Orange is the new black alex and piper relationship

orange is the new black alex and piper relationship

Orange Is the New Black: Piper and Alex Take a Major Step Forward! it's safe to say that Piper and Alex's relationship might be in the best. According to Orange Is the New Black's Alex and Piper, the couple that Alex and Piper's relationship is the foundation the show is built on. Piper and Alex no doubt have a complicated relationship, there are . A lot of Orange is the New Black is built around Piper's relationship with.

Their relationship is strained when a prisoner passes away at Litchfield, which obviously effects Caputo.

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Their relationship continued to break apart during season five when the inmates break out. Lorna And Vince While Nicky and Lorna share a special bond, some may argue that their relationship would never work outside of prison. After Nicky is sent to Maximum Security, Lorna begins to write to several pen-pals in order to scam them for money. At one point, she falls in love with a pen-pal named Vince Muccio. Vince also falls in love with Lorna - even after finding out that Lorna was initially going to scam him for money.

orange is the new black alex and piper relationship

Lorna proposes to Vince in season three and the couple is wed in the visitation room soon after. Luscheck And Fischer Orange is the New Black has several relationships between inmates, prison workers, and an inappropriate mixture of the two.

Having Susan Fischer and Joel Luschek date in season two is just a common example of the show trying to fill up time for a full-length episode. There was really no reason for Luscheck and Fischer to become romantically involved, but it happened for a brief time. Thankfully, the two realized that they were just too different to have a romantic relationship and decided to call it quits. Fans of the show were probably just as happy to see this relationship end as Caputo was, since he had a huge crush on Fischer.

That being said, the dynamic between Caputo and Figueroa was much more interesting than Caputo and his other lovers. Figueroa and Caputo have an affair after Figueroa continues to have marital problems with her secretly gay husband. Their relationship continues throughout the following seasons despite Caputo seeing Linda Ferguson.

The two may have initially been seen as enemies, but the writers did a good job of evolving their characters into a romantic couple. Unfortunately, her time in the spotlight was cut short after she was admitted to Litchfield for tax evasion.

orange is the new black alex and piper relationship

With the inmates watching her sentencing on TV, Judy was already a popular gal before she even arrived in prison. That being said, she was also popular with Joel Luschek, with whom she forced into an intimate relationship.

The two slept together twice - once in order to get Nicky out of max and once when they were high on illegal substances. The second time Judy and Luschek became intimate, Yoga Jones was also part of their relationship. However, their relationship was never healthy. She also comes off as very confident and flirty, especially towards Daya Diaz. Early on, Red would help Healy communicate with his wife Katya who was a Ukrainian mail-order bride.

By doing this, Healy would do special favors for Red. While their relationship initially was professional, during season three, they began having intimate feelings towards each other, which allowed Red to get her job back in the kitchen.

orange is the new black alex and piper relationship

As each character stated multiple times on the show, the two characters hate each other as much as they love each other. We're not just saying that, as no recap can tell the story of this relationship without hitting on the many, many times they say they hate one another.

At this point, with the relationship much nicer and more stable, fans who went through those anger-filled earlier seasons have to wonder how likely it is that their attitudes would change so much.

His big-hearted attitude toward Piper faded quickly, and he spent most of the first season embarrassing himself. It was a good choice to get him out of the way so the show could focus on Piper's in-prison relationships.

Unlike the show, Piper Kerman never got back together with Catherine Wolters, and she went back to her boyfriend Larry Smith. Not only that, Piper and Larry married in and have been together ever since.

It's just something to keep in mind when Piper Chapman says her prison wife is the love of her life. Alex and Piper, though, seem to have never gotten this message, as they each do the thing the other hates: The two characters both hate to be manipulated, and yet they're both characterized by their willingness and ability to manipulate people. Just like both Piper and Alex have demonstrated that they're willing to betray one another, they've each demonstrated that they can and will exploit the other for their own benefit.

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This is a constant through the series, as they're seemingly always ready with some white lie to tell to twist situations to their advantage.

It may not be malicious, but it doesn't make sense for a committed relationship. After all, every inmate has their own story, and nearly all of them have gotten up to some questionable activities.

Orange Is the New Black Season 5: Piper and Alex Engaged | TV Guide

What makes Piper Chapman so irritating is that despite being at least as bad as everybody else, she still thinks she's a better person than all of them. This is a recurring theme throughout the show, especially in the early going.

What is especially galling is that Piper thinks she's a better person than Alex, when anybody with eyes can tell they are two peas in a pod. While this might frustrate viewers, it honestly doesn't make sense that it never drove Alex completely away. Whatever the writers' reasoning for Alex's absence in that season, their explanation for her return is shaky beyond belief.

After Piper snitched to the cops that Alex was planning to skip town, Alex gets sent back to the exact same prison. While some prisoners spend tons of time in one facility, most inmates get moved from place to place. In real life, Piper Kerman and Catherine Cleary Wolters both saw the inside of several different prisons. It's more than a little unrealistic that the justice system would send Alex back to the same prison, especially given her history there.

Orange Is The New Black: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Alex And Piper's Relationship

This is because she is constantly blinded by her own privilege, being an educated cis white woman from a family with a comfortable income. Her background-- and frequent inability to sympathize with others' backgrounds-- brings her into conflict with almost every character on the show at one point or another. The series has shown that it also annoys Alex.

Given that she has stated she can't stand Piper's privileged, classist outlook, you would think it would cause more problems in the relationship than it does. While Piper and Alex's relationship is certainly the most central to the show, they almost always rank near the bottom of the heap in these rankings.

orange is the new black alex and piper relationship