Professor and student relationship stories yahoo

Weird teacher and student relationship story? | Yahoo Answers

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

Engaged Ohio Teacher Had Sex With Year-Old Student. “There cannot be any sort of relationships between teachers and students and. The teacher's original tweet has almost 4, likes, as of this story. In another tweet Teacher/student relationships are everything!” wrote one. A married teacher arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenage student was smiling in her mugshot because she's.

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

I didn't take it personally. She has zero-hour math, farm-girl chores, state-qualifying 4X fatigue, adolescent angst, and various other things to deal with.

Teacher let student fall asleep in class — and maybe that's not the worst idea

My class is only a part of her life, not her life. He also addressed the fact that this definitely goes against protocol, which anyone who has ever grown out their bangs only to hide sleepy eyes can attest to. It just happened to be Meg on that day. Have I had kids fall asleep in class before?

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

Am I suggesting that we just simply let kids, then, sleep in class? But I am suggesting that we practice compassion. I cannot feed her horses many horses in the morning or evening. I cannot spirit away her teen trouble. But I can give her a break. Syrie told Yahoo Lifestyle that Meg is a great student. So I gave her a break.

I can do that. She was getting some breakfast before her 7: They did not cry foul. And when he left his hip would touch my shoulder. But the weirdest thing he's done is when he talked about how divorce worked in an educational manner, and when he talked about it he would look straight at me.

All the minutes he talked about divorce he just gave me a stare while talking about it to us. I didn't want to be disrespectful so I looked at him, but his stare was really deep which made me kind of uncomfortable.

He's married and has children by the way. I would never go out with him even though he's a sweet young guy. To me he's a teacher and a friend, and I hope he does think of me as a student.


He would talk to casually with me in my opinion. It's nice, but it feels uncomfortable when it's during class. I'm a huge nerd for math so making jokes or getting close with the teacher wasn't hard.

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

Like I said before, I talk a lot in class more than in real life. I tend to make jokes hear and there and I tried talking excessively once because I wonder why most teachers let me talk in class while they don't let other students do.

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

I would have gotten told at to be quiet, but he just let me I guess, but I stopped because I know I should let other students learn. And sometimes he would praise me too much.

Student-teacher relationship books?

I know I'm not the best student in his classes, but he always seemed to be praising me. The year after that he didn't teach me anymore because I was in a different level of math.

professor and student relationship stories yahoo

He would stare at me from afar and smile once in a while. We kept talking like friends, but he stopped and turned cold when he saw me and another male student talk. I don't really see anything for him to be mad because the guy and I were just talking about dying hair and what would look good on me. At first I felt sad that he wouldn't talk to me anymore, but then when I looked back at it I felt But i just can't help myself. I've spent nights crying because I miss her and my heart just aches when I don't talk to her.

I've tried getting over her ample amount of times, by avoiding her, but she just shows up, and I end up seeing her. We used to have a good relationship, student teacher wise of course.

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Usual chats about school and small talk. When I used to get upset about my tests, she'd talk to me about it and calm me down. I guess she's always been an important figure in my life. I look forward to everyday at school, just so I can see her, because I know how happy she makes me feel. There's so much I want to say about her. Not many people like her though, as a teacher.

They think she's boring and probably the worse.

Student-teacher relationship books? | Yahoo Answers

I don't think she's married, although she wears a silver butterfly in-scripted ring on her left hand. She's always alone when she comes to school functions. Also another thing that has been bothering me, I don't know if she's a lesbian? She's also very soft spoken I know I'm not, but it's her that makes me so crazy.

I have been with guys in the past, but I'm just not into guys right now, I think I really like her. I spent so many months thinking about it