Rage and anger in a relationship

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rage and anger in a relationship

When You Love an Angry Person Author: Lynne Namka, Ed. D. People from all over the world Women are typically the care takers of the relationship. with the ability to regulate emotion, which then leads to excessive anger, fear and rage. remain in such a relationship, and whether you may need professional help to extricate yourself from it. Nonetheless, if this person so prone to anger and rage. Buy Anger, Rage and Relationship 1 by Sue Parker Hall (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

What to Do When Anger Turns to Rage in a Relationship Conflict

This could be accomplished by using my First Argument Technique of peel, reveal, heal. RAGE If the above scenario now includes feeling scared and fearful, the argument has tipped the scales into rage. You purposely did this to hurt me.

This is a very serious problem that cannot be taken lightly. It is not your job to calm this person down. Your choices are anger management classes, psychotherapy, or consultation with a spiritual advisor.

You both need help to break this cycle.

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So check the scale and address the anger issues accordingly. Before one looks at anything else, one needs to first look at what is going on in the relationship. Perhaps there are issues that are so horrific that anger is a natural and even healthy response. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Sharon M.

rage and anger in a relationship

It is also useful to understand the difference between anger and rage. Anger tends to arise in response to a situation that's happening now, in the present. The feeling of anger, at a simple level, tells us something is wrong in this situation. For example, we may feel that: We're not being taken seriously. We're being taken advantage of or worse, abused. We're not feeling listened to or understood.

We're feeling criticised, humiliated or belittled.

How To Handle A Bad Temper - 9 Tips To Control your Anger

We're feeling put down. In these instances, our anger is healthy and an appropriate response to feeling or being mistreated in some way. A person whose behavior is continually disturbing to others can be told about it during a time when he is calmer.

He needs feedback as to how he hurts others so he can evaluate the consequences of his actions. Calling a person on the consequences of their behavior helps maintain the moral order of the relationship.

Loving firmness is the best way to talk to a person about his unacceptable behavior. Remind him that fair is fair, and you expect him to be reasonable with his anger. Calling someone who is physically abusive on his misbehavior will probably cause him to become physically violent. Only you can decide whether the following information will be of help to your relationship.

The following ideas may work for people who live with a reasonably sane, somewhat angry, partner, but do not try them with an out-of control abuser.

Have a calm voice and be centered when you suggest the following ideas. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and all the little ducklings. One way to maintain fairness is to insist on having a correction technique for all members of the household. Correction is a behavioral technique where the person who messes up the environment is required to clean it up as an offer of restitution. The correction procedure holds people responsible for their misbehavior by requiring them to undo, as much as possible, the damage they have done.

Correction of what has been disturbed in the environment gives practical penalties for disturbing the home and the people who have been affected. You have probably used the correction technique with young children.

With correction, the person who throws things must pick them up and return them to their proper place. If he breaks things, he must pay for them and replace them. If he yells and screams, he must apologize to those he has disturbed. Just like two year olds, grown up temper tantrums last longer when the person has an audience. You need not stay in the same room with a raging person. Warn him that you will leave when he is yelling and go take care of yourself.

rage and anger in a relationship

The take the children and leave quietly, saying that you are giving him some space to cool off and you hope that the next time he will take his own time out. Go to another room or get in the car and leave for a while. If he is fearful of left alone and gets angry, level with him to show that his actions will create his being left. You are not abandoning him but you are removing yourself form his anger. Challenge the destructively angry person when he states that he can change all by himself when he has not been able to do so for a number of years.

Keep your voice calm while you level with him. I will not tolerate it any longer. You are in denial about your ability to stop getting mad and hurting others. Your way of trying to deal with it has not worked. You do not have the right tools to stop your outbursts. You need some new skills to deal with your anger. You need a professionally trained person to help you. This means going to an anger management class or addressing the issue in counseling.

Which plan is preferable to you? Have the phone numbers of resources available. You can choose to walk away and calm yourself down or continue yelling which traumatizes your family. We expect you to make the best choice for your family.

We can become a closer, loving family again if you take this step. Look him in the eye and tell him that his behavior was unacceptable.

You and the children deserve better. Remind him that he is being unfair and his refusal to learn and grow affects both you and him.

What to Do When Anger Turns to Rage in a Relationship Conflict

Tell him that you are changing the contract or the deal that you made when they two of you came together. He has changed the contract through repeated anger, and now you must change it for the mental health of all involved. He may not like your standing up for fairness and healthy interaction, but on a deep level, he knows that you are right. Finding Your Bottom Line We get the relationships we are willing to put up with. We were not able to choose the family of our childhood ,and how they dealt with stressors.

We can insist on open communication and treating everyone with respect in the family we have now. Do you make excuses for him?

rage and anger in a relationship

Do you feel bad when he is upset? It is the job of each angry person to take care of his anger and find appropriate ways to express it. An angry person may not have the motivation to do so. If you allow, excuse or forgive him repeatedly for his outbursts, why should he be expected to change? Angry behavior that harms you or the children should not be allowed to continue and get worse. Limit setting is necessary for adults, just as it is for angry two year old who is yelling and flailing.

Virginia Satir described people finding their Bottom Line and stating it emphatically. Determine which behaviors will cause you to leave the relationship if your partner continues to do damaging behavior that creates chaos in the home. Physical abuse and continual verbal abuse are common Bottom Lines for most people. Now I feel ashamed for allowing him to be violent with the children.

I should have set my Bottom Line higher and then stuck to it. Then stick to it. Bottom Lines that define health and safety are one place where you are allowed to be stubborn. Know what you stand for and how you expect to be treated with respect. Here are some Bottom Lines that people have described to show their partner that there are limits to bad behavior: I refuse to live that way.

I do not deserve to be called ugly names just because you have an anger problem. Screaming insults at them is harmful. Walk away when you feel your temper rising, and you want to yell. Your drinking is damaging your job, our marriage and the children. I refuse to live with an alcoholic.

If you want to live with me, you have to stop judging me and making nasty comments. You have your own conscience and sense of self-respect to live with. If you find yourself allowing the Bottom Line behavior to happen without your doing anything about it, your line is slipping lower and lower.

Your partner will lose respect for you and continue to act out.

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And your self-respect will slip also. Talk with your friends and get ideas about how they expect to be treated by their partners. Angry people get to stay in charge and threaten others by their explosiveness.