, six other govs float new party

What is the cause of the fighting? In the introduction Lamming regrets that he did not have the villagers kill the landlord. How would that have altered the novel? The rhapsodic passage that follows goes beyond realism to create a kind of prose poem, a meditation on the past. How does she imagine the slave trade? Wearing sackcloth is a sign of mourning.

Why do you think the narrative voice switches to the first person in this chapter? This case study is written by an Igbo about his own people. It penetrates to the heart of the Igbo culture and social system. Uchendu shows how the people in Nigerian society think about the world aroxmd them and how they conceive of their own social system and its workings. Reflections; Nigerian Prose and Verse.

Barnes, Gregory A Wind of Change. Lothrop, Lee, and Shepard, The Igbo of Biafra. This book gives a description of Igbo existence from birth to death. It gives essential details on child rearing, market trading, home life, religion, and arts.

Dietz, Betty and Olatunji, M. Musical Instruments of Africa. A discussion of different kinds of music ar'd their functions in African societies. Forman, Brenda and Harrison. The Land and People of Nigeria. The Foremans describe the progress being made toward national unity and toward full realization of Nigeria's rich human and economic potential. The Art of Africa. Photographs of well-known types of African art removed from their cultural contexts; accompanied by brief descriptions.

Claremont Graduation School, Fictional biography of a Yoruba girl in contemporary Nigeria which contains many realistic details about life from child- hood to marriage.

Social studies survey with striking color photos of contemporary life. Its Art and Its People. It is a microcosm of different families which make, up the teeming population of a country. African Religions and Philosophies. General survey of major questions associated with African religions by a leading authority. A Nigerian Villager in Two Worlds. Faber and Fabeic, The author presents an interesting accoimt of Igbo life in the early part of the century in this accomt of his father's life in an Eastern Nigerian village.

The Dance of Africa; an Introduction. Different kinds of African dances and occasions when they are performed are described. Williams, the Black American writer who makes a pilgrimage to West Africa in search of his roots. Houses in Western and Southern Africa A brief survey of the diversity of rural and urban housing in five African countries. What is the Igbo idea of success? How does it comBare with the American idea of success? What constitutes wealth in febo society?

Eovf does an Igbo man receive a guest in his home? Show slides on "Houses in Western and Southern Africa" 7. What status in the village is given to the boy Ikemefuna? Ly differ from an American family? Are there any similarities? Chapters 3 and 4 1. What special forces govern the lives of the Igbo people? Compare Okonkwo's rise to fame to Abraham Lincoln's rise to fame? How does the weather control the living standards of the Igbo people? What is the importance of titles in an Igbo man's life?

What in his childhood contributes to this feeling? What activities, both work and play, do Okonkwo, Nwaye and Ikemef una engage in? Chapters 3 and 6! Kovr is it celebrated? Describe the clrowds reaction to the winner of the match? How dobs he rationalize away his guilt feelings?

What are the people's reaction to the descent of the locust? What do you learn about bride baiigaining and bride wealth? In what way is Okonkwo a male chauvinist? Is this the same with American males? What ideal mother-daughter aspects do you see in the rela- tionships between Ekwefi and Ezinna? How does the judicial system work in Igbo culture? What is the role of the ancestral spirits?

Discuss the role of brothers in Igbo culture. How does Uncle Uchendu. BescriK- the ceremony of jconf ession. Along with two fiai bags of cowries, what sad and disturbing news does Obierika bring? Prom the Umuofians prospective, what kind of peoule from their village were attracted to the new jreligion? In addition to their religion, what else did the missionaries bring that aided them in their mission? What'ifi the major cause of his regret?

What are some of the regrets that invade OkonkwoVs thoughts as he returns home to Uyuof ia?