Purvi and arjun relationship in real life

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purvi and arjun relationship in real life

Asha Negi, Rithvik Dhanjani to be back as Arjun and Purvi in Yeh Hai Aashiqui : Real-life couple Rithvik Dhanjani, Asha Negi to enact their. Purvi is upset with her life and Teju asks her to forget Arjun. On the other hand, we see Purvi's daughter Pari hates her father as he cheated his. Pavitra Rishta's lovely pair Arjun and Purvi are called by their fans as Arvi. Purvi ( Asha Negi), Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav's (Hiten.

Archana will not be in touch with Purvi for long time. Ovi comes to know about Purvi and again misunderstands Arjun, thinking that he is having an affair with Purvi. Onir, on the other hand, denies treating Ovi, because of her strange behaviour.

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It is only after Purvi saying the fact that she is her sister, he agrees for the treatment and both go to Mumbai. Purvi-Onir Onir comes to know that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun's child, which was the main reason for Purvi to leave Mumbai. She still loves Arjun and she married Onir only to give her child father's name.


Ovi Later, Ovi turns good after seeing Onir accepting Purvi, and so Ovi also decides to move on with Arjun and their baby. Onir on Purvi's request changes babies, which creates lots of trouble to Onir, but he overcome all troubles. The family is also shocked with this.

purvi and arjun relationship in real life

Arjun tries to convince Ovi on Purvi's request, but she doesn't agree. Onir On the other hand, Onir comes to know that both Arjun and Purvi love each other. So he decides to do a drama. Onir's Plan Onir says that he is married before he got married to Purvi. This drama makes Onir and Purvi separate. Onir Successful Slowly, the plan Onir made was getting successful.

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He sees Arjun and Purvi close. When Arjun wanted Purvi, she helps him personally and professionally. Ovi gets pregnant with Arjun child, but has lots of complications in pregnancy, which could only be solved by Onir.

And that's how all four meet.

purvi and arjun relationship in real life

Though Ovi and Arjun pretend to be happy with their marriage, they really aren't, as Arjun is still in love with Purvi and he would have kept his promise, which he made to Purvi, of keeping Ovi happy. What complicates more is the fact that Purvi has a baby Pari with Arjun. This makes all their lives complicated.

Pavitra Rishta: Now That Ovi Is Out, Will Purvi Marry Arjun?

Ovi files divorce against Arjun as she can't tolerate this. Meanwhile Onir decides to unite Purvi and Arjun, since Ovi is not happy with him. Onir Plays Cupid Onir acts as if he is a bad guy and says he is married to Shalini Maneka Lalwaniwho is his first wife.

By doing this, he tries to act cupid to bring Arjun and Purvi together. In previous episode, Purvi meets her friend. Her friend's mother in conversation with Purvi's aaji Sulochanasays her friend is divorced. Her friend has a small kid and to take care of them, they are planning for second marriage.

Now there arises so many questions: Asha Negi Current Show: She is adopted by Mrs.

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Archana Deshmukh and is brought up by Archana and her mother. Archana gets separated from Maanav who stays in Canada and raises Purvi single handedly as her own daughter.

purvi and arjun relationship in real life

Meanwhile, she meets Arjun and they fall in love with each other. Purvi, Arjun and Ovi get trapped in a love triangle. The story takes a six months leap where Purvi is seen to get married to Dr.

purvi and arjun relationship in real life

Onir Dutt whereas Ovi marries Arjun. Both Arjun and Purvi decide to compromise with their lives and are not happy with their respective married lives. But Purvi succeeds in bringing back her Aai and Baba together. However, different circumstances are being shown and ultimately Purvi and Arjun happen to marry each other.

Purvi gives birth to a sweet little angel named Pari.