Pumpkin pie and lavender perfume eau flirt

Review and Giveaway: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt - My Newest Addiction

pumpkin pie and lavender perfume eau flirt

These are the best perfumes and fragrances for women to help you attract, influence and get They found that the unique combination of pumpkin pie and lavender or Ella Sweet Anthem with a pure lavender like Diptyque Eau de Lavande. Currently wearing Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum Christian Dior. Tara Fiouzi; Member Topic: Lavender, Pumpkin pie fragrances? I read an article . Harvey Prince Temptress, it used to be called Eau Flirt. Perfumedladybird. Pumpkin Lavender Floral eau de parfum. Lavender body spray mist. This perfume flirts for you Notes: lavender, pumpkin pie, citrus, jasmine, freesia, ylang .

Harvey Prince manufactures every kind of perfume, scarves, exfoliating bar soaps, body cream, and liquid loofah. Harvey Prince is fair fragrance and fair trade.

Eau Flirt perfume by Harvey Prince

They are very eco-conscious and use no toxic chemicals in their fragrances. Each perfume is manufactured in the US, using high-quality, essential oils from across the world.

McMorning - Eau Fling aka "The Pumpkin Pie Perfume"

I was supposed to conduct this review for Eau Flirt awhile back, before life got crazy and I had to take my unintentional hiatus. It makes sense, because this perfume as the same ingredients, and Eau Flirt is no longer available on the Harvey Prince website. I am unsure why the name has changed, but to my best knowledge, the formula remains the same.

The unique combination of pumpkin pie and lavender has been shown to increase arousal and blood flow in men in many scientific studies, which is thought to be linked to the triggering of positive and stimulating memories. I got this product as part of an advertorial. I was lucky enough to receive one 3. My mom won a bottle of Ageless a few months prior and we were basically fighting over it! She already has her signature scent, and I was in love with the smell.

I wore it when I was going out quite a bit, or when I was working at the grocery store, and I have NEVER received so many compliments on perfume before. I must say that Harvey Prince certainly matches its claims.

'Man-Attracting Perfume' Put to the Test (VIDEO) | CafeMom

Although I love perfume, I am also very picky. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Harvey Prince has introduced a new perfume. I fell in love with the packaging before I was even exposed to the scent.

pumpkin pie and lavender perfume eau flirt

The graphics are adorable, inviting, and colorful. This box is sure to attract your attention on a perfume display. When I opened the package I was even more excited to see that the perfume is apple green. This made me want to spray it all over. I love anything with color, especially a perfume that does not have a traditional clear liquid. Eau Flirt met a lot of my needs before I used it. I noticed there was a big difference in the packaging on this box than that of the Ageless box.

pumpkin pie and lavender perfume eau flirt

Instead of exposing all the secret ingredients inside of the perfume on the outside, Eau Flirt kept all that information hidden. What I can tell you is that "Eau Flirt has infused with essences of pumpkin The middle notes also have jasmine and ylang, and the dry down is musk and precious woods.

Then, I follow-up with a perfume that makes guys flirt with you. However, this is the beauty of science; it can be tested and proven.

Let Your Perfume Flirt For You: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt

Here are some facts about Eau Flirt: So dab it on your pulse points and let the seduction begin! Before, there was the option of purchasing only a 3. Now, you can choose from various sizes and price ranges.