Rukia and ichigo relationship

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

rukia and ichigo relationship

Orihime has an overt romantic interest in Ichigo, but Ichigo treats her similar to his sisters. Rukia and Ichigo's relationship is a matter of fact for. There are far more moments between Ichigo and Rukia than there are . Now the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia is nothing more than. Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach as well as being the longtime crush and eventual husband of Orihime Inoue. More information on Ichigo can be.

rukia and ichigo relationship

She was asked, "Kuchiki-san, do you love Kurosaki-kun? What is exactly the relationship between these two? Maybe they themselves don't even understand Ichigo had the fear that even his existence too will fade away, right?

Also, I'm often asked what kind of relationship Ichigo and Rukia have, but Right, I counter this question a lot in every Bleach related job I take.

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Then can I ask everyone here, what do everyone think about Ichigo and Rukia's relationship? You mean something like this?

rukia and ichigo relationship

Maybe 'partner' is the most close one. There were lover, nakama, family, partner Ichigo and Rukia's relationship is, 'Ichigo and Rukia's relationship'.

It's really as it is laugh. You could say, like for example, there's this two close friends, those persons' relationship is similar to Ichigo and Rukia's Which part from this movie themes that is strongly expressed? Movie is something to be seen but what this movie want to convey is something that couldn't be seen by eyes.

I think if you want to tell it by words, it will be, 'Bond,' but then something important deep inside our hearts is going to complaint. I think the theme is very sensible that it couldn't be explained by words. Because we have practically done doing this third movie, I strongly feel about the 'bond' with Rukia and the soul's connection beyond that.

rukia and ichigo relationship

We acted the episode of Ichigo and Rukia's meeting four years ago. And then in the middle of our journey until now, as Morita and as Ichigo as well, there're times when we became used to our mutual relationship.

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Then once again, a shocking meeting was drawn, I and also Ichigo, are reminded on how important Rukia's existence is. We're able to question it once again. I think this series is becoming like that. I know that Ichigo is thinking about Rukia but I never thought it is something this deep, it was a bit unexpected.

Just now it sounds good to be called as, 'history,' because of things in the past we have today, and it's connecting to the future. Ichigo and Rukia's relationship is not something that was built in a blink of eye, it's something that building up, is what I strongly felt.

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It's quite complicated, isn't it? For me myself, I feel that this time's theme, 'bond,' is connection between souls that is thicker than blood, but if you say it is everything then it will feel different and won't do. The first movie was, 'protect' the second was, 'believe' I bury those keywords deep inside while performing.

But this time, it won't do just by using the 'bond' word. This would have increased the tension of the conflict.

As it stands, there is little tension or risk. We all know Kubo would not kill any of the Soul Society. It also introduces interesting internal problems with the Soul Society. How could it exist with at least half its captains dead? However, there is a wistfulness, bittersweet, whenever a long watched anime series ends.

Bleach will return when the final arc is finished.

rukia and ichigo relationship

But, there is still a feeling of finality. Awww… so cute Fictional characters have as much of an impact on us as real people. We cry with them and savor their victories. Some people grow up with them. Goku is a friend and role model for many people. While I entered anime too late in my 20s to have anime characters be role models, I appreciate the impact they can have.

For many teens, Ichigo is the new Goku. His struggles has shaped their teen years. Consider how long 7 years or so can be.

rukia and ichigo relationship

A 13 year old will watch Bleach through the entirety of his teen years. She will literally grow up with Ichigo and Rukia. This is why people look fondly on Goku. This is why people will also look fondly on Ichigo and Rukia. These characters are a part of growing up.