Richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

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richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

The lowdown: Richard Gomez is Jaime Zobel de Ayala's paid lover. actor) Troy Montero were each time they'd have sex when they were still. Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, referred to as the "First Family of Bench Prieto-Romualdez; as well as the Zobel brothers Jaime Augusto and Fernando. . important detail about relationship with Richard Gomez in the past. The lowdown: Richard Gomez is Jaime Zobel de Ayala's paid lover. .. Hahanapin ko nga ulit yung link, but basically yung connection is that.

Over the years, some Martial Law stories have turned out to be part history and part legend.

richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

Enraged with the political joke, Marcos took matters into his own hands and ordered Ureta to bike around Camp Crame grounds up to the point of exhaustion. Or so the story goes. In other words, it was just a harmless joke made even more colorful perhaps by people terrified with Martial Law.

The movie Lollipops and Roses was notable for two reasons: The relationship was short-lived, though, and Nora Aunor went back to business when she returned home.

Mga Paggunita at Pagtatapat, dispelled the long-standing rumor once and for all.

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For gay comedians, a handy hanky is what completes a classic Vilma Santos impersonation. But the showbiz controversy went beyond just a rumored love affair. Nova Villa silenced the age-old dirty gossip about her when she was interviewed by PEP in August, Although she was a bit hesitant when asked whether or not FPJ was her first love, Villa directly dismissed the urban legend suggesting she had a kid by the late FPJ.

richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

Miss Hooker World First heard: Pinay Winona Ryder First heard: Pretty, fair and demure Lucy Torres is a shoplifting freak. The Kapamilya station agreed not to air the video in exchange for unknown favors from Goma. Maybe this is it? Death in Dos Palmas First heard: One day in July a dark and stormy seasonwe went up at around 6pm or 7pm waiting for the last subject to end.

While waiting for the bell to ring, we decided to go to the balcony and smoke yes, we could smoke back then. The corridor has a direct line of sight from where we stationed, and to our surprise, that student vanished.

richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

Not vanish-vanished, but slowly. Me and my 2 friends were shocked, no one moved nor spoke for 5mins.

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That was the longest 5mins of our lives. I was a changed man after that incident! Then first lady Imelda Marcos was in charge of the building. Their bodies were disposed unto the river.

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A mermaid or diwate who resided in the river saw the plight of the children and was saddened by it. So the first lady grew scales on her legs and she smelled fishy. That was why she wore long skirts and bathe as often as possible. A group of medical students decided to play a harmless prank on their easily-frightened classmate.

richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

They planned a special study session to be held in the cadaver room with their intended victim. When the girl arrived for the session and found no one in the cadaver room, she thought she was too early and decided to read her notes. The rest of her group mates were actually hiding and they switched the lights off.

The girl screamed and screamed to no avail and then she stopped.

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After a while the pranksters began to wonder what happened. Upon turning the lights on, they were shocked to see their hapless classmate gnawing on a piece of the cadaver. This is told by city-dwellers who know someone who vacationed in the famous resort island. An acquaintance told me that a friend of her relative went to Boracay and returned with rashes.

Worms were extracted from these rashes. The rumor spread January, The lowdown: Pretty, fair and demure Lucy Torres, wife of Richard Gomez aboveis a shoplifting freak. The Kapamilya station agreed not to air the video in exchange for unknown favors from Goma. Maybe this is it? Rico Yan First heard: From the most annoying to the most personal things, all became part of Filipino gossip stories.

This urban legend happened just recently, that this two made love and his P was captured by her V. A doctor of a hospital witnessed this event when the two was brought there to get his P out of her V. Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo was a very famous Filipino child actress, singer, and model. The cause of her death was rumored with a kind of Urban Legend. The reason is because she died abruptly as if there was no cause.

According to rumors, the cause of her death is the last horror movie she made.

richard gomez and jaime zobel relationship

It was said she was cursed by some what a kind of engkantada when they created it in a province. The movie depicts her as a simple child daughter of a mortal woman and a demon thus she is a half breed and frequently being possessed by that demon. Another rumor has it, a Spanish ghost was fond of her, that's why she the ghost took her innocent life. During the time when she was to be buried, a spirit-questor saw Julie Vega's soul floating over her coffin.

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She might be still alive at that time. They said, he died because of his connection with Rico Yan, his day of death and his age. Those are interconnected with each other, but because of imaginative analysis, of course they will arrive to something unbelievable.

Manny Paquiao Fight What do you think why Rep. Manny Paquiao's winnings go respectively? According to text messages and of course - rumors, Mrs.

Dionisia Paquiao, mother of Manny, sold her soul to devils, that's why he often win. Some, she casts unknown spells or prayers which energize him more. Another rumor spread that instead Mrs.

Dionisia Pacquiao sold her soul, she, with Rep.


Manny Pacquiao, worshiped the devils, but because they stopped and praised God, he failed to win the fight against Bradley. Paquiao wins, there will be a famous death next after the celebration of his victory. Cory Aquino and Marky Cielo were some of the sacrifices for his win. Just recently, another rumor about his loss against Timothy Bradley arose.

According to it, every 16th fight by Manny Pacquiao always fall to loss.