Rey and kylo relationship memes

Breaking Down Rey and Kylo Ren’s Relationship in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ | FANDOM

rey and kylo relationship memes

Reylo refers to fan speculation, shipping theories and fan-fiction centered on the romantic relationship between Star Wars characters Rey and Kylo Ren. Honestly, I don't get that love/hate relationship between Kylo and Rey. Visit × pixels Vampire Diaries Memes, Vampire Diaries Damon, Vampire. Kylo: I'm going to destroy that rebel base now that my girlfriend's gone. Hux:???? ? Kylo: Rey: What do you want, Ben? Kylo Ren: In Relationship goals tbh.

But, even before fans were posting pictures of themselves embracing their high-waisted Dark Side, others were obsessing over the moment for a different reason; a reason that lay a little north of his pants.

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Aside from Kylo's fashion choices, the impressive broadness of Adam Driver's upper body -- which was probably exaggerated by the pants obscuring his middle and the film's aspect ratio -- didn't go unnoticed either. Luke Skywalker isn't just a Jedi Master -- he's a master troll. After taking heavy losses during their desperate escape from the First Order across space, the Resistance take shelter on an old Rebel base on Crait with the enemy still hot on their heels.

rey and kylo relationship memes

With seemingly their only exit blocked, all hope seems lost. That is, until Luke -- after years of absence -- comes to their aid. Incensed at the sight of the master who he believed to have betrayed him, Kylo orders "every weapon [they] have to fire on that man. Whether you viewed their late night soul-bearing as having platonic or romantic undertones, the growing intimacy of their bond was palpable, culminating in some scandalous to Luke finger touching.

rey and kylo relationship memes

Despite sharing a lot of screen time, Rey and Kylo -- or Ben, as she chooses to call him -- don't physically meet until near the film's end. Their "first date," as this meme from spoof twitter account "Bad Father Han Solo" points out, goes pretty well from Kylo's perspective.

  • Breaking Down Rey and Kylo Ren’s Relationship in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

After some light treason and tag-team murdering of Snoke's guards, he tries to seal the deal with more hand-holding.

Unfortunately, Rey turns the second date offer down. According to their last living Master, pretty terrible. The most controversial moment for Luke in the film is when he admits to Rey that he'd felt the fleeting urge to murder his own nephew. Sensing a strong presence of the Force in her, Kylo offered to teach Rey, to show her the ways of the Force.

rey and kylo relationship memes

She bested him, injured him badly, and left him to die. They were each rescued by Chewbacca and Hux, respectively and would presumably never see each other again.

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They were spread out far across the galaxy. Then something strange began to happen.

rey and kylo relationship memes

Rey and Kylo could see each other. They spoke daily while Rey was training with Luke on Ahch-To. So what does this all mean?

rey and kylo relationship memes

Have we seen this kind of Force communication before? Luke and Leia shared this kind of bond because they are Force-sensitive and twins. Since Rey and Kylo can communicate in this way, are they also twins? As Rey and Kylo communicated across the galaxy, they built trust and intimacy. Rey felt like she was so close to Kylo — or Ben, as she called him — that she could turn him to the Light Side.


They were so in sync they almost fought like one person. But then something unexpected happened: This statement, if true, means that Rey and Kylo Ren are not related. But Siths have been known to lie.

They HAVE to be. Snoke said he connected them, but their connection lasted much longer than his lifespan.

Kylo Ren asks Rey to be his girlfriend