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Main article: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness → Plot. Being a sister game to Explorers of Time and. A page for describing TearJerker: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Red and Blue The ending of Red/Blue Rescue Team had its sad notes, though not as bad as the following games. The Red/Blue Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. A description of tropes appearing in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers. in , followed up by an Updated Re-release called Explorers of Sky in

Isseubnida February 18th, Definitely the most emotion in a Pokemon game ever. Props to the development team for making the only video game I've ever felt truly emotional about.

Grovyle (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

LiquidRage March 6th,7: When I played the first one, I got that lump in my throat, but during the end sequence of Explorers of Darkness, I started bawling. I think it was the combination of the music and the fact that I had just moved away from my friends in Ohio that caused the tears.

Warship March 18th, On the other hand, as much as the PMD2 darkness touched me, it didn't have the same effect, yes it was sad, but it was completely different.

The first part was sad, everyone knew what was coming, and what was going to happen, everyone were together, sad etc. I didn't like the way they did it very much, I mean, the player and it's partner are walking on the flying stone bridge bad place for climax, no? I expected at least to read something about it in those diaries of Sunflora and Bidoof, but nothing. But the scene with crying Pikachu and Dialga restoring player was touching tho. There, my complete opinion: D Bounsweet March 18th, They do have great storylines but I just can't get that emotionally engaged in a Pokemon game, lol.

Guardian March 18th,2: I was all teary I'm not ashamed to say so I'm such an emotionally person lol BugBoyTroy March 19th, Actually I just cried like the entire game seris XD. Mothman March 19th,8: When my character disappeared and left my partner a Pikachu in tears, my heart sank.

I wasn't crying, but most of this scene was very depressing for me. Of course, these feelings were erased when my character was brought back to the base. That was a pleasant surprise. BlueShellBeast March 29th,8: I actually started to cry when The Hero heard the things the Partner and all of your friends said about him in the Prism as he was going up into the air.

I think it was the Grovyle part. Yeah, the Grovyle part. I didn't feel anything with the first one because that literally was the first game I had my parents wouldn't let me play games until I was 7 lol and 1 I didn't know about the characters too well, and 2 I was even less emotionally hooked-up back then: It doesn't get me anymore after I've played it three times.

I'm not sure I'm too fond of the last game yet, but objectively, the story seems good, if not for the rushed pace or whatever. I think it's because I'm kinda tired from school and I've used up all my emotions there, but we'll see. Oh, though I will admit that when Gurrdurr and stuff, it was a bit emotional! Though maybe if Grovyle had been around Mothman March 30th,2: Cavalreaper April 10th,7: It always manages to strike a cord with me, and no matter how prepared I am the ending always gets me.

StinkomanFan April 10th,7: It just felt so I just wanted to hug him. Minato Arisato April 10th,9: Then there was the epilogue and they're all reunited and stuff and everyone's happy. Not that it's a bad thing. I probably should put spoiler tags on this I need to go to bed.

Yusshin April 10th,9: I really appreciated him as a character and to see him do that was both shocking and a "No, why? There was another scene where I actually cried, but I can't remember which. It might come to me later. It was during Explorers of Time, though. Archenoth April 10th,9: As much as I would like to say no, I would be lying if I did. The one that did it for me was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, my first Mystery Dungeon game, and my second Pokemon game ever.

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I was NOT prepared for that ending. The music also topped it off. It's like the writers wanted players to go into a state of depression or something. For the other two I was sad, but not as much as I was that first time with Explorers of Time.

The music makes me cry, I just can't help it. Rai April 11th,1: In Explorers of the Sky when my partner sacrificed himself and had to disappear from existence It was so sad and I wanted to cry really badly. Stormborn April 11th,4: Shows Pokemon can actually do a somewhat deep plot. Aurora April 14th,9: I felt so sad at the end: I love the MD series.

Sheep April 22nd,6: They really did such a good job with that in GtI and I might just rewatch it to get those feelings again.

Special Episode 5: In the Future of Darkness - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: The Movie

D Dog master of war April 22nd,6: GalacticGlameow April 22nd, They are so beautiful and deep and make me cry! Time made me sad but I guessed what would happen so no crying.

Sky I knew what would happen, still a bit saddened though. Yet to play Infinity. April 29th,3: I think all the 5 special episodes are impressive. In the main story, it's the time when Dialga was defeated, and my character began to disappear though I knew it would revive moments later. Blue April 30th,2: It's nice to have something different to the generic Pokemon games and Mystery Dungeon games are the perfect spin offs IMO, I've always enjoyed playing through every version and I'm now really looking forward to Gates Of Infinity.

Happy Smiley Yum Yum April 30th,5: They did it so emotionally, it just hit me really hard. The first ending on RR was meh, but the second the one with Gengar make me truly soft.

However, Explorers of Sky was the first game which make me cry since years, and I have to admit, I've cried really hard.

The game itself is really long, but it's really worth to play it, the soundtrack was one of the main reasons of my tears. TheAwesomeUserName May 1st,7: I cried at the end.

Giant Magikarp May 1st,7: And reading these posts, it makes me feel like a jerk ;p Sabrewulf May 2nd,2: I'm not used to Pokemon or many games really being this moving so when I played these games especially Explorers of Time it caught me off guard.

I didn't cry but there were points where I can say I felt genuinely upset. ZSlinx May 3rd,2: I also got really emotional at the ending of the last special episode. DkLt May 3rd,7: Red Rescue Team twice now, on the first run, I was touched but managed to hold it back, 4 years later, I actually didn't manage to and I was crying alone in my room in the middle of the day tap-tap-tapping on My Boy!

I just finished the main game of Gates to Infinity. And I have to say My tears actually rolled down my cheeks might or might not have happened with Rescue Team, can't remember, though I credit Rescue Team with endowing me the power to feel emotions, haha. Like with Explorers, I knew it was gonna happen, so I braced myself. This helped prevent crying during Explorers' ending but not tears welling upbut it was next to useless during Gates'!

I just got so attached to the characters in this game. I also started crying when Manaphy had to leave. Azu May 8th,9: Anyone played the explorers of time? Seraphimon-sama May 8th, He doesn't actually die. Azu May 8th,1: Oh oops sorry ;s. I thought he died though QAQ. I finished the game Seraphimon-sama May 9th,1: Yeah, there's a whole Special Episode about it in Explorers of Sky.

Azu May 9th,4: Thanks for telling me XD! TenaciousWolf May 9th,6: Then the final Special Episode's ending really brought the tears on. Seraphimon-sama May 18th,3: H0tB3ans May 18th, But then I came back. P Once I realized that I stopped crying. But the guy I usually use now instead of my Charizard, is my level Zapdos! I also have a Pikachu with Volt Tackle: And of course, I cried more when I came back to him. That game had a LOT of unexpected feelings.

Then I remembered how much I hated everyone, and I didn't. Haven't played Sky, but I read a synopsis of the fifth episode where Dusknoir and Grovyle team up and that seemed pretty emotional as well.

Chary May 28th,7: In fact, whenever I played any of the Mystery Dungeon games, my parents would refer to it as the, "Game that made you cry. Then I nearly started sobbing.

Creame May 29th,1: I had the same! At first I really thought it was all over. And then I got to return, such a lovely feeling!

I never cry at films or anything, but that ending really made me cry my eyes out! And We're Off May 31st,7: When your charater has to leave and all of the pokemon are practically crying always sets me off. Still playing red rescue team on my gba emulator and am coming close to the end again. For most of the game he plays the role of Small Name, Big Egoand even finds himself stupefied to the point of rage that trio of Team Skull actually is a group of Jerkasses.

But when push comes to shove, there's a reason he's Wigglytuff's right hand. The dungeon Crystal Cave, an underground cave system made of blue and green crystals. And then it gets flipped around and done again when Wigglytuff's Guild swoops in and fights the trio. Wigglytuff gives one to Team Skull. It's offscreen, but it's clear they didn't stand a chance. During Wigglytuff's special episode. Armaldo observes and discusses the various puzzles and traps protecting a door on an expedition, only to watch the young Igglybuff smash the door down.

After returning from the future's eternal night, one of the first things the partner does is take in the awe of a morning sunrise. Explorers of Sky also has Grovyle's final battle set against a sunrise, which indicates that the future is beginning to change.

The sequel to the family-friendly original. Not in a bad way, but some parts of the story are deeply disturbing. After the main plot has been completed, Cresselia appears in the player's dreams and tells them that to save the world they need to kill themselves.

Turns out that it's not actually Cresselia, but Darkrai, trying to get the heroes out of the way so they won't ruin his plans. Dark Is Not Evil: Dusknoir, at least at first. It turns out that he IS evil and is one of the main enforcers of Primal Dialga, although he does switch back to this trope towards the very end of his special episode.

Team AWD qualifies, at least in the present day. Although Weavile is a bit of a bitch, they are overall relatively pleasant to the hero and partner and talk about Zero Isle to them. Further supported by the fact that they hang around Treasure Town and the guild just fine, and that they would very likely have been apprehended already if they were genuinely up to no good.

Banette and Skorupi in Igglybuff's special episode. They're described as bullies and somewhat mean, but they do care for Igglybuff's safety when he repeatedly goes into the Murky Forest and even follow Magnezone and Nidoking along with the rest of Igglybuff's friends and family to make sure he's safe. A Day in the Limelight: The Special Episodes in Sky lets the player control other characters for their duration.

Department of Redundancy Department: I'm the guild's Guildmaster! In Time and Darkness, you can potentially play a Meowth or Munchlax of either gender as the hero. Sky added several new choices that were gender-restricted; in order to make room for them, Meowth and Munchlax were removed as candidates. To make up for this, both were made availible as potential partners instead.

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The partner is so heartbroken over the player's disappearance that after the credits roll, Dialga decides to return the favor for repairing Temporal Tower by summoning the player back into existence, on the same beach shore where the player and partner first met.

See also Everybody Lives below, which is heavily implied to be a very literal case of this. Should you lose a boss battle you were supposed to beat in order to advance the story, the events leading up to it will be suitably altered during your follow-up attempt.

Most of the time that means bosses skip their introduction, but it varies. For example, in "Igglybuff the Prodigy", Igglybuff will think that Armaldo enjoys traps because they fall into the same trap they did before Similarly, in the graduation dungeon in the post-game story, Wigglytuff is forced to shove the player and the partner into the pit since they already know about it and would logically avoid it if given the chance.

This goes in tandem with everyone involved in the graduation battle Except for Wigglytuff not saying anything if you talk to them before returning. During the fifth special episode, the Sableye try to protect Dusknoir by attacking Primal Dialga.

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They just get swatted aside, but Primal Dialga flees anyway as the future's history begins to change. The player, after time has been fixed. Luckily, Dialga brings them back. Regarding Grovyle and Dusknoir. Dude, Where's My Respect? Even after graduating from the Guild, you still have to give them most of your money. Young Celebi, Grovyle and Dusknoir Have you ever wondered where they are in the present and if there are young versions of them?

They have been born when the planet was already fully frozen. It is clear that Celebi has never seen the sun. Grovyle and Dusknoir have, but that is because they were in the past. How did possible parents survive? As we have seen in the cutscene at Mespit's lake, when the time stops, everything in the radius is frozen.

When the paralysis was happening, it happened slowly. This also explains what happened with the legendaries: They were surprised and became frozen. Probably also the reason why they didn't kill Primal Dialga. Would have made things far less dangerous. Space still exists Porygon can warp you across space, there even is the Spacial Cliffso Palkia has to exist too. Only because it is frozen, it isn't dead. It's still there and space still exists. The survivors split into three groups: The ones who didn't want to disappear Dusknoir, Sableye, etc.

The planetary investigation team The ones who were willing to disappear and who researched about the paralysis. His parents were probably part of it.