Relationship of loki and thor

20 Things About Thor And Loki’s Relationship That Make No Sense

relationship of loki and thor

However, perhaps no relationship in the MCU is as compelling as that of Thor and Loki. The struggle between these two brothers drives much. I have to stated that Jane & Thor relationship is categorized as “romantic relationship” while Thor & Loki is categorized as “sibling relationship” Does Thor love. In the second Thor film, Thor: The Dark World, Loki made plays to the development of the relationship between Thor and Loki as brothers.

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Therefore, he feels it is his responsibility to stop Loki. At the same time, he cannot hate his brother. So much of the MCU would not have happened had these two just gone to family counseling.

Tom Hiddleston Explains Thor And Loki's Relationship In 'Ragnarok'

That justice is perhaps the cruelest thing he could face: Instead, Thor ignores Loki when he is imprisoned and moves on with his life. Loki still loves Thor, in his own messed up way, so it hurts. Things get worse when Loki loses the only family member who does still love him, Frigga.

When Frigga dies, Thor and Loki are brought together in mutual grief and a quest for revenge. The scene where they are fleeing the palace, hunted by Asgardian guards, shows that they are actually brothers. The bickering is totally accurate to how siblings fight over the littlest things, but still, support each other in the end. Loki gives his life to save Thor and Jane, and Thor appreciates that. He swore that he would never trust Loki, but cannot stop loving his brother.

Old habits die hard.

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The film fully captures the complicated relationship between them but never undermines the love they share. We finally see what Thor and Loki are like when they are not actively fighting each other.

They snark back and forth like real siblings.

relationship of loki and thor

They work together, whether to stop Hela or to escape Sakaar, with the fluidity of years of experience. When Odin passes away, Loki remains the same color as Thor, whereas Odin's previous spell to keep Hela trapped is broken. Ragnarok, it is unclear why Loki is not kept as a prisoner alongside Thor.

relationship of loki and thor

When Thor first lands on Saakar, he is quickly taken prisoner and soon becomes a fighter in the ring. However, Thor soon notices Loki, who is sitting off to the side and is not tied down in any way.

As the God of Mischief, many fans are aware that Loki can chance his appearance at will.

relationship of loki and thor

Hela may be the sibling of Thor and the daughter of Odin, but she is not related to Loki. Her love for pointy helmets, her fondness for the color green, and her long black hair are just a few things she has in common with the God of Mischief.

Needless to say, it's odd that Loki looks a lot more like Hela than Thor does, since she is the God of Thunder's biological sister. This is confusing for many reasons.

relationship of loki and thor

For one, Loki is not related to Odin, so it is strange that he would sound like him. Tom Hiddleston also sounds very different from Anthony Hopkins, who has a very distinctive Welsh accent. However, it is unlikely that she saw her father when he was Thor's age, so how would she know?

The Odinson(s): A Retrospective On Thor and Loki In The MCU

However, it would be interesting to focus on their relationships with other characters. Thor is one of the strongest Avengers.

relationship of loki and thor

He is able to reignite the furnace of a star singlehandedly. However, for the purpose of Thor: Meanwhile, Loki is able to shape-shift and can fool all the Avengers. However, why does he go through with this? His actual motivations throughout the movie - and almost every other movie that he's appeared in - are vague to say the least.