Ontd rihanna meet and greet

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ontd rihanna meet and greet

Replying to @imogenwd @Uandwhosearmy__ @BuzzFeed @rihanna @ AvrilLavigne and its like $ dollars, its not even M+G if you can't hug them like . More Fun With Rihanna at Her Meet & Greets! In which RiRi comforts shy fans, makes a guy's day, meets her stalker, and remains awesome. Aaaaaaand, the. omarcafini.info Christina Grimmie's shooter was a Selena Gomez cancels Miami meet and greets to grieve over Christina Grimmie's death . Came For (feat. Rihanna)" Music Video.

I ask this because a friend I was talking to said she is charismatic and beautiful, and that's why she is so successful. Some people even call her 'The Black Madonna'.

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Even Katy Perry, who writes her music and is three years older than Rihanna was getting up on stage and performing gospel songs at 17 till she got signed and dropped and then she tried again. Even still, she is not as big as Rihanna. She is beautiful, her songs have made chart impact, and she has sold a lot of singles and albums.

She is one of the most famous black women right now.

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I wanted opinions on what this means for Rihanna. I don't dislike Rihanna. Her music is decent, she makes nice catchy songs for her crowd. But I still think everything above applies. In your opinion, do you think - Rihanna has a special knack in the industry that took her far?

Her work ethic is relentless. Granted, her lifestyle is a very pampered one, but she has not stopped putting out content. That is tiring and emotionally draining.

ontd rihanna meet and greet

Not the best way to make art, but she's not in the business of making art. I would love to know what her real artistic input is, yet she never talks about it. She doesn't say, I wrote that melody, or that was my lyric. Or, I found this book about this artist or designer and then we put it in my video. Right songs, right person, right record label. She was musically unremarkable before that song. I got into Rihanna through a few singles Rude Boy, What's My Name, Cheers and the posts ONTD used to make of her fan meet and greet sessions where she would be laughing, joking, hugging and seemed to be having a blast.

Now, in this first week of June, a full version of the video came out. Martin fights off ninjas and Rihanna has a geisha hairstyle again, with long fingernails, and multiple arms. Other than the lead singer, nobody from Coldplay appears.

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Why do I say this is racist? Of the song writers, two stars of the video, directors of the video, and producers of the song, none are Asian.

Did Rihanna just get lucky?

Furthermore, the video is a mishmash of Japanese, Chinese, and Hindu imagery without any reason that I can find for why they would all be in the video, other than to give it more Asian-ness and with most having nothing to do with the meaning of the song. There is also no apparent acknowledgment of the differences in these cultures—geisha hair with the arms of a Hindu goddess, huh? The video also features racist and sexist tropes, with Rihanna presented similarly to the dragon lady stereotype and one of the few Asian actors playing an evil ninja.

Imagine if the roles were reversed and an Asian or Asian-American music star was wearing an afro and doing a bunch of disconnected stereotypically black things — maybe playing basketball, singing gospel in a church choir, and playing reggae in a dance club.

The allusions to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and overall plot of the video do match the lyrics. According to members of Coldplay, the album as a whole is a saga of love between two characters, which could possibly explain the movie trailer format. And the song and video could be seen as a positive, multicultural move. Including elements from diverse cultures in music, when done tastefully and with innovation, can be exciting, not demeaning or discriminatory.

Timbaland is a prime example of someone who combines diverse cultural elements into an innovative whole, although he could give more credit where it is due as well.

And Coldplay is a decent enough group, with songs that are sometimes decent, sometimes boring.

ontd rihanna meet and greet

But in the end, I find the video more offensive than it is a respectful homage. So all of the influences struck me as very Chinese, but also very appropriative.