Radiating energy between twin souls relationship

A balancing Act: Male and Female Energies between Twin Flames - Wake Up Experience

radiating energy between twin souls relationship

The lovemaking aspect of a twin-flame relationship is unbelievable. You radiate positive energy and everyone around you benefits from it, including your work. One of the tell tale signs of a twin flame connection is an immense . and love was just streaming from our heartchakra's radiating through every pore in our body. and feel the unrestricted flow of energy move through each separate chakra. Much has been written and said about the concept of twin flames, and it A painful breakup, a nasty divorce, or end of an abusive relationship As the undissolved human ego is threatened by cumulative energy of the twin souls, it flees. They radiate a divine love that heals their wounds and brings them.

After that phase, it feels as if our partner is already here. The energetic component overpowers the physical and we do not experience any longing or pain anymore. We are doing what we love for ourselves, not because we want to get to reunion as quickly as possible. We know that reunion will happen eventually, either on this plane or beyond and that is all that counts. Time loses its meaning. We trust in our partner and in this process completely.

As already mentioned, we can still have a bad day, experiencing body pains or emotional attacks from the collective pain or from disruptions in the geomagnetic field of the planet. Twins tend to project those pains onto their counterpart.

Being aware of it when we are hit by such a sudden break out helps immensely to not overreact and to ground ourselves quickly again. This part of the balancing journey is a wonderful experience, because in the higher realms lower frequencies of fear, anger or sorrow do not exist. We are seeing a lot, showing us that the three energies are coming together and merge. This is often accompanied bytelling us that our spiritual guides support us and tell us that physical union is to happen, because there is a higher plan, although our free will might still work against it.

And we can even see a lot, the ultimate sign, that the spiritual realms are pulling all the strings now to overcome free will and collective pain in the way which in that phase is often communicated through seeing a combination of and Our communication with the higher realms is stable and our higher self feels integrated into our bodies. The guidance is flowing naturally. We are experiencing the Third Energy, which is the sexual energy of creation, flowing in as something very powerful and sacred, coming from a place of love, not fear.

They open the gateway to the vast pool of consciousness that connects all of us and our wisdom grows immensely on a daily basis.

We completely love and accept our body and see its beauty. We are appreciating this miraculous gift of being able to feel unconditional love and the spiritual sexual energy in a physical form.

Now, the energies within us, within our soul connection and with everything around us feel balanced and in harmony. We feel like we could just explode because of all the love we feel and we just want to share it with everyone. All we need just comes naturally to us as we operate on these high frequencies of love and creation. We have learned the art of manifestation. We have stopped trying and are just allowing things to happen and our jaws drop again and again due to the wondrous miracles the universe gifts us with each and every day.

Often, people just stop and look at us and are amazed by the light and love we are radiating and we are more than happy to share these moments with them.

When reaching this level, it is not important anymore to us to reunite on this plane. Because we see behind the veil of the illusion of separation and we feel the unconditional love for each other so strongly, knowing that nothing can separate what belongs together.

Twin Flame: Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship

This whole process of balancing prepared us to teach and spread the new template of love. One without any insecurity based on total freedom and independence. So be love and share!

radiating energy between twin souls relationship

I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg Want more energy regularly: Sign up for my newsletter.

I Googled it and read that it among other things, means you are about to meet your twin flame in the physical. Twin flames are governed by divine timing Shortly after the explosion of There was no way in hell he could get himself out of this one. My twins best friend was getting married and wanted me at the wedding, even though this friend and I had had a falling out six months back, we had also been best friends to each other and he wanted me with him on this special occasion.

My twin had only two weeks before written me the sweetest email about his non existing love life, his focus on his work and the real reason why he tried to keep me away from him most of the time.

After that email he had come back on Whatsapp said he had until then never shared his problems with anyone and then continued to describe how he wanted to make love to me. The day I got the wedding invitation my twin had stopped talking to me. I found out later from him he had gone back to the girl he had been seeing. He refused to talk to me until I was there in front of him. Three long months he refused any and every contact, only one time when I had sent him a voice clip crying he sent one back that he was sorry to make me feel like this.

Another time there was an earthquake in his region and he responded to let me know he was okay, That was it. Even when I did Karwa Chauth for him, a fast that Indian women do for the well being of their husbands — he completely ignored me. I had to get on a plane to India by myself, to go to a village in the middle of fucking nowhere trusting that even though my twin refused to talk to me he was longing to see me too.

What Makes A Twin Flame Connection Too Intense?

Most people would have never gotten on that plane. I worked hard on myself to let go of all my anger, disappointment, frustration and pain. Hell bent not to let anything poison this epic moment. The Universe always has your back I am so glad I did get on that plane and that I had the guts to trust the words my heart was telling me. He called me the next night to calm me down and assure me we were going to be together when he also came to the village.

When he heard I was staying the whole week in the village, he cancelled his plans to go to the city to stay with me. When we first touched, our hands found each other and intertwined it was like the print of his hand burned into my skin.

Hours later I could still feel his touch. Only two nights later we became lovers and it felt like we were already a married couple. Even though we were in the house of our friend with about 40 Indian relatives all around us, he managed to sneak into my room two nights to sleep in each others arms.

After the village I booked a hotel in the city where he lived and the running slowly started creeping back in. In the village there was no risk of pregnancy. In a hotel room all alone, that became a completely different story. He started refusing my calls, staying away. The night I left his city my team who was traveling with me and I took an Uber cab. With a half address found on the internet and a lot of help from the Universe we found his house miraculously. He came down to see me, I deliberately stayed out of sight of his family because I knew that was the whole reason he was running.

He was so happy to see me. I have never experienced anything like that with another human being. I never felt more loved, or felt more love for the other. It was earth shattering. The next night he stood me up at the airport, we called and he repeated four times he wished he was coming with me.

Yup, he ran again. Twin souls and your soul purpose That was four months ago. He learned from the last time. This time he refused to talk to me on phone, he knew I can hear every emotion in his voice and that he would be a goner if he let me come that close.

The little communication we have had, has gone over Whatsapp in text. It was brutal, when I finally got him to explain himself. I was trying to make something out of nothing. My work life has been on steroids since I came back. I have been working like crazy the past months finishing up projects that had been pending and feeling pushed in a completely new direction. In India I had already asked my twin to take over my branding agencyhe is also owner of among other things a design company.

Now back home, I really needed him to step in and take over from me, he refused even though nothing had happened — I had done nothing wrong. He had made up his mind.

I had no place in his life anymore, not as a lover, not as a friend and also not work related. I had pushed him before, he always left the message read notification on. Now it was turned off. The oddest thing was that I was getting really positive signs in regards to a mutual future when in my physical reality things only seemed to get worse and worse in any case between him and me.

Because on all other levels things were expanding rapidly. She said, you survived the other two… You will survive this time too and she was right. Although nothing went as I hoped, I have so much to be grateful for. This run like every time my twin flame ran before, brought me such a gift, the gift of really stepping into my own power completely and living my life purpose. Before my trip to India I knew I had a life purpose greater, than the business I had set up.

But I was in no way ready yet to step into my mission. After meeting my twin in real life, everything changed. Now recently as I was working with a healer on my new business and formulating the slogan, a blast of energy started streaming down through my crown chakra all the way down to my root chakra. Soulmates are considered to be two people who are fully compatible with each other on a spiritual and physical level.

The same can be said for twin flames but on much higher intensity. In ancient history and recent times. That one person who is expected to be everything you have dreamt of, the one person who sends shivers down your spine, the one person who finishes your sentences, the one person who you know inside and out having met for the first time.

You will meet your twin flame some day. You can spend many lifetimes without meeting your twin flame, but in some life, you will meet them. Patience is a key virtue when it comes to this connection. You should also take into account that your twin flame may not be ready for you. That is entirely reasonable. We all have immaturity within us that may or may not go away within any given lifetime. What happens after my twin flame passes away?

Your twin flame will remain precisely that forever. You may have parted ways physically in this lifetime, but you will be reunited eventually. Your twin flame passing away can be very traumatic. Going through this will be the most challenging stage.

Your twin flame passing away may cause soul shock. However, this phenomenon can work to bring you even closer to your twin flame. Remember that even though physically your twin flame may have passed away, but he or she lives on in spirit.

You can still feel their presence, and you can connect telepathically. Learning to cope with the worldly loss will make your bond stronger when you reunite in 3D again, maybe in your next life.

radiating energy between twin souls relationship

Can two males or two females be twin flames? When you consider gender rules do not bind reincarnation. You can come back as male or female. It is quite easy to fathom that twin flames are not bound by gender rules either.

Faith-based ideologies have had their shackles around the world for so long.

radiating energy between twin souls relationship

The more progressive nations have accepted the same-gender union. More twin flames are coming together who are of the same gender. What are the Twin Flame Signs? Through reincarnation and struggles of human experience, they will once again reunite whenever chance allows it.

Which will undoubtedly happen if you have found your twin flame. You feel like they are the answer to your problems One day you will meet someone who will bring peace and tranquillity to your life, which was never possible with anyone else. You begin to accept positive changes in your life and your experiences become more gleeful, passionate and energetic. You connect with them unlike with anyone else Much like an orchestra with various instruments, the sounds come together to form a harmonious melody.

You and your twin flame have the same harmony. You connect with them at every possible level, and that connection leads to a brighter passion. It will take time for them to become accustomed to the change. Your relationship is on multiple levels Being a lover is a single branch of the tree of twin flame union.

Many other things are involved. Your twin flame will not only be your lover but your guide, your mentor, your caregiver and many other things. This phenomenon occurs because twin flames are involved in more than just passion and desire. No one needs to change This sign is crucial to understand. They would accept your faults and your strengths. They would motivate you, so you are true to your identity and let you know if you are diverting from it.

Nothing is Taboo Amongst each other you share everything. You and your twin flame have a deep understanding of each other, and there is never any bad blood. You begin learning new things Emotions that may have once been dormant inside of you such as empathy will come sprawling out.

If you sense you are experiencing new feelings while in the presence of your special someone. You now have a purpose to fulfil Things that seemed to be confusing now begin making more sense and life becomes easier.

Your life has turned around towards better things. Meeting your twin flame is how you envisioned things would be. You both walk in unison and remain on track. That is the driving force and reason behind you getting back together so many times. The difference is that both of you will spend more time learning from these experiences rather than quarrelling. If you find yourself having lots of constructive dialogue with your significant other that is a great sign that they are your flame.

This helps twin flames realise their own shortcomings, and have someone to fill the gaps. This would not be the case with your twin flame. Even though you are both bound to each other, you are also free. This is because you both understand each other well. You can be yourself, flaws and all, and they will accept you for that. When you are together, you feel at home and more importantly, comfortable in your own skin.

This is achieved through dedication and devotion to understanding each other at a higher level. Many people have avoided relationships because they were moving too fast, but meeting your twin flame, the pace was fast. Due to the nature and importance of this relationship.

Telepathic Connection Between Twin Flames

However it is best to progress at a moderate pace.