Olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

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olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

So I only do this for couples I love best and slowly but surely Peter and Olivia have And hahahaha, she has to ask about the status of their relationship, carefully . with Walter's later comment that she can “see right through” him in the Bishop so well, Peter is not threatened by the fact that Olivia Dunham is a badass). She struggles with trust issues, and letting other people help her out. In , Walter Bishop had a brief glimpse of an adult Olivia Dunham during his initial Due to the fact that relationships between agents were not allowed, the affair was . The relationship between Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop. When they were children, both Peter and Olivia were patients during the Cortexiphan trials run by .

So she tells Peter they can't be together.

Fringe Olivia/Peter First Kiss -- "Because You Belong With Me"

It's difficult to watch but is also proof of their connection when she's able to be so brutally honest with him. The team then takes on a case where an old woman sees visions of her husband. It turns out that the other universe has melded with theirs at that specific building, and thus the other version of her husband is in this woman's apartment.

Between the romantic "quantum entanglement" of the older couple and Peter's impassioned speech about sharing a life with someone you love, Olivia decides she's ready for them to be together. Again, just accept it. At the beginning of Season 4, Peter is absent and no one seems to notice.

Once he resurfaces, it's heartbreaking to watch him realize that Olivia has no idea who he is. Remember, they had those few episodes of happiness?

But over the course of the season, Olivia starts to remember their life together, culminating in this episode, where she recounts all of their important moments aka the episodes listed above and they reunite.

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But because of Peter's past mistake choosing Fauxlivia, he's unsure if this is truly his Olivia. Alas, we'll have to wait a bit longer for a happy ending Seasons 1 through 3but in this reality she's only known him for a few weeks. That totally messes with her mind, so she does what every girl would do and has brunch to talk it out. She admits to her mother figure Nina that she's in love with Peter but isn't sure if she can trust her feelings.

Is Peter putting false memories in her brain? What's real and what isn't? We're all asking these same questions too. Walter and Peter helped revive Olivia who immediately demanded to see Nina.

Ninainitially doubtful that Olivia met Bellrecognized the "great storm" phrase, and attempted to help Olivia in any way possible. As Olivia recounted the name of another cryogenics facility from Bell's note, she received a text message from " Charlie " warning her that Nina is the shapeshifter. She left and regrouped with him, but in a side alley, was alerted by her phone that Massive Dynamic's analysis of the first device was completed, and revealed Charlie as the shapeshifter.

Too late, Olivia realized she had told " Charlie " the location of the cryogenics facility, and he relayed this to another agent.

Olivia and Peter

After a brief fight for her life, Olivia shot and killed the shapeshifter. Broyles helped to comfort Olivia that she had to kill the man she thought was Charlie. Sam helped her work through it by giving her a "project" that required her to collect business cards from people wearing the color red.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

She was told to grab random letters from the names, that once unscrambled read "you're gonna be fine". Olivia chose to save Walter's life, and Newton replied "Now I know how weak you are".

Broyles eased Olivia's concerns that she made an emotional choice by assuring her that her decision to save Walter was a logical one as Walter was highly valuable to the team. Walter implored Olivia to recall her childhood Cortexiphan -induced ability to see objects from the alternate universe, believing she would be able to foresee which building will be affected and warn everyone in time.

Walter first put Olivia under heavy sedation, and she experienced meeting her younger, frightened self, but was still unable to trigger her ability. Olivia began to remember the gruesome trials she experienced, including footage from one test where she exhibited pyrokinesis. Despite attempts to track him down, Olivia is unable to locate him.

He believes that Newton is responsible, but is proved wrong.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

However, Peter later finds Newton in his motel room, and is held at gunpoint. With Peter subdued, Newton calls out to "Mr. Secretary" the man he pulled over from the Other Sidewho is revealed to be his biological father, Walter Walternatefrom the other universe. On the other side, Peter lies comatose for three days to acclimate to his old world and reunites with his biological mother. The Observers anticipated this outcome and warned Walter years ago that Peter should not return home.

After Peter's return to his home world, September gave Olivia a drawing of Peter in the machine with energy emanating from his eyes.


In an effort to save his life and the Prime-Universe, Olivia confesses her love for Peter, and they kiss. With this new information, Peter voluntarily returns to his adopted world with his adopted father, unknowingly bringing the parallel-universe version of Olivia, while the Olivia from the Prime-Universe is held captive in the other side by Walternate. In 3x02, " The Box ", Peter helps thwart a terrorist attack on a Boston train station; he discovers that the ultrasonic device used for the attack is part of the weapon Walternate showed him, making him realize there are pieces of it in this universe as well.

After the prime universe Olivia returns, she tells Peter that her hopes of reuniting with him helped her to survive and come back, leaving Peter in a tricky situation regarding his feelings for Olivia. In the episode " Marionette ", prime-Olivia struggles with the thought that the man she loved could not realize Fauxlivia was an impostor. She angrily declares that she does not want to be with Peter anymore, claiming "she's [Fauxlivia] taken everything".

She talks to him about it outside the bar opposite the apartment block they are investigating when she sees that the glow of the alternate universe can be seen emanating from the window of apartment 6B. Once the case is resolved, Olivia unexpectedly shows up at the Bishop's house with some whiskey to celebrate another catastrophe averted, talks to Peter, and tells him she wants to know how 'beautiful' she and Peter can be.

This was in reference to his statement that any lingering thoughts he had of Fauxlivia were because he spent so much time dreaming of what it would be like to be in a relationship with Olivia and that it was, indeed, a beautiful thing.

The two kiss and Olivia leads Peter upstairs, presumably to consummate their relationship. In the ensuing chase between them, Peter corners September on a rooftop and asks what will happen to him, if the "doomsday machine" will in fact destroy both him and this universe. However, September only cryptically states, "it must be difficult, being a father", before shooting him with his "air gun", knocking him unconscious.

At the end of the episode, September and another Observer, December, watch the Bishop house, and reveal the reason why they orchestrated the day's events—to see if Walter is finally able to let Peter die, which he apparently is.

Peter and the science team discovered that our side had another weapon, with the pieces scattered all over the world, which was originally constructed by "The First People", the first human species on Earth. They realize that Fauxlivia's mission on our side was to locate the pieces of the machine, as Walternate's device on the other side was flawed and missing components.

In " Reciprocity ", the science team visits a Massive Dynamic bunker, where they have been constructing the machine. When Peter approaches it, the machine is triggered, and his nose begins to bleed.

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Following this, Peter decides to start killing all the remaining shapeshifters whose identities are on Fauxlivia's computer. When Walter finds out, he is worried the machine has begun to change Peter, "weaponizing" him.

Through quantum entanglementthe weapon on this side is also activated, and, according to Sam Weissbecomes "frustrated", after Peter attempts to enter it in an effort to prevent the destruction of this universe. Using Olivia's telekinetic powers, the weapon's protective force field is dropped, and Peter manipulates it, in 3x21, " The Last Sam Weiss ".

Whilst inside the machine, Peter's consciousness is propelled 15 years through time, arriving inoutside the completed One World Trade Center. In " The Day We Died ", the season three finale set inPeter, 47 years old and a leading member of a more militarized Fringe Division, is married to Olivia, who has taken Broyles' place as commanding officer.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

In this future, after Peter entered the machine, he destroyed the Other Side. However, both universes were inextricably linked, and by destroying one, it would only be a matter of time before the side remaining would also cease to exist.

After seeing Olivia dead after Walternate who had escaped to our side before his world's destruction killed her, he becomes depressed and an alcoholic. Walter creates a plan to bring Peter's mind from into his body, where he would witness the end of days, before returning him, with the hopes that the younger Peter would make a different choice, than destroying the Other Side, thus creating the "First People" mythos. After the Peter from experiences life inhe returns toand uses the machine to create a "bridge" between both worlds, where both Walters, and both Olivias, can hopefully forget their differences to save the multiverse.

However, before he can fully explain their mission, Peter mysteriously disappears, and both sides forget about him entirely, but remain dedicated to saving their worlds. A conversation between September and December reveals they forgot about Peter because he "never existed", as he "fulfilled his purpose".

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

Season Four[ edit ] Because of Peter's "erasure" from existence, a new timeline develops, which while very similar to the original one, contains slight differences. Just as happened in the original timeline, Walter was locked away in St. Claire's Mental Hospital for seventeen years, until Olivia Dunham had him released in order to help her partner and lover John Scott.

However, without Peter there, they were unable to save John's life. The Fringe Division of the prime-universe is still formed after this, but the characters all have subtle personality differences. Also, other events which Peter only had a slight hand in are erased entirely, such as the prime-universe version of Lincoln Lee's first meeting with the Fringe Division.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship problems

Olivia lives with the constant feeling that something is missing from her life, and joined Fringe Division because she believed it would help her find answers.