Relationship of zeref and acnologia toy

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relationship of zeref and acnologia toy

Zeref Dragneel, more commonly known by his first name Zeref or title Lord Zeref their relationship and Zeref's then-unexplained familiarity with the Dragon Slayer, .. As the airship continued to fly onward, Zeref witnessed Acnologia seemingly .. ruin to Earth while using Zeref and Mavis as immortal chew-toys for eternity. All spoilers regarding Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail Zero are unmarked. Examples pertaining to Years Quest can be spoiler tagged if deemed necessary. This Pin was discovered by Hasu Long. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Of course, it's heavily implied that he brought this upon himself. The Mildian Academy claims that Zeref was committing blasphemy against the gods for studying taboo magics in order to resurrect his dead brother, hence a curse that was designed to kill anybody he could ever care about or even being in the same general area as him, with immortality to boot.

The immortality is permanent, but the "kill everyone around you with uncontrollable waves of death" part of it seems to go away if Zeref stops caring about other people. If that happens, Zeref's able to control it. When they became a couple, Zeref loved Mavis more than she did, so he killed her despite Mavis also being immortal.

When Mavis is able to bring herself to love Zeref as much as he loves her, they both die. The immortality that is part of his curse did give him enough time to complete his original goal of bringing back his brother. The first one was the death of his little brother and his attempts to revive him which got him cursed. The second one was when Zeref finally finds somebody he genuinely cares about, and comes to believe he can safely be with Mavis, even falling in love with her.

And then she died He's not called "Black Wizard" for nothing; along with other, more common dark magics, he could create his own demons and magical objects that were designed to kill people.

He himself wasn't that bad of a guy, though; the evil part came much later. Zeref genuinely wants to see the world become a better place. Zeref outright states that his sole motivation for becoming an Omnicidal Maniac is to 'cleanse the world of its sins,' and is perfectly prepared to die to atone for his own, and wants his brother Natsu to be the one to do it.

He even has twelve disciples in the form of the Spriggan Twelveincluding a Sixth Ranger Traitoras if Mashima was intentionally trying to invoke this trope. His true master plan puts him firmly in Well-Intentioned Extremist territory.

Zeref is an evil wizard who eventually becomes the Big Bad of the series and it's eventually revealed he was romantically involved with Mavis, the First Master of Fairy Tail. The absolute master of this in the series. Zeref's glares have been enough to make grown men burst into tears and crap themselves. If Zeref is giving you this look, run!

He expects to be killed by Natsu someday. And he'll wage war on humanity if he has to for it. The entire reason the demons of Tartaros even exist is because Zeref was trying to create something powerful enough to kill him. He was already well on his way there, but the big one came when he fell in love with Mavis and she died as a result, right when he thought he finally found somebody he could safely allow himself to care about.

By the present storyline, Zeref has fallen so far into the deep end that his idea of fixing the problem is to go Flashpoint and reset his life before he became immortal, ensuring that all the tragedies that befell him and others as the result of his actions never happen.

Didn't See That Coming: Zeref is an extensive planner and is thus rarely caught off guard, however, even he never expected Gray to be willing to sacrifice everything, up to his very existence in history to seal Zeref for a hundred years or more with an even more powerful version of Iced Shell.

The only reason why he escapes is the fact that Natsu stops Gray from using the spell once again. One of the very first things he says to Acnologia when the two finally meet: Died Happily Ever After: After he and Mavis departed to the afterlife, Makarov dreamt of them running through a field together, happy as can be.

He and Mavis break their curses through The Power of Lovecausing them to finally escape their immortality and pass on to the afterlife, disappearing into a heavenly light with flower petals encircling them.

He can talk about wiping out humanity in the same sad, apologetic tone he uses when killing people by accident. Even though it's probably all his fault, wherever he goes, Acnologia is never far behind.

And that's assuming he doesn't kill everything around him himself, first. Very few names in Earth-Land invoke as much unmitigated terror as his does. He really was not that bad of a guy to start with. Honestly, seeing everyone you've ever cared about die and becoming the Cosmic Plaything of a Jerkass God would make anyone snap, eventually. He and Mavis finally come clean that they still love one another, despite everything.

It is through this act that the One Magic lifts both of their curses, allowing them to die in each other's arms. Earn Your Happy Ending: He lost his whole family at a young age. He was cursed by a Jerkass God for the act of trying to resurrect his little brother with a horrifically cruel curse that he had to suffer with for the next four centuries.

He was hated and feared by almost everyone. His magic and his very name were used by dark guulds to justify their own evil. He lost the love of his life right when it looked like he had a chance at happiness. He was dragged kicking and screaming back into the world by a dark guild led by somebody he thought he could trust as his former student.

He learned that in the future, Acnologia ruled the world. He started a world war to try to fix everything with a Xanatos Gambit. And in the end? It was all worth it; he and Mavis were finally free. He has black hair and pale skin, and is considered the most evil wizard in history. Of Alvarez Empire, where he is referred to as Spriggan. Apologizing to the wolves that die trying to attack him. Once Mavis became immortal like him, Zeref thought he finally found somebody he could safely allow himself to care about.

Sadly, that same love got his beloved Mavis killed. They eventually can at least be Together in Death. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Although he isn't really that evil to begin with until later onZeref still loves his younger brother, Natsu. He is what he is today because he tried to bring the deceased Natsu back to life, and can do nothing but cry when he sees his brother alive and well and all grown up. Again, even though he wasn't exactly evil at the time, Zeref fell in love with Mavis after she assured him that they could be together forever until they found a way to break their curse.

Sadly, their mutual love resulted in Mavis' ' death ' and is implied to be when Zeref's true Start of Darkness began. Even Evil Has Standards: He has a noted disgust for most Dark Guilds, especially those who commit atrocities in his name, with Grimoire Heart having earned the dubious honor of being the guild whose actions finally convinced him that Humans Are Bastards. Zeref has also apparently decided that the one thing he definitely wants to do before he dies is kill Acnologia.

His original outfit was a holdover from the culture of his childhood village and fairly plain. However, when it gets damaged in a fight with Natsu in the final story arc, he decides to switch it for clothing more befitting an emperor, and thus dons a rather regal and grandiose outfit, fully embracing his position as a conqueror. To Mavisin a number of ways. Both were Child Prodigies in magic, having a near-encyclopedic knowledge of magical theory; Mavis in magic in general, Zeref in more taboo forms of magic.

Mavis went on to create the titular guild, which became the defining guild of Fiore, while Zeref was indirectly responsible for just about every dark guild in the series that came after his heydey especially Tartaros. Mavis did die except not reallywhile Zeref wants to die but is immortal. Both gained their inability to age by messing with magic they didn't fully understand for somebody else's sake, with Zeref pissing off Ankhseram by trying to resurrect Natsu as E.

More subtly, both also resorted to magic to cope with loss: Mavis subconsciously used her Illusion magic to pretend that Zeira was still alive while Zeref devoted himself to exploring forbidden magic to revive his dead little brother Natsu.

They both have the exact same Curse. Probably helps that they were romantically involved, too. The Fairy Tail Zero anime takes it a step further: Both were Conveniently an Orphanwith Mavis being entirely self-educated and desperately wanting to attend school, whereas Zeref was shipped off to a boarding school after his parents and younger brother were killed by dragons. Mavis only left Sirius Island after meeting Yuri, Warrod, and Precht, all of whom later became her co-founders in Fairy Tail, whereas Zeref was surrounded by his fellow students and teachers.

He may or may not have had friends his own age, but his teachers were both awestruck and incredibly nervous about Zeref's chosen field of studyand was later more or less completely isolated up until he met Igneel, Anna, and later, what would become Alvarez, and Mavis herself. He is clearly considered supreme among the rest of his subjects, and each member of his Praetorian Guard could be considered a candidate for The Archmage. Makarov is surprised to find he is friendly and willing to negotiate, and his subjects are genuinely happy to see him return.

Although Makarov realizes that Spriggan is Zeref a short while later. A very, very Deconstructed Character Archetype. While he was indeed a Child Prodigy in the field of magic, already writing entire theses on magic most adult wizards won't even touch while he was barely even a teenager, he never once becomes Drunk with Power like so many other examples of this trope do. His turn to Living Magic was less about power for power's sake and more about ending his own life and saving his brother's.

He didn't choose them. The 'evil' part of the trope came much laterafter years of being ostracized and hated by virtually the entire world, all while, hypocritically, doing many of the things they were accusing him of doing. Hades never stood a chance against this guy. His threat to "wipe out humanity" to Mavis. Him waging a war was entirely true, and perhaps he overestimated Alvarez's strength, but 'wiping out humanity' apparently only meant that the current world would be Ret Gone should his plan succeed.

He does reject the world. In its current form. He has large canines in his early appearances, but they disappear later on. Fate Worse than Death: He's immortal, but he also has an "Instant Death" Radius designed to kill anybody he could ever care about. The only way around it is to stop caring about their lives which kind of defeats the purposeor if the person he cares about is also immortal.

Like Mavis, for instance.

relationship of zeref and acnologia toy

And even then, the curse still kills her when they fall in love. The reason he fears Acnologia despite his immortality is because both he simply can't kill Acnologia as he is and he believes with good reason given what Acnologia is like that an eternity as Acnologia's chewtoy would be a living hell. The First Cut Is the Deepest: He did not take Mavis' death well. After delivering her body to Fairy Tail, he unceremoniously drops her on the ground at Precht's feet, while walking away claiming that he's sick of being around people and will therefore go back to Alvarez since he sees the people that live there are mere pawnsand that he shouldn't have fallen in love.

The revelation of Acnologia's Freudian Excuse makes him one to Acnologia. Both lost their entire families and loved ones to dragons four hundred years ago.

Zeref Dragneel

While Acnologia became a revenge-driven monster worse than anything he killedZeref at least tried to undo some of the damage the dragons did, by attempting to resurrect his little brother that resulted in Zeref getting cursed and subsequently hated and feared by everyone else, and it only went downhill for him from there. The dragons created both sides of the series' Big Bad Duumviratebut the way they responded to their respective Starts of Darkness could not have been more different, nor could the end results.

Forgot About His Powers: For Natsu to even stand a chance at winning required Zeref to completely forgot all his powers. Timestop, enchantment, teleportation and "Instant Death" Radiusetc were all traded for basic punches and rudimentary dark magic. While the "Instant Death" Radius can be explained away by Natsu's scarf being able to protect him as it did on Tenrou Island and even then it seems to work for only one blastless excusable is, after noticing that Natsu's book is gone, he doesn't teleport it back into his hand, something he did long before Fairy Heart gave him control over spacetime.

Justified in that Zeref's curse has driven him completely crazy to the point he's still not sure if he wants Natsu to kill him or for him to kill Natsu, despite what he says, and he really wants to fight Natsu.

Founder of the Kingdom: He created an entire country where he rules as a relatively benevolent Emperor, though he himself admits he didn't create Alvarez for the sake of being a ruler. Breeding love by analovesyaoi4ever reviews This is a sasunaru story. Sasuke is possessive, protective, sweet. Naruto is cute loving timid and innocent. Will the two be together forever?

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With new powers under his belt, and a sword that knows of death and bloodshed like no other, Natsu will take the world by storm.

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relationship of zeref and acnologia toy

This is a Yaoi so if you don't like don't read ; T for safety For now. What if he decided to took Natsu on as his Apprentice? C for some characters.

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M - English - Chapters: Read as one change can change the destiny of everyone in fairy tail.

relationship of zeref and acnologia toy

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He somehow blindly stumbles into the Master a few months later and joined his guild. How will Natsu fare in the adventures to come? This is the story of my perfect life with my one and only master, Lucy.

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